Reverend Al Sharpton — The Democrats’ Moral Compass?

Democratic presidential candidate Reverend Al Sharpton, at the recent Democratic debate in Boston, took the front-runner, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, to task. Dean’s sin? Dean, in an interview with the Des Moines (Iowa) Register on Saturday, Nov. 1, stated, “I still want to be the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup […]

“Hate Crimes” Law Undermines Protection of Individual Rights

Leaders from both parties–Republican Senator Orrin Hatch and Democrat Ted Kennedy–have vowed to push through a new, wide-reaching federal “hate crimes” bill before the end of the current session. A “hate crimes” law would make crimes motivated by enmity toward blacks, gays or other protected groups into a special federal offense. The ostensible purpose of […]

If a Flat Tax is Good for Iraq, How About America?

Few Americans would want to trade places with the people of Iraq. But come tax time next April, they may begin to wonder who’s better off. That’s because the Iraqis soon will enjoy something we don’t — a simple and fair tax system. Beginning in January, all Iraqis will pay a “flat tax” of 15 […]

The United Nations: A Totalitarian Appeasing Debating Society

The United Nations rose from the ashes of World War II, when the leaders of the victorious allies agreed to work together to prevent another full-scale war. They founded an organization aimed at maintaining security in a Cold War world. But now the world has been shaken again, and the world body must decide if […]

Beating George W. Bush

As the elections creep up Republicans are increasingly confident that they have the Presidency locked up and Democrats are fluctuating back and forth between despair that this is true and confident denial. The Republican opinion is, of course, wrong and the Democrat opinion is whiny and annoying. Bush is not unbeatable, as no President is, […]

Vanity Fair on President Bush’s Failures

Graydon Carter, the editor of Vanity Fair, may be the all-powerful arbiter of what’s hot and what’s not in celebrity culture. But now, having declared Paul Krugman a “national treasure,” Carter is trying to reinvent himself as an angry liberal, devoting his monthly Editor’s Letter to relentless Bush-bashing in a style that is unabashedly School […]

Free-Lunch Medicine

It is always fascinating to see elementary economics make front-page news. It was front-page news in the Wall Street Journal of November 12th that there are long waiting times for seeing medical specialists in Canada and in other countries with government-controlled medical care systems — but not in the United States, where some politicians are […]

Persecution of Microsoft is Immoral

The government’s persecution of Microsoft continues unabated. The U.S. appeals court is now considering whether the Bush administration and 19 states negotiated an adequate settlement in their antitrust case against Microsoft. It’s time for the American public to stand up and defend–morally defend–the right of this company to its success and profits. Imagine a company […]

Why Racists and Unions Support Minimum Wages

Presidential aspirant Rep. Dick Gephardt, D-Mo., unwittingly performed a public service in his address to the Teamsters Local 238 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, last month. He revealed the true agenda behind so much of the support for minimum wages. He pledged that if he became president he’d press the World Trade Organization to establish an […]

Mercantilism and Protectionism: Don’t Worry About Trade Deficits

Earlier this month, the House Ways and Means Committee held hearings on legislation to impose tariffs on Chinese imports. While such action is unlikely, it shows that the political pressure to do something about growing imports from China is increasing. However, emotion rather than economics is driving the agenda. The only reason anyone cares about […]

Deficit Politics

The recent announcements that the economy grew an astonishing 7.2 percent in the 3rd quarter while adding 126,000 jobs in October are necessitating a change in strategy by Democrats. Up until now, their mantra has been that Republicans gave us the worst economy since the Great Depression, or whatever their hyperbole of the day is. […]