In Defense of Selfishness

Why the Code of Self-Sacrifice Is Unjust and Destructive.

Obama’s Phobia of Ayn Rand

In a speech at Georgetown University we learned two things about President Barack Obama. One, he loves the Catholic leader, Pope Francis. Two, he hates Ayn Rand.

“Windfall Profits” Tax on Oil Companies

“An angry public wants quick relief from high prices” at the pump, says Business Week. That’s hardly a surprise. Over the past year, the Energy Department reports, a gallon of regular gasoline has gone from $1.86 to $2.96. But even at less than...

Letters to the Editor: September 2005

United Nation Reforms Worse Than Doing Nothing September 21, 2005 To the editor; Mr. Journo’s cogent article (The UN’s “Virtue” Is Its Vice) hit the nail right on the head: what is wrong with the UN is not economic corruption, improperly...

Random Thoughts: September 2005

Random thoughts on the passing scene: Different people have different ideas about humility. One man said: “I don’t think I’m half as good as I know I really am.” What can we be certain of from history? That human beings have been wrong...
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