Many normal people — not to mention politicians looking to exploit the latest headline — talk about corporate bankruptcy as if it’s some sort of financial scam, a gimmick perpetrated by malevolent corporations to avoid paying their bills. So it’s not surprising to see some politicians on the campaign trail using high-profile bankruptcies as an […]

Nancy Pelosi? The Dems Just Don’t Get It

Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., a 15-year member of the House of Representatives, appears poised to succeed Dick Gephardt, D-Mo., as the House minority leader. If one reads the recent Republican off-year victories as an endorsement of Bush’s policies (or at least a rejection of the Bush’s-policies-killed-the-economy position) and support for Bush’s war on terrorism, Pelosi’s ascension […]

Race and Cant

Cant has become the norm in discussions of any issue involving race or ethnicity. However, a new book by Linda Chavez — a memoir of her own remarkable life — should make it inescapably clear what counterproductive and even vile things have been going on in the name of racial betterment. The book is titled […]

Whither Democrats?

Democrats have now lost two consecutive elections that, by all the usual standards, they should have won easily. Al Gore lost the 2000 election despite a usually unbeatable combination of peace, prosperity, a declining crime rate and the first budget surplus in decades. Now the congressional Democrats have lost despite the Bush administration’s budget deficit, […]

Whither Republicans?

Even in defeat, Democrats can console themselves that they still have a lock on minority votes in general and black votes in particular. Moreover, given the demographic realities, minority voters are going to be a growing percentage of all voters in the years ahead. The passage of time alone will rescue the Democrats — if […]

Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein’s Shop of Horrors

As a boy, writes Kenneth Pollack in his masterful new book on Iraq, “The Threatening Storm,” Saddam Hussein would heat an iron poker until it was white-hot, then use it to impale cats and dogs. Years later, when he had boys of his own, he would take them into prisons so they could watch — […]

Nancy Pelosi: A San Francisco Liberal

Now that Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is becoming the Democrats’ House minority leader, she is being celebrated as the first woman to hold such a high post. But she is also being described as a “San Francisco liberal” — which she definitely is. What do San Francisco liberals do? They say a picture is worth a […]

Gun Statistics for the Second-Amendment-challenged

Maryland Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (D) recently urged a ban on Saturday Night Specials and “assault weapons,” while recommending a national ballistic fingerprint database. The interviewer, CNN’s Judy Woodruff, asked no difficult follow-up questions. We, therefore, again humbly offer suggestions for questions to our Second-Amendment-challenged colleagues in the media. – Why do gun-control advocates […]

Wins and Losses: Bush’s Dilemma

President Bush can count two unexpected victories in the past week: a broad mandate from the American people — in the form of an unprecedented mid-term congressional sweep — followed by a unanimous United Nations Security Council vote approving the administration’s revised resolution on Iraq. The president is right to stop his supporters from gloating, […]

Scour the World for Stocks

In the good old days, foreign stocks provided balance. Typically, if U.S. stocks were having a bad year, non-U.S. stocks would be having a good year. One study found that for the 25 years between 1970 and 1995, foreign stocks beat U.S. by a wide margin in 12 years, U.S. beat foreign by a wide […]

Child Sacrifice, Palestinian Style

Israel is criticized for alleged insensitivity to the risks of casualties among civilians, especially children, during counter-terrorist missions. But the tragedy of unintended casualties from justified military actions cannot be compared to a society’s deliberate abuse of its children as explosive devices. Even in the first Intifada, the media glorified “children of the stones” as […]

SEC Should Support Markets and Not Central Planning

Harvey Pitt had to go. He had lost the credibility to run the Securities and Exchange Commission. Now, President Bush should move swiftly to replace him. The SEC has too much on its plate for dawdling. What the country needs is someone who has the guts and stature to tell interlopers such as New York […]