What Young People Really Need: Not Volunteerism but Happiness and Heroes

The volunteerism campaign of President Clinton, George Bush and Colin Powell marks its first anniversary last April. Volunteerism holds that service to the needy is good for young persons, that it will inspire and motivate them and fill their lives with meaning. “We want to spark a renewed sense of obligation, a new sense of […]

L.A. to NFL: Drop Dead

“Houston, you’ve got a problem.” In the competition to award a new NFL franchise, the National Football Association pits Houston against Los Angeles. For its part, Houston pledges a $500 million “entrance fee,” plus hundreds of millions of dollars more in public subsidies. So far, the Los Angeles pols failed to come up with a […]

John F. Kennedy, Jr. and the Contradictory Legacy of Camelot

JFK, Jr. represented many things. He was handsome. He was the son — and namesake — of one of America’s most famous and beloved Presidents. He was the little boy who saluted his slain father’s casket in that memorable picture. JFK Jr.’s popularity, like the late Princess Diana’s, stems from an enduring American romanticism. Americans, […]

Modern Education Kills

Andy Brown, the third generation in a family of pilots, was excited. This was his first test in a flight simulator in which he was to be co-pilot of a commercial airliner. He felt good about himself, because unlike his father and grandfather, he had gone to schools which had practiced the most modern principles […]

The Unfavorable ”Balance of Trade” and Other Dense Horror Stories

Government leaders have, for centuries, bemoaned the imagined ills of trade deficits. Kings of ancient yore endeavored to achieve surpluses to fund their wars. Dictators of all stripes have carefully sheltered their economies from foreign goods. Because of this perilous legacy, a country running a trade surplus is today said by economists to be running […]

John Kennedy, Jr.: America’s Prince?

Crystallization. Nineteenth century French writer Stendhal used the word “crystallization” to describe how we ignore flaws, imperfections, ambiguities, and inconsistencies in people we love. If you take a tree twig, said Stendhal, shove it in a mound of salt and pull it out, the twig sparkles, becoming almost luminescent. The “crystallization” of the twig makes […]

The World Cup: Some Women Don’t Get It

“THEY JUST don’t get it.” Women’s soccer enthusiasts screamed foul when, during the 1996 Olympics, NBC gave only scant attention to the victorious women’s soccer team. First, let me get this out of the way. What I know about soccer can be summed up in two words — Stephen Motley. My soccer career ended abruptly […]

The Paper Tiger: What Pragmatism Means to America

Over last summer, President Clinton traveled to China, ostensibly to make headway in Sino-American relations. He had billed his trip as a chance to discuss “human rights” issues with the Chinese government because China’s record on human rights was disgraceful. But no real discussion occurred. The reason Clinton was unable to discuss any fundamental principles […]

The “Bubble” Theory is Full of Hot Air: A Case Study in Japan

It has become an almost universally accepted notion that economies and stock markets occasionally experience “bubbles”, during which growth and prices become “unnaturally” high. The presumed outcome is that the market must inevitably come crashing back to “real” levels. While I may question the prices that investors are willing to pay for an individual or […]

Is hatred on the rise?

Another bigot. More screaming headlines about a racially bigoted serial killer. Subtext? That America remains an intractable, racist hellhole. What nonsense. White supremacist Benjamin Nathaniel Smith shot himself during a high- speed chase. Authorities suspect him of shooting and killing two, while wounding nine — all racial or religious minorities. Smith associated with a religious […]

Attacks Against Microsoft Immoral

On March 3, 1999 Bill Gates will testified before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee to defend Microsoft against-anti trust charges. Prior to Gates’s testimony, activist Ralph Nader will be mobilizing his “public citizens” to condemn Microsoft’s practices. It’s time for the real American public to stand up and defend — morally defend — the […]

Environmentalism: What is it? An Interview with Peter Schwartz

This interview has been edited by CM and has not been reviewed by Peter Schwartz. Prodos for Capitalism Magazine: Today I want to look at Environmentalism – it’s heart and soul. What is it really about? Let’s look at the ideas, the motivations, the principles underlying the Green movement. Now I warn you, you may […]

Opposition to Immigration is Un-American

Next month Congress will try to resolve a dispute with the White House over federal quotas for “H-1B” visas — a type of work permits for immigrants filling high-tech jobs. Pending legislation would expand the quotas by 10,000 to 20,000 annually for the next five years — still far less than the demand for such […]

The “Corporate Welfare” Package Deal

Widespread in today’s political climate is a fallacy known as the package deal. A package deal is a term that equates opposites due to superficial similarity, while ignoring the fundamental difference. One example of the package deal that is endemic in the world today is the phrase “corporate welfare.” Two programs given this label are […]

Statism: The Cause of America’s Political Problems

Last week, I attended a memorial service for a 19-year-old girl shot in what appears to be a random, gang-related attack. The world may watch and fret over Columbine, but what I just described happens far, far more often. As the Democrats and the Republicans debate “what should be done,” two answers emerge, both stupid. […]

Culture and the Public Interest

In early January, a Southam-Pollara poll asked Canadians if government funding should be used to support “culture,” meaning “books, films, music, and magazines.” Respondents were almost equally for and against with a large contingent answering “I don’t know.” The apparent difficulty for many of the respondents was whether culture should be classified as a “public […]

The Importance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average Reaching 10,000

As a global equity analyst, I have been faced of late with many questions concerning “DOW 10,000″. Investors are curious about the importance of this number, and whether it is an indication of good economic news. For those of you pondering the same issue, I offer my official point-of-view. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA […]

How Advertising Laws Are Established

The time has come when advertising has in some hands reached the status of a science. It is based on fixed principles and is reasonably exact. The causes and effects have been analyzed until they are well understood. The correct method of procedure have been proved and established. We know what is most effective, and […]

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