The Crisis of Anti-Capitalist George Soros

I’ve just recently finished George Soros’ new book, Open Society : The Crisis of Global Capitalism Reconsidered. In this 245-page mini-treatise, the renowned currency speculator and billionaire “guru” calls for more government regulation and bureaucratic management as a solution for the global financial meltdown that erupted in Asia in 1997 and still — according to […]

Notes on a West Coast Wilding

There was a fatal beating on the West Coast [a few months] ago. It was the kind of incident that makes the hair on your arms stand up straight. The kind that makes you gasp out loud and double-check the locks on your front door. The kind that makes you wonder why, if violent crime […]

Black Loyalty

It’s indisputably beyond question that black Americans have a level of loyalty to the Democratic Party and its big-government policies second to none. They connect political power with economic power. But the evidence that I see is that individual application and effort are far more important determinants of socioeconomic progress than dependence on government. If […]

Will the Next Administration Lose Britain?

With the demise of the Soviet Union a decade ago, U.S. foreign policy has fallen off the screen. Arab-Israeli conflict is trying to put it back on, but until the latest outbreak of violence in Palestine, the focus of U.S. foreign policy was on Kosovo, a break-away province of a small country, Serbia. This is […]

Why Justice Will Not Prevail

At a memorial service for the sailors killed in the terrorist attack on the USS Cole, President Clinton declared, in the tone of intense emotional sincerity he is so practiced at faking, that “justice will prevail.” It was a cruel lie to tell to the sailors’ mourning families, because everything in Clinton’s past record — […]

Democrats, Republicans and Blacks

No group votes more solidly for the Democrats than blacks — and no group suffers more as a result than blacks. Political spin makes Democrats the best friends of blacks, the party of civil rights laws, the party of affirmative action and the party of social programs to help the poor in general and blacks […]

The Publisher’s Clearing House Lawsuit: The Principle of Pseudo-Victimization.

Publisher’s Clearing House was recently sued — and lost — for not posting (in their literature) the statistical odds of winning and losing their famous million-dollar sweepstakes. Now ask yourself this question: Before deciding whether or not to enter a contest, do you really care to know the statistical breakdown regarding your chances for winning […]

Judge Joseph Lieberman by his Ideas, Not His Religion and Race

Why is race such an issue to people? Or is it mainly an issue for members of the media? When I first heard that the Democratic vice-presidential nominee would be Joseph Lieberman, I did not think at all about his race or religion. My mind immediately went to his ideas, his policies, and his integrity […]

Gory “Details” [The Gore Chameleon]

Despite the predictions of media pundits that Al Gore would clobber George W. Bush in televised debates, the Texas governor has at least held his own. Judging by poll results, he has actually done himself some good. While Gore is a master of debaters’ tricks, apparently many of those who watched could sense how synthetic […]

“Federal Budget Surplus” Equals a Sign to Cut Taxes

The big news this campaign season has been the debate between the candidates over what to do with the Federal budget surplus. Depending on how you massage the numbers, the surplus of tax revenues over government expenditures is forecast to be in the trillions of dollars over the next decade, and such a tremendous amount […]

Tribulation of a Dubious “Tribe”

The Mashantucket Pequots are in trouble again. And with the new controversy, an old question resurfaces: If an Indian tribe isn’t really Indian, why does the federal government allow it to take advantage of special programs, legal exemptions, and enormous wealth? A few months ago, I reviewed “Without Reservation: The Making of America’s Most Powerful […]