It’s a Commercial Life

Whenever I hear that familiar Yuletide condemnation “Christmas is too commercial,” I recall George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life” wishing he’d never been born. For just as he didn’t realize the positive impact he’d had on others, the anti-commercial brigade doesn’t realize the positive impact commerce has on Christmas. In the movie classic, an […]

Religion and Capitalism Are Antithetical: The Defenders of Capitalism Should Invoke Secularism and Reason, Not Religion and Faith, as Their Justification

Conservatives regularly insist that religion is the basis of capitalism. Theologian Michael Novak, for instance, claims that “the Catholic Church of the Middle Ages was the main locus for the first flowerings of capitalism.” Politicians who purport to endorse free enterprise keep invoking the Bible for validation. The “religious right” calls the United States a […]

Obscene Non-Profits

Those who rail against profits and “greed” seldom stop to think through what they are saying, much less go check the facts. Most of the great American fortunes– Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, etc. — came from finding more efficient ways to produce a product or service at a lower cost, so that it could be sold […]

A Commercialized Christmas Carol

Christmas is not really about the myth of three astrologers trekking across the Middle East to see a magic baby. Nor is it about slopping gravy at a homeless shelter or plunking coins into a bucket outside a mall. What Christmas is and should be about, and what permits us to celebrate as we do, […]

‘Obscene’ Profits

Profits are certainly without honor among the intelligentsia. The very word produces negative reactions, even from people who cannot give you a single reason why money carrying that label is worse than money called by other names. Many professional athletes and entertainers earn salaries higher than what the vast majority of business owners earn as […]

The Road to Wealth

Why are we a rich nation? It’s tempting to suggest our wealth is a result of bountiful natural resources. However, if bountiful resources were the source of wealth, South America and Africa would be rich instead of being mired in poverty. Hong Kong, Japan and England, natural resources-poor nations, would be poor instead of rich. […]

A Tale of Two Crypts

The discovery of Saddam Hussein in a crypt-like hole, hidden by bricks and dirt, in a farmhouse in a small town near Tikrit brings to mind the story of another Iraqi who also hid from the authorities by literally going underground. That Iraqi is Jawad Amir Sayyid, 45, of Karada, a town southeast of Baghdad. […]

Goodness Through a Mystical Lens

Q: I have been in an ongoing discussion with a friend regarding belief in a higher, supernatural being. After many conversations, it finally became clear his true reasoning for believing: he believes that humans are essentially base, murderous, thieving, pillaging thugs, and so we must convince people to believe in a God for anthropological reasons, […]

The “Fun-Loving” Terrorist Who Was Good to His Mother

The news last month that police had arrested Sajid Badat at his home in Gloucester, England, shook many Britons. The charges against him concerned his training with al-Qaida in Afghanistan and his possessing PETN explosives, the same substance would-be shoe bomber Richard Reid had tried to set off. Police believe Badat intended to carry off […]

Ban Internet Taxes? The Taxman Clicketh

One of Feulner’s Laws of Public Policy reads: “There are no permanent victories in Washington.” These days, we’re seeing that law borne out over Internet taxation. This looked settled years ago. Congress has voted twice–in 1998 and 2001–to ban any taxes on Internet access. Those acts also prevented states from slapping any additional sales taxes […]

Radical U.N. Tax Plans Threaten America

Many politicians seem to think that the answer to every alleged problem is higher taxes. Howard Dean, for instance, has said he would repeal the Bush tax cuts — even though this would boost the average family’s tax burden by nearly $2,000. This initiative sounds radical, and it is. But some proposals out there are […]

A New Prescription For Cutting Costs

The solution to the high cost of prescription drugs, we are told by Democrats and Republicans alike, is more government intervention. Well, if we’re going to use government muscle to lower our medical expenses, why not go all the way? Thus my proposal: Outlaw prescription drugs. Yes, by wiping out that whole sector and leaving […]