Alice in Florida

Even those of us who have been complaining for years about the bias and shallowness of the media should admit that we never expected the media to be quite so grossly biased or so unbelievably shallow as they have been about the outcome of the recent presidential election. Their arguments have been like something out […]

How the Left Lives On The Backs of the Poor

The privations and sufferings of the poor have long been central themes in the vision of the political left. That is what attracted many of us to the left in our youth. But the actual consequences of the agenda of the left on the poor — and on others — is what eventually drove many […]

How Washington Should Respond to Instability in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe, a member of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front, has led his country to the brink of implosion. His policies flout freedom and the rule of law and have ruined a once-healthy economy. Washington should urge Mugabe to resign and withhold U.S. assistance until he does. It should also support the […]

Jackson, Sharpton, and Gore Play Racial Rope-A-Dope

Democrats have no constituency more loyal than black Americans. Much of that loyalty is delivered by black elected officials, civil-rights organizations and church leaders such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. During the last election, these people did a yeoman’s job of getting out the black vote for Democrats. In doing so, there was no […]

Tax Cuts: Now More Than Ever

President-elect George W. Bush is being advised by his political foes to abandon tax cuts. This step, they tell him, is the only way to heal the wounds caused by weeks of legal wrangling and partisan rhetoric. Yet abandoning tax cuts would be a big mistake, both politically and economically. From a political perspective, Bush […]

Spontaneity versus Whim Worship

What’s the fundamental difference between being a whim worshiper and being spontaneous? A whim worshipper acts on whatever urges move him, at the moment they first move him. He does not stop and use reason to evaluate what he’s doing. A spontaneous person is capable of acting on short notice, but only involving an activity […]

Excellent Company or Excellent Stock?

“Buy the stock – it’s a good company.” This oft-repeated platitude is one that’s very popular on Wall Street, but it’s also one that I’m sick of hearing it because it’s not necessarily a useful guide for investors. A major study by Michelle Clayman, entitled “In Search of Excellence: The Investor’s Viewpoint,” was published in […]

Mr. Putin Goes to Havana

This past week, Russian president Vladimir Putin visited communist Cuba on a diplomatic visit to that tropical paradise, that CNN commentators love to gush about, Cuba. [Now if only CNN would only move there permanently!] Many have questioned the purpose of the trip, knowing full well that Cuba bears little economic significance relative to Russia […]

The Drive Against Responsibility Supports Psychology without a Mind

It used to be a raging debate in psychology: Are human beings primarily determined by physiology — or by other factors such as environment, family, thinking habits, etc.? Today, such a debate is nearly non-existent. Instead of looking for the role of non-physiological factors in human behavior and emotions, as psychology should be doing, it […]

Back to the Land of the Bromide

While the election crisis was still upon us, I hated it as much as anyone else. As a columnist, I probably hated it more. How do you write about politics when the news reverses direction every two hours? But now that it’s all over, I’m getting downright nostalgic about the “bitterness” and “rancor” of the […]

Hoisted by Their Own Petard

Given the inevitable liberal attack on the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that settles the election contest, it is important to be clear about what the Supreme Court did and who is ultimately responsible for its ruling. There are many pernicious lines of attack, but I suppose the most important one to rebut is the accusation […]

Time for Common Sense Again

Now that the election is over, can we talk sense? “Campaign finance reform” is a great political issue for an election year, but it makes no sense otherwise. What is a campaign supposed to do — and how will campaign finance reform affect how well it does it? A campaign is supposed to inform the […]