America’s Failing War Effort (Part 8 of 12): Pakistan

Pakistan’s relationship to terrorism parallels Saudi Arabia’s in virtually every respect. The government of Pakistan has in the past offered substantial indirect support to terrorists, but has now pledged support for the American war against terrorism. Like Saudi Arabia, the government of Pakistan had been one of the leading supporters of the Taliban regime in […]

Random Thoughts for November 2003

Random thoughts on the passing scene: Impractical men especially need to get married. The problem is that practical women may have better sense than to marry them. I hate old has-been hotels, stuffy over their former glory and usually inefficient. A careful definition of words would destroy half the agenda of the political left and […]

Jobs Come and Go

In 1970, the telecommunications industry employed 421,000 switchboard operators. In the same year, Americans made 9.8 billion long distance calls. Today, the telecommunications industry employs only 78,000 operators. That’s a tremendous 80 percent job loss. What should Congress have done to save those jobs? Congress could have taken a page from India’s history. In 1924, […]

Our Mission in Iraq

Can we finish our mission in Iraq? Or do we need to withdraw? It all depends on what the meaning of the word “mission” is. If our mission was to remove Saddam Hussein from power, then we’re done. If our mission was to remove Saddam Hussein and install an American-friendly government, then we should stay […]

Just Anti-Social

We’ve loaded him with a lot of taxes And rules and codes but there’s something funny; In spite of the way his burden waxes The son-of-a-gun is making money! Whenever he’s given a boost to trade We’ve taken an extra tribute off it, But still the villain is undismayed, The son-of-a-gun has shown a Profit! […]

Why Voters Like Gridlock

On Jan. 23, 1996, Bill Clinton told the nation, “The era of big government is over.” If so, it sure didn’t last very long. Today, the era of big government is back with a vengeance, ushered in by a massive new prescription drug entitlement, a pork-laden energy bill of grotesque proportions and a trade war […]

GOP Renews Era of Big Government

With zero time remaining, the bill to expand Medicare had been short by two votes — yet, long after the clock had stopped, the Republican leadership maneuvered to change key conservative votes. Later, Rep. Butch Otter, R-Idaho, pleaded to the Associated Press: “I did not want to vote for this bill.” But, in the end, […]

Presidential Candidate Howard Dean: Fascist of the Left

In an op-ed, presidential candidate Howard Dean wrote with pride about how his small donation supporters are helping “take back our country.” Pat Buchanan used the same expression in his campaign back in 1992. However, Howard Dean is the probable nominee of one of the two major parties and is therefore much more likely to […]

John Hinckley: Allegedly Cured

John Hinckley Jr.’s former psychiatrist said the other day that the man who shot President Reagan hasn’t shown “any evidence of psychosis in the last 16 years” and should be allowed to visit his parents without supervision. Isn’t it relevant that Hinckley showed evidence of psychosis and violence on that one occasion in 1981? Do […]

The Big Lie in Hollywood: The Hollywood Ten Were Not Victims But Villains

November 24 marks the anniversary of fifty of Hollywood’s leading executives and moguls firing the Hollywood Ten. These ten filmmakers had been cited for contempt of Congress for refusing to divulge their political affiliations to the House Un-American Activities Committee [HUAC] investigation into communist infiltration in Hollywood. The anniversary of the Hollywood blacklist against the […]