Wins and Losses: Bush’s Dilemma

President Bush can count two unexpected victories in the past week: a broad mandate from the American people — in the form of an unprecedented mid-term congressional sweep — followed by a unanimous United Nations Security Council vote approving the administration’s revised resolution on Iraq. The president is right to stop his supporters from gloating, […]

Scour the World for Stocks

In the good old days, foreign stocks provided balance. Typically, if U.S. stocks were having a bad year, non-U.S. stocks would be having a good year. One study found that for the 25 years between 1970 and 1995, foreign stocks beat U.S. by a wide margin in 12 years, U.S. beat foreign by a wide […]

Child Sacrifice, Palestinian Style

Israel is criticized for alleged insensitivity to the risks of casualties among civilians, especially children, during counter-terrorist missions. But the tragedy of unintended casualties from justified military actions cannot be compared to a society’s deliberate abuse of its children as explosive devices. Even in the first Intifada, the media glorified “children of the stones” as […]

SEC Should Support Markets and Not Central Planning

Harvey Pitt had to go. He had lost the credibility to run the Securities and Exchange Commission. Now, President Bush should move swiftly to replace him. The SEC has too much on its plate for dawdling. What the country needs is someone who has the guts and stature to tell interlopers such as New York […]

North Korea Building Nuclear Bombs? Perish the Thought

Our leaders express incredible shock that North Korea is building nuclear bombs. This emotion of shock betrays the reasons why we have the whole problem with terrorism in the first place. We are victims of terrorism because too many of us — and all of our leaders — are just plain stupid. North Korea’s leaders […]

Live Free or Die: Giving Real Meaning to Veterans Day

Veterans Day arouses three emotions in most Americans: solemnity, because it celebrates the veterans who have defended our great country; sadness, because so many have lost their lives in the process; and pride, because they have fought so well. The supreme value that our veterans have fought and died for (with some tragic exceptions) from […]

Honor Veterans, Rebuff Sacrifice

In Veterans’ Day ceremonies throughout America, the word “sacrifice” will repeatedly be invoked to hail our heroes’ finest actions. While our veterans deserve the highest praise and deepest admiration, that term, however well-intentioned the sentiment may be, is simply innocently misused when describing the deeds of those who defend freedom. To illustrate how it might […]

Eliot Spitzer’s Attack on the Securities Industry

Whatever you may think of Microsoft, the decision last Friday by federal judge Colleen Kollar-Kottely to approve the company’s settlement with the Department of Justice was a much needed rebuke to the scorched-earth prosecutorial mindset of today’s state attorneys general — many of whom tried to block the settlement, holding out for draconian punishments and […]

Heart of a Pagan, Chapter 1: The Spirit and the Flesh

Some say there are no gods; that all we have are fables and empty cant. Some say there was a god once but he perished, leaving true believers to wonder why the spirit of consecration had fled, emptying their lives. A few sneer at deity and celebrate its demise. Some desecrate their temple; some abandon […]

Deformed Reform of Wall Street

The proposed restructuring of stock research at big Wall Street investment banks — if “proposed” is the proper word when NY attorney general Eliot Spitzer is doing the proposing holding a rubber hose in his hand — is an even worse-than-usual regulatory solution to a problem that isn’t even a problem. The problem is securities […]

Do you want your child to die fighting in Iraq?

“Do you want your child to die fighting in Iraq?” This type of question is one of the subtle, insidious ways by which pacifists try to undercut the war against Islamic terrorists. To understand how this is done, we must first take an honest look at our enemies. Islamic fundamentalists have been threatening death on, […]