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Conservatism: The Alabaster Elephant

I ended “Religion vs. The Arts” in The New Romanticist by noting that some of the most magnificent art of the past had religious themes or themes derived from religion (e.g., Michelangelo’s heroic “David,” the somber “Pieta,” and the indescribable Sistine Chapel). The subject of that art was man himself, with religion serving as a […]

Religion, Education and The State

Northwest Rankin High School in Flowood, Mississippi is under fire for allegedly forcing its students to attend and listen to Christian lectures during three assemblies held in April alone. Worse yet, students were barred from leaving and teachers blocked the exits to prevent any of them from doing so. A lawsuit has been filed on […]

The Metaphysical Temper Tantrum of Islamic Terrorism

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., says it is time for the U.S. to stop being politically correct and focus its search on radical Islamists in Muslim communities. King tells that while most Muslims are not terrorists, the international base for terrorism against the United States happens to be radical Islam. “There have been 16 terror […]

The Clueless Left and Islam

Daniel Greenfield penned a perceptive and welcome critique, “What the Left Does not Understand About Islam” (February 15th), of the cluelessness of the Left vis-à-vis Islam. The Left, he writes, is naïve about its rival ideology, and ideologically will always remain naïve. The Left, he writes, has never been able to think outside of the […]

An Arab Spring: Corrupted by Islamic Theocracy

In his penetrating essay on the futility of Islam’s efforts to “reform” itself through revolution, “régime change,” or purification, “Springtime for Islam” (February 5th), Daniel Greenfield noted: There is a peculiar tragedy to a religion which cannot escape its own destructive nature, each time it reaches for some form of redemption, its hands come up […]

The Sanity of “Islamophobia”

November was “Islamophobia Awareness” Month. Pat Condell, the indomitable critic of all things mystical and murky, especially of that paragon of tolerance and peaceful coexistence, has recommended that the West designate December as “Hatred and Violence in the Koran” month. In a Gatestone article on the ubiquity of blasphemy laws in Europe, Soeren Kern, in […]

The Madness of Qutb’s “Milestones”

Reading Seyyid Qutb’s Milestones to pen a serious, informative, and critical review was an intellectual and literary chore I expected to be a cinch. Having finished reading this short, 160-page encomium for Islam, it is not so much a cinch as an exercise in nausea. Imagine assigning oneself the task of comparing a set of […]

The New Islamic Vigilantes of Speech

If Muslims must shut down their minds or avert their eyes or blank out existence, then everyone must pull the plug on their vision and their knowledge. To do otherwise would be blasphemy, or discrimination, or victimization of Muslims. Respect Islam and Muslims, and you won’t be hurt or killed or censored. Or your mind and mouth merely gagged or your pen stilled. Or have your face scarred with acid. Or your throat slit.

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