UNICEF Kills the Little Children…

“Breast is best.” No, it’s not the new slogan for Hooters restaurant. It’s the mantra of breast-feeding advocates who promote their cause with a cult-like fervor around the world. Their extremism must be condemned. I have nothing against breast-feeding. After weighing the pros and cons, I’ve been nursing my 5-and-a-half-month-old daughter since birth. Mother’s milk […]

101 Things You Need to Know About Internet Law

The following is an excerpt from the book 101 Things You Need to Know About Internet Law by Jonathon Bick: #1. A parent is almost never liable for a child’s bad acts on the Internet. Three sets of apprehensive parents approached me recently. Each had a child who was particularly skilled in using the Internet, […]

Singapore Should Not Be Condemned By Its Neighbors, Rather Its Economic Practices Should Be Copied By Them

While Americans were home enjoying our Thanksgiving bounty of political controversy, Indonesia’s President Wahid Abdurrahman decided to raise a political ruckus of his own in Asia. At a recent meeting of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), Wahid launched into a diatribe of criticism against ASEAN’s wealthiest and most stable nation, Singapore. Wahid […]

The Amish Against The Feds

Everything I learned about the Amish, I learned from the old Harrison Ford movie, “Witness.” Members of this pacifist religious community don’t use electricity or listen to music. The women wear bonnets. The men drive black buggies. Thanks to principled elders, self-employed Amish people don’t pay Social Security taxes. And in a campaign for economic […]

Anecdotal Economics: Leave Crane Hunting in China To Bird Watchers

Crane hunting is the craze for foreign investors traveling in China. Seemingly every morning an American wakes up bright and early in his five star hotel built in the coastal cities expressly for the purpose of pampering foreign investors with expense accounts. He fortifies himself for his expedition with bacon and eggs, eschewing the congee […]

Moral Inversion in the Middle East

The UN’s Security Council recently voted to condemn Israel for the murder of innocent Palestinians and for perpetrating crimes against humanity. Arafat readily denounced Israel’s actions as “mass killings and barbarian bombings.” The Clinton administration, keeping faith with its appeasement strategy, and admittedly in fear of terrorist retaliation, chose to abstain from vetoing the UN’s […]

How Encyclopedia Britannica Was Blown To Bits

The following is an excerpt from the book:Blown to Bits : How the New Economics of Information Transforms Strategy A Cautionary Tale In 1768, three Scottish printers began publishing an integrated compendium of knowledge — the earliest and most famous encyclopedia in the English-speaking world. They called it Encyclopedia Britannica. Since then, Britannica has evolved […]

Where are the Bloodhounds?

Is the media coverage of the election fiasco biased in favor of Gore? Many small instances of bias show up in reporters’ choice of words. When Democrats take to the streets, for example, they are always described as “demonstrators” or “protesters” — but Republican protesters in Florida are described as a “mob.” But a more […]

The Road Rage Made Me Do It

Shirley Henson, an Alabama woman, was convicted of manslaughter — rather than murder — for killing another woman in a “road rage” incident. She might not even spend time in jail. Think about what a so-called road rage defense implies — and ignores. If you do something wrong to me on the road, it’s understandable […]

Napster is About Freeloading, not Freedom

Conservatives have been at the forefront of defending Microsoft’s intellectual property rights, but are reluctant to criticize Napster for fear of seeming anti-technology and pro-government. Don’t be intimidated by the cyber-mob. Napster is about freeloading, not freedom. Napster, for those of you who still own phonographs, is the popular software program that allows Internet users […]

Amazing Politics

AMERICAN POLITICS, the only thing more amazing than the Democrats are the Republicans. How are the Democrats amazing? Let me count the ways. Whether it is petroleum, housing or teachers, Democrats restrict the supply and are then astonished at the inevitable bad consequences. It is not a breakthrough on the frontiers of economics to say […]

Letter to the Greek Government Condemning Conscription

Dear Sir, The policy of military conscription followed by the Greek government is an absolute and unmitigated outrage. At the beginning of their adult lives, young Greek men are enslaved into the military, with their formative years, career plans, and even their lives and limbs left at the mercy of the whim of a government […]