Hillary Clinton and Al Gore — Relics of the Collectivist Past

As we confront the last election of the 20th century, we seem to have learned remarkably little from the tragic mistakes that have produced catastrophes around the world during this century. The collectivist mentality is still alive and well, despite the economic failures and political tyrannies spawned by collectivism in its various guises as socialism, […]

Politically Funded Education Enshrines Mediocrity

A new poll claims that a large majority of American parents are very happy with their child’s public school. This is certainly not my experience. I am a family therapist in Montgomery County, Maryland — the location of one of the “best” public school systems in the United States. My phone rings off the hook […]

A is non-A: Gore’s Deceptive Telephone Tax

VICE-PRESIDENT AL GORE, aided and abetted by Jay Rockefeller, D-W.V., and Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, fought for and succeeded in amending the Telecommunications Act of 1996 such that a universal services fund was created to subsidize telecommunications services for schools, libraries and rural health-care providers. The subsidies that go into the fund are collected by way […]

The Million Mom Murmur: Gore Throws Off His Anti-Gun Shoes for Hunting Boots

They came. They roared. They’re being ignored. The top lieutenants of the Million Mom March have been put in their proper place: far back, out of sight, on the margins of national debate and the presidential campaign. Good riddance. Led by Democratic political operative Donna Dees-Thomases, gun-control advocates in tennis shoes descended on Washington, D.C., […]

Unlike Gore, Ralph Nader is the Real Thing

In recent years, the Democratic Party has moved to the right. In most respects this has been phony P.R., of course, such as Clinton’s proclamation that “The Era of Big Government Is Over” — with his actions (from the Hillary health plan of 1994 onward) consistently proving that he means no such thing. From a […]

Save Medical Savings Accounts From The Welfare State Firing Squad

Nearly four years ago, Congress established a trial period for Medical Savings Accounts (MSA)–a tax-free savings account from which you pay your medical expenses. On December 31, 2000, unless Congress acts, the MSA program will become extinct. It is now time, particularly with an election approaching, for you to express your support for one of […]

The Politics of Education

What amazes some media pundits is that Gov. George W. Bush has seized issues that have long belonged to the Democrats, such as education and Social Security. What should be more amazing is that education was ever the Democrats’ issue in the first place. The Democrats’ formula for improving education — pouring ever more billions […]

How Clinton-Gore Helps the OPEC Cartel

We Americans are going to pay through our noses to stay warm this winter, and we can thank our elected and unelected officials in Washington. Let’s analyze the economics of it by starting with an example. Pretend you own a supermarket. What would you want the government to do that would enable you to price-gouge […]

Why Clinton-Gore Did Not Create the Prosperous American Economy

Media pundits seem baffled that Vice President Al Gore is not doing better in the polls, since a prosperous economy is supposed to create voter support for the administration. But the voters may be wiser than the Beltway insiders, by not automatically crediting the Clinton administration with prosperity or the budget surplus. No president can […]

The Slide Into Dictatorship

Will the United States disappear on Nov. 7 — not physically, of course, but morally and ethically as a nation of law? Everything would still look the same, but personal rule would supplant the rule of law. We could become what we never before have been — a land of arbitrary power. Americans are preparing […]

Another Double Standard By Statists

The justifiable outcry about the irresponsibility of the entertainment industry in feeding young people a steady diet of calloused violence and cheap sex would have more moral standing if it did not also reveal the double standards in the media and in politics. Public schools across the length and breadth of this country have shown […]