Immoral Government: “Phasing Out” Fossil Fuels

Fonda’s attack on the oil sands is inconsequential; Trudeau’s is evil.

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David Ricardo on Wealth, Inflation, and Freedom (Economic Ideas)

David Ricardo (1772-1823) was one of the most influential economic theorists of the first half of the nineteenth century.

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Flourishing Business Needs Free Markets

iPhones would never have been created in a centrally planned economy where the government regulates the prices, from CEO pay to those of products.

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Torture in Castro’s Cuba

(Address of Ambassador Armando Valladares', Chief of the United State's Delegation to the United Nations Human Rights' Commission. Geneva, Switzerland, February 23, 1988) Mr. Chairman, I am not a career diplomat, and I am not an expert on the technical aspects of this...

Abolish Antitrust!

Good afternoon.I want to address four issues regarding anti-trust as they apply to the Microsoft case.Anti-trust Paralyzes the Thinking ProcessIn my research on the traits of great wealth creators (The Prime Movers: Traits of The Great Wealth Creators), I identified...

Clinton Tries To Take Credit For Celera’s Achievement

Celera’s achievement rendered the government-funded Human Genome Project obsolete. It demonstrated that the public endeavor was a waste of time, money and resources. Yet, Clinton managed not only to save face, but also to share in Celera’s glory and advance the idea that greater government involvement in science is a good thing.

The “Third Way” Moves Two Ways In Europe

In recent years, the leftist parties of England and Germany returned to power by promising voters that they had turned their back on command and control, tax and spend, economic policies. Instead they promised to "transcend" the old right and left by pursuing an...

The Perils of Gun Ownership?

1. Ted Kennedy, Rosie O'Donnell, Charles Schumer, and Barbara Boxer strongly denounce private gun ownership. However, their bodyguards carry:A. Toy guns with trigger locks B. A tape recorded message that says "Boo!" C. CandyD. Slingshots E. Very heavy purses2. You and...

The Fundamental Cause of Today’s Social Ills

So philosopher Mark Kingwell [Re: Burgled in the World's Best Country, National Post, July 12, 2000] believes that the cause of social ills like "crime and riots and beggars on the street" is the envy created by people experiencing poverty? Leaving aside all the...

The Environmentalist Evil

Environmentalism regards man as a spreading cancer that must be eliminated at any cost. And its leaders mean it. Environmentalism is at root a movement against man. As novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand observed, “… [their] ultimate motive [is]…hatred for achievement, for reason, for man, for life.”

The Three Myths of Antitrust, Part 1

Most of you will recall the scandal during the winter Olympics a few years back, when disgruntled skating competitor Tanya Harding hired a thug to take a pipe to the shins of Nancy Kerrigan. Harding was envious of Kerrigan's superior ability and tried to cripple her...

Parents Rejoice! Harry Potter Is Back

MARINA DEL REY -- On July 8, the fourth installment in the adventures of child-wizard Harry Potter will be released. Harry Potter, far from being an agent of the occult as his critics contend, is the kind of hero children should be encouraged to read about and...