Why Regressive Leftists Cry Racism

Individualism is the only alternative to racism. Anyone who claims to abhor racism while still embracing the victim-soaked, collectivistic rule-by-force mentality of socialistic progressive leftism enjoys no credibility at all.
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Economics Ideas: David Hume on Self-Coordinating and Correcting Market Processes

Hume presented a devastating criticism of Mercantilist thinking on trade and commerce, while at the same time, demonstrating the self-regulating and “balancing” forces of the market process.
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Economic Ideas: Adam Ferguson and Society as a Spontaneous Order

One of the most cherished misunderstandings, if not delusions, of the social engineer – the individual who would presume to attempt to remake society through conscious and planned design – is the confident belief that he (and those like him) can ever know enough to successfully remold mankind and human institutions.
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