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Unnecessary Loss of Life

In our latest wars, many of the casualties suffered by American troops are a direct result of their having to obey rules of engagement created by politicians who have never set foot on — or even seen — a battlefield

The ‘Affordable Housing’ Fraud

It is no coincidence that housing prices in coastal California began skyrocketing in the 1970s, when building bans spread like wildfire under the banner of “open space,” “saving farmland,” or whatever other slogans would impress the gullible.

Good Riddance

The impending departure of Speaker of the House John Boehner gives the House Republicans a real opportunity to accomplish something.

The Cotton Candy Market

If you borrow then it’s not income. This is why no one in his right mind borrows to buy consumer goods. Those who try cannot sustain it for long… But what if someone else borrows?

Efficient Malpractice

Take the notion of the efficient market. What does that mean? Today, hordes of people are coming out of economics and finance majors believing an absurdity. Yes, I said absurdity. They think that, if the market is efficient, it’s impossible to beat the average...

Wage Theft

The actual “wage thieves” are the politicians and others who impose minimum wage laws and other directives on the private sector. By impairing and ultimately destroying economic growth, politicians like Hillary Clinton are the ultimate wage thieves.

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