Deflation In the Spotlight At Last

Comments and questions continue to flood in about deflation. After months of writing about it the subject is finally getting real traction. You read about it in the mainstream financial press and hear about it on CNBC almost every day now. So let’s get to some of the questions that have been pouring in by […]

Anti-Capitalist Politically Correct Journalism at The Wall Street Journal

Last month, a front-page story about minimum wages in The Wall Street Journal illustrates what is wrong with contemporary journalism as much as it illustrates anything about the minimum wage law. The first nine paragraphs deal with one individual who is wholly atypical of people earning the minimum wage. She is a 46-year-old single mother […]

The FED, Alan Greenspan, and Ayn Rand

I’ve written a lot about deflation over the last three or four months. But yesterday’s column on it, published here, got me an especially big flood of responses. One especially interesting one came by email, and I’m going to reproduce it here, and respond to it point by point. I thought you were on the […]

Cronyism 101: The Perks of Being “Disadvantaged”

The “Disadvantaged Business Enterprise” program, run by the U.S. Department of Transportation and adopted by states and cities across the country, is one of the most atrociously corrupt government endeavors in existence. Opportunists of all colors have used the racial set-aside law to win billions of dollars worth of federal contracts for themselves and their […]

Made in Japan

Remember all those books in the 1980s about “kaizen,” “kanban,” “keiretsu” and all the other secrets of Japanese management that were supposed to save American industry? Well, it must have worked — and perhaps too well. Because American industry is back on top of the world, while Japan has been mired in a decade-long recession. […]

The New Language

Language is never static because in the process of progress, new words emerge for new tools and concepts. Some of today’s new language, like cosmetics, conceal and confuse. Since I’ve been on earth a sufficient interval of time to see some of this, let’s look at it. Back in the ’40s, there were flophouses where […]

The Creativity-Knowledge Dichotomy

I saw a bumpersticker the other day which said, “Creativity Is More Important Than Knowledge.” What an excellent example of utterly wrong thinking! You can’t separate creativity from knowledge. The two are intertwined. Generally speaking, greater amounts of knowledge lead to a greater creative capacity. The more an artist has experienced different emotions in life, […]

“Fixing” Social Security

As Congress debates “fixing” the Ponzi scheme we call Social Security, consider a few things: Congress established Social Security with a little-known loophole, allowing states and municipalities to exempt their public employees from Social Security. In 1981, two years before Congress closed the loophole, three counties in Texas opted out and set up their own […]

Supply Chain 101

I find that my expertise as a supply chain management consultant helps me a great deal with my investing strategy. These days, a lot of brokerages — Morgan Stanley, Salamon Smith Barney, and Prudential to name a few — are getting excited about the semi-conductor “sector”. I put the word sector in quotes because, as […]

George W. Bush is His Father’s Son

[CAPITALISM MAGAZINE.COM] President George W. Bush is his father’s son. In place of principle — right or wrong — we see waffling. His recent approach to the stem-cell research debate illustrates this fact eloquently. The President came up with a decision designed to please everybody. Of course, in the end it pleases nobody and only […]

Is Al Gore Manning the Bush EPA?

When the Bush administration lands on the same side of an issue as The New York Times editorial board, Sen. Hillary Clinton and the Sierra Club, it’s time to clear out the cockpit. The administration’s latest junk science decision should cause Bush supporters to wonder: Is Al Gore secretly manning the EPA? Last week, Bush’s […]

Inside the Crime: Why is Chandra Levy Missing?

One of the clues in the Chandra Levy case that may have been dismissed too quickly was a call to the police on the morning of her disappearance, reporting a woman’s scream heard in the building where she lived. This seems to have been disregarded as an unrelated event because it occurred hours before the […]

Make Welfare Mothers Work

In the spring of 1994, the last full year of welfare as we knew it, 112,000 Massachusetts families were on the dole. In the spring of 2001, the caseload stands at 41,500 — a reduction of 63 percent. So spectacular has the success of welfare reform been that it is easy to forget how bitterly […]

The Real Problem About Congressman Gary Condit is Not Chandra Levy

The latest political spin is that we should shift our focus away from Congressman Gary Condit and concentrate on finding Chandra Levy. But what we really need to do — and urgently — is begin to shift our focus away from Chandra Levy and look much more closely and thoughtfully at Congressman Condit. Realistically, after […]

President Bush’s Biotechnology Blinders

The president’s recent decision on embryonic stem cell research has been described in most reports as a compromise that balances the views of scientists, who want to move forward unrestrictedly, against the views of the religious right, who call for a total ban on stem cell experiments. In fact, the Bush proposal is not a […]

Barbarians at the G8

The leaders of the world’s most advanced nations, plus Russia, met recently at the G8 summit in Genoa, Italy, to discuss ways to increase trade and international cooperation — about the most peaceful and civilized thing that the world’s leaders could possibly do. They did so, however, surrounded by a decidedly uncivilized sight. Metal barriers […]

Publik Skool Biggotz

Nothing breeds sophomoric resentment like academic success. So it’s no surprise that home schoolers and their children are the target of a spiteful T-shirt sold in retail stores and online. The short-sleeved shirt is white with red trim. A red silhouette of a mobile home is emblazoned across the chest. Above the trailer are the […]