What is Good Government?

Good government? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Many today believe so. Who can blame them? Our political system has increasingly become a chaotic jungle driven by competing pressure groups (“special interests”) seeking special “favours” and handouts from government. Politicians are generally distrusted and despised for their broken promises, flip-flops on issues, empty rhetoric and pork-barreling. Bad […]

Israel’s Government Deserves Moral Condemnation

The Government of Israel deserves moral condemnation for its overall response to Hezbollah. The primary purpose and moral obligation of any legitimate government is to protect the lives and rights of its own citizens. Hezbollah, a military wing of the Islamic dictatorship of Iran, had been explicit in its desire to destroy Israel and had […]

Blame Hezbollah and Iran for Death of Qana Children

Blame Hezbollah and Iran for Death of Qana Children

Responsibility for the tragic deaths of scores of Lebanese women and children in Qana, Lebanon falls primarily on Hezbollah and its backers, Syria and Iran, not on Israel. To initiate a war against Israel and then use children as shields is so evil and disgusting that the most horrific punishment conceivable is too good for […]

United Nations is Guilty for the Death of its Observers

United Nations is Guilty for the Death of its Observers

Responsibility for the death of four United Nations observers in Lebanon falls primarily on Kofi Annan and the UN–not Israel. Leaving aside the obvious question as to why these observers remained in the middle of a battle area, a totally irresponsible decision, the UN has effectively been a major ally of Islamic terrorism and the […]

Western Leaders Provide Comedy to Iran's Dictators

Western Leaders Provide Comedy to Iran’s Dictators

When the mullahs of the Islamic dictatorship of Iran are not chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” or not issuing money, weapons and orders to their global terrorist networks, or not monitoring the progress of their nuclear weapons program, one can be certain they are not watching comedy shows on television. Why? Because […]

Why I Refuse to Celebrate Canada Day

I refuse to celebrate Canada Day (July 1st)–as a matter of principle. While I recognize Canada as one of the better countries to live in, this relative evaluation doesn’t justify the gross injustices caused by the policies of our three levels of government. Two years ago I began experiencing severe chronic hip pain due to […]

Multiculturalism Breeds Terrorism

On June 2, 2006, seventeen Muslims, including five juveniles, were arrested in Canada for planning major terrorist attacks on Canadian soil against innocent people. Because these were “homegrown” Islamic terrorists, blame was rightly directed towards Canada’s decades-old multiculturalism policies, which effectively encourages immigrants to stay frozen in the culture they came from instead of assimilating […]

“Market Failure” Doesn’t Exist

In a recent column in Canada’s National Post (June 10, 2006), “economist” and author Mark Jaccard of Simon Fraser University argued that (alleged) manmade global warming represents a “market failure” that must be corrected by government taxes on carbon dioxide emissions. Leaving aside the fact that there is no scientific evidence that human carbon dioxide […]

Open Kyoto to Debate

Kudos to the 60 scientists for criticizing the Kyoto Protocol as politicized science and calling for a public debate on climate science. Kyoto was a humongous fraud from its inception when power-hungry United Nations bureaucrats maliciously altered the conclusion of the scientific report (1995) in their policy-maker’s report. The perpetrators of this fraud should be […]

Canada’s Healthcare System is Bad Medicine

The failure of Canada’s experiment with socialist medicine is readily apparent: long waiting lists and wait times for specialized services, conveyor-belt treatment for routine services, chronic shortages of family doctors and hospital beds, gross inefficiencies, slow innovation, stifling and wasteful bureaucracies, warring “special-interest” groups, and the exodus of good doctors to greener, freer pastures. It’s […]

Robert Fulford’s Confusions Over Capitalism

Robert Fulford conveys confusion about the meaning of capitalism [“Capitalism’s guilt edge”, National Post, March 25, 2006]. To suggest that poverty in China proves “capitalism works imperfectly” implies China practices capitalism. But capitalism, as defined by its greatest champion, Ayn Rand, “is a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, […]

Whitewashing Academic Pathology

Jonathan Kay [National Post, “From The Academy, Portraits In Pathology”, March 13] is shamefully generous toward leftist academics such as Ward Churchill and Noam Chomsky who venomously attack the West and Western values. Such creatures are not motivated by a “sense that life is inherently unfair” and a desire to support the “underdog.” Otherwise, they […]

Democracy vs.The Essence of Liberty

Mr. Frum’s ridicule of the imbecile appeasement philosophy guiding our foreign policy is bang on [From Ramallah, Harper’s First Big Test, David Frum, Jan. 31.]. However, by calling Western countries “democracies,” Mr. Frum appears to have bought into the insidious gimmick that allowed a vicious terrorist organization like Hamas to get elected. Ever since the […]

Public Schools are Not Accountable to Parents

Our greatest natural resource is not trees or hydrocarbons or fresh water–it’s the human mind and its seemingly boundless power to improve our lives. Be it a new form of energy, or mode of transportation, or cure for a deadly disease, the human mind has the potential to radically improve our lives. To realize this […]

Free Hand to the Mob

I both laughed and cried when I heard the United Nations was going to decide what to do about Iran [“Israel praises Europe’s plan to refer Iran to UN”, Jerusalem Post, January 13)]. I’m sure the neo-Nazi Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would just laugh. The UN has proven impotent in preventing dictatorships from sponsoring terrorism and committing […]

Ban on “Partial-Birth” Abortion Violates Women’s Rights

U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton of San Francisco was right to declare the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act–signed last year by President Bush–unconstitutional. Such a ban constitutes a grave threat to women’s health and a violation of their rights and should be struck down. When abortion was illegal in America, many women died or suffered serious […]

Ban on “Partial-Birth” Abortion Would Be a Blow to Individual Rights

Given last week’s Senate vote, Congress will soon ask President Bush to sign a bill banning “partial-birth” abortions. Such a ban would constitute a grave threat to women’s health and a serious blow to individual rights. When abortion was illegal in America, many women died or suffered serious medical problems from either self induced or […]

Bush’s Attack on Partial-Birth Abortions Is a Scheme to Outlaw all Abortions

In his State of the Union address, President Bush demanded an end to “the practice of partial-birth abortion.” Days earlier, he referred to it in emotional terms as “an abhorrent procedure that offends human dignity” and promised to sign legislation banning it. Employing similar language, the new senate majority leader, Bill Frist, also demanded a […]

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