Give Thanks To…

Most are thankful to God. I am thankful to man — specifically, to those individuals who (over the centuries) have created the countless things I need for survival and enjoyment: automobiles, plumbing, mass produced food, medicine, electricity, computers, televisions

Islam’s Ugly Assault on Beauty

Beauty pageants are not usually events fraught with geopolitical significance. But then again, they are not usually held in the middle of a battleground in the war between Islam and the West. The collapse of the Miss World pageant in Nigeria is an important case study in the menace posed by Islamic fundamentalism — and […]

Gun Control Myths: Gun Restrictions and Murder Rates

Talking facts to gun control zealots is only likely to make them angry. But the rest of us need to know what the facts are. More than that, we need to know that much of what the gun controllers claim as facts will not stand up under scrutiny. The grand dogma of the gun controllers […]

Enough Analyst Bashing

There’s been a lot of tough talk about how “tainted” Wall Street stock research is — and what should be done about analyst recommendations influenced by investment-banking fees and other conflicts of interest. It’s an important question of business ethics, legal liability and government regulation, as I discussed in this column two weeks ago. But […]

Gun Control Myths: The Case of England

Professor Joyce Lee Malcolm of Bentley College deserves some sort of special prize for taking on the thankless task of talking sense on a subject where nonsense is deeply entrenched and fiercely dogmatic. In her recently published book, “Guns and Violence,” Professor Malcolm examines the history of firearms, gun control laws and violent crime in […]

Free Speech for Me, But Not For Thee

The financial media is in an uproar over proposed new New York Stock Exchange and National Association of Securities Dealers rules that would require stock analysts to stop talking to reporters who didn’t include mandated disclosures when the analyst is quoted in print. Regulations to rein in “tainted” Wall Street stock research — the very […]

Thankful to Be American

Before the Berlin Wall came down, I worked at a supermarket where a regular customer, a refugee from Communist Yugoslavia, once told me, “In my old country, we were lucky to have small shops that sold some food; in America, we have supermarkets for toys.” Not a criticism, her comment suggested that this fact was […]

Phony Diversity

You’ve written a tuition check, carted your son or daughter off to college, given those last minute admonitions and made those tearful good byes. For those thousands of dollars, the anguish of seeing your 17- or 18-year-old pack up and leave home for the first time, and entrusting him to some strangers, what are some […]

Senator Daschle vs. Rush Limbaugh: Who is Promoting Violence?

The change from Senate majority leader to Senate minority leader has apparently led Senator Tom Daschle, D-South Dakota, into more of the kind of wild and reckless rhetoric that may have contributed to the Democrats’ defeat in the recent elections. According to Senator Daschle, when radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh “attacks those of us […]

Thanksgiving: The Producer’s Holiday

Thanksgiving celebrates man’s ability to produce. The cornucopia filled with exotic flowers and delicious fruits, the savory turkey with aromatic trimmings, the mouth-watering pies, the colorful decorations — it’s all a testament to the creation of wealth. Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday, because this country was the first to create and to value material […]

Quarter One 2000 Upside Down?

When an investment celebrity like Pimco’s Bill Gross calls for Dow 5,000, we can’t help but see it as a sign of extreme investor pessimism suggesting that we must be getting near a bottom. It reminds me of the kind of thing we heard at the top in 2000 — in reverse. There are quantitative […]

Class sizes and Academic Achievement

Election Day brought some surprises, but the fact that voters in Florida passed an amendment that would reduce class sizes in their state isn’t one of them. Naturally, most parents would rather see their children in classes with just 19 other kids and a qualified teacher, instead of in classes with 30 students, possibly taught […]