War and Morality

The hallmark of our political leaders today is moral uncertainty–a quality that is shaping President Bush’s shapeless policy toward Iraq. Despite his repeated assertions about the dangers posed by Saddam Hussein, Mr. Bush chose to embrace the appeasing resolution recently passed by the U.N. Refusing to condemn Saddam Hussein as a vicious dictator whose government […]

Which Way Will the Democratic Party Go?

Given the unequivocal rout in the Nov. 5 election, there’s been no shortage of friendly advice on how the Democratic Party can resuscitate itself. From Sen. Zell Miller, a Georgia Democrat, looking at the prospect that Rep. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco will become the new public face of the Democratic Party in the House […]

A Physician Comments on Abortion and the Morning After Pill

I was recently confronted in the Emergency Department with a situation I rarely encounter: a woman requesting “the morning after pill.” Since I practice in a largely conservative state, for a few minutes I introspectively debated whether I should provide her with such a prescription. Anti-abortionists often claim that the fetus is a human being […]

What Would Jesus Drive?

A group of Evangelicals claims a hazard lies in the road ahead. Is their concern radical Islam, you may wonder? Violent crime, you may ask? Smothering taxation, you may guess? No, these Christians got wrapped around the axle about the sinister sport-utility vehicle, or SUV. So much so that they’ve reengineered a popular catchphrase to […]

The Friend of My Enemy

One common note in the chorus of anti-war bleating about Iraq is the complaint that it would be a “distraction” from the war against terrorism. And while the anti-war-with-Iraq rhetoric has subsided somewhat in the wake of the recent election, like all of the Left’s emasculate-America efforts, these protests only ever go into temporary remission. […]

Gun Control Myths and the Facts

Most people who are in favor of gun control laws support such laws because they believe that these laws will reduce the number of firearms deaths. Such people are not the problem. Their minds can be changed when they learn that the facts are very different from what they have imagined or have been led […]

Give Thanks To…

Most are thankful to God. I am thankful to man — specifically, to those individuals who (over the centuries) have created the countless things I need for survival and enjoyment: automobiles, plumbing, mass produced food, medicine, electricity, computers, televisions

Islam’s Ugly Assault on Beauty

Beauty pageants are not usually events fraught with geopolitical significance. But then again, they are not usually held in the middle of a battleground in the war between Islam and the West. The collapse of the Miss World pageant in Nigeria is an important case study in the menace posed by Islamic fundamentalism — and […]

Gun Control Myths: Gun Restrictions and Murder Rates

Talking facts to gun control zealots is only likely to make them angry. But the rest of us need to know what the facts are. More than that, we need to know that much of what the gun controllers claim as facts will not stand up under scrutiny. The grand dogma of the gun controllers […]

Enough Analyst Bashing

There’s been a lot of tough talk about how “tainted” Wall Street stock research is — and what should be done about analyst recommendations influenced by investment-banking fees and other conflicts of interest. It’s an important question of business ethics, legal liability and government regulation, as I discussed in this column two weeks ago. But […]

Gun Control Myths: The Case of England

Professor Joyce Lee Malcolm of Bentley College deserves some sort of special prize for taking on the thankless task of talking sense on a subject where nonsense is deeply entrenched and fiercely dogmatic. In her recently published book, “Guns and Violence,” Professor Malcolm examines the history of firearms, gun control laws and violent crime in […]