Therapeutic Cloning is Pro-Life

On November 25 Advanced Cell Technologies announced the creation of the first cloned human embryo. The company described its achievement as a crucial step in therapeutic cloning research, which aims at cloning new organs to replace damaged ones. Like healthy new skin for fire victims; or strong new bones for osteoporosis patients; or new retinas […]

Media Fraud

Media bias is no longer news. Poll after poll has shown that the vast majority of journalists vote for Democrats, even though the country as a whole is pretty evenly split between the two major parties. By itself, there is nothing wrong with this. It becomes a problem when media bias becomes media fraud. Media […]

Education Fraud in Philadelphia

Education in Philadelphia’s public schools is so rotten that the state government is threatening a takeover. There are 176 out of 264 schools on the failing list. The primary victims of Philadelphia’s public schools are black students whose chances for upward mobility are being systematically destroyed by callous politicians and teacher’s unions. If the Grand […]

A Palestinian Education

Last month, retired Marine General Anthony Zinni began a visit to Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the latest in a depressingly long line of US envoys sent to nudge along the Israeli-Arab “peace process.” Zinni’s mission, it is safe to say, will achieve what all the missions preceding his have achieved; namely, nothing — or […]

Deflation: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This commentary continues a series intended to address some of the misconceptions in the flurry of recent media reports about deflation. My last commentary (“Deflation: The Basics”) began by defining deflation as strictly a monetary process, and one that is solely in the control of the Federal Reserve: deflation is the revaluation of the monetary […]

Israel May Be Winning

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell recently observed that the Palestinians “need to understand that [terrorism] leads nowhere,” and on this basis he urged them to stop their violence against Israelis. Good policy advice, but does the Palestinian use of violence truly lead nowhere? The violence, after all, has a clear and ambitious strategic purpose, […]

Stupid Accounting Tricks: Pro Forma Accounting, Part 3

Well, I just can’t seem to get away from this subject. You all keep writing, and in doing so, engender material for follow up columns. Hopefully, this will be the last for a while, but a couple of letters bought up important points that I wanted to address today. The Goodwill Games One reader inquired […]

Ending the “Peace Process War”

When Yasser Arafat unleashed his intifada against Israel last year, I named it the “Peace Process War.” I wanted to capture the irony of mob violence and bombings as the culmination of seven years of an alleged “peace process.” I did not realize, at the time, how complete the irony would become — that the […]

The Military Draft and Draft Registration Versus Freedom

No organization has done more for the federal government than al Qaeda. What other group could free it of so much restraint? Our elected officials swear to support and defend the U. S. Constitution as part of their oath of office. We, the people, through the Constitution, delegated to Congress the power “To declare War, […]

Stupid Accounting Tricks: Managing Earnings, Part 2

I received so much feedback on my column (Stupid Accounting Tricks) that I thought I would respond en masse today and elaborate a bit on the subjects of pro forma accounting and managing earnings. First, the title of my column “Stupid Accounting Tricks” offended some. I don’t know why. But honestly, it was just a […]

Phony Victims of Freedom in Academia

One of the most shameless frauds in academia today is the claim that a new “McCarthyism” is threatening academic freedom. According to this new cry of victimhood, conservative groups are “drawing up enemy lists” of professors who are opposed to the current war against terrorism. Perhaps the most famous of these academic outbursts was that […]

Deflation: The Basics

Deflation is not falling prices. Deflation is not economic contraction. Deflation is when the Fed screws up. The idea of deflation has gotten more play in the press over the last two weeks than it has over the last ten years — thanks to unusual negative readings in government price statistics such as personal consumption […]

Enron and Social Security Reform II

Today I’m going to revisit a theme that I believe is the most important of all — the revolution in the empowerment of the individual investor to make his own decisions and take his own risks. It’s critical that we look at this now, because with the recent volatility of stock markets — and even […]

Where Were You on December 7, 1941?

Because of the September 11 terrorist attacks, December 7, 2001, the 60th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, became especially significant. Many children never bothered to ask their parents and grandparents, “Where were you on December 7, 1941?” — the date that will “live in infamy.” Jim, 69: “I was 9 years old in rural Oklahoma. My […]

Hostile Fire from Eco-“Extremists”

Which is more important: Well-trained Navy pilots or well-rested toads? Increased military preparedness or increased antelope populations? Improved bombing facilities or improved fairy shrimp habitats? The choice of environmental “extremists”, no-growth activists and NIMBY agitators across the country is clear. Even in wartime, this gang of greenies continues to put obscure plants, microscopic critters and […]

Stupid Accounting Tricks: Extreme and Foundry By the Real Numbers

Remember back in high school algebra when you were first introduced to the concept of imaginary numbers? That’s a good way to describe quarterly earnings reports these days — as imaginary numbers. In the old days, when a company reported quarterly earnings, you had a pretty good idea of how they really did. These days, […]

What About the War Against Chutzpah?

As we undertake the War against Terrorism, President Bush should simultaneously announce a “War against Chutzpah.” New York Rep. Nita Lowey, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairwoman, stands near the top of the Most Wanted List in our new War against Chutzpah. Lowey announced a series of television ads against Republicans, pronouncing the economic downturn […]

What is Economics?

To know what economics is, we must first know what an economy is. Perhaps most of us think of an economy as a system for the production and distribution of the goods and services we use in everyday life. That is true as far as it goes, but it does not go far enough. The […]