Lawmakers Who Love Lawbreakers

Democrat Sen. Bob Torricelli of New Jersey is not through yet. While media pundits are busy writing his obituary, the Torch and his colleagues continue to make America safe for lawbreakers. On Sept. 23, Torricelli and Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D., introduced a Senate bill guaranteeing “relief” to a Middle Eastern family in Houston […]

Nobel Peace Prize Should Go To Those Who Really Support Peace

The Nobel Peace Prize was just awarded to Jimmy Carter. Although Carter’s efforts to convince Egypt to recognize Israel’s right to exist was a genuine achievement, he has otherwise continuously betrayed the principles on which peace depends. For many years Carter, espousing collectivist ideals, has traipsed the globe treating aggressor and victim with equal respect. […]

The Real Accounting Problem in America

Is it me, or have recent business stories begun to resemble episodes of VH-1′s “Behind the Music”? Think about it: Executives cook the books and make millions. They live fast and high on the company dime, buying items such as $6,000 shower curtains and African safaris. Meanwhile, magazines praise their gutsy, maverick styles and hail […]

A Polluted Process: Horse-Trading with Energy Policy

Politics, they say, is the art of compromise. You give something, I give something. In the end, we wind up with something everyone’s happy with. That’s how worthwhile legislation is forged, right? Yes, usually. But compromise could earn a bad name from the old-fashioned “horse-trading” under way as federal lawmakers try to hammer out a […]

Why Stocks Don’t Stink

“My message is as follows: stocks stink and will continue to do so until they’re priced appropriately, probably somewhere around Dow 5000, S&P 650, or Nasdaq God knows where.” That’s what Bill Gross, the usually mild-mannered managing director of Pacific Investment Management Co., wrote in a widely discussed letter to clients last month. Gross is […]

The Houdini Award for Judicial Curruption

You expect a corrupt politician to do corrupt things, so when Senator Robert Torricelli, D-N.J., withdrew as a candidate for re-election after ethics charges led to his falling behind in the polls, that was hardly surprising. Nor was it particularly surprising that New Jersey’s Democratic Party chose a substitute — even though this was in […]

Coloring the Sniper News: The Angry White Male Theory

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. — Some profiling experts are convinced that the roving sniper who has terrorized my neighborhood and surrounding communities is a white male. – Dr. Michael Welner, a forensic psychiatrist at New York University Medical Center, described the shooter as “white, male, single, 20s-30s . . . (with a) longtime fascination with hunting […]

The Case for Action Against Iraq

There is no honest question that Saddam is evil. Saddam is a dictator in the classic Stalinist model and Iraq is the antithesis of a free republic. Rather than make reason, persuasion and individual freedom the hallmark of its regime, Iraq relies upon the systematic use of brutal force to govern. And just as Saddam […]

South Korea’s Delusions About Its Totalitarian Neighbor to the North

What is it about free countries that at critical moments they delude themselves into thinking that they can contain their totalitarian enemies through a policy of niceness? In the 1930s, the British and French leaderships believed that appeasement – accepting Adolf Hitler’s annexation of Czechoslovakia – would satiate the German dictator’s aggressiveness. In the 1970s, […]

Did Christopher Columbus “Discover” America?

Columbus Day approaches and this year has a special meaning. Christopher Columbus is a carrier of Western Civilization and the very values attacked by terrorists on September 11. To the “politically correct,” Columbus Day is an occasion to be mourned. They have mourned, they have attacked, and they have intimidated schools across the country into […]