Michael Jackson and the Race Card: “Don’t Leave Home Without It”

The Race Card — “Don’t Leave Home Without It.” Michael Jackson, according to the Santa Barbara district attorney, allegedly molested a 12-year-old boy. But not long after the search of Michael Jackson’s estate, and the issuance of an arrest warrant, Jackson defenders whipped out the race card quicker than you could say “Billie Jean.” Using […]

Government Created Scarcity: California’s “Affordable” Housing Problem

One of the staples of liberal hand-wringing is a need for “affordable housing.” Last year, the standard liberal solution — more government spending — was proposed in a televised speech at the National Press Club in Washington, in a report billed as a “new vision.” This year, supply and demand made front-page news in the […]

Medicare Expansion Backlash

Republicans think they are so clever, having rammed through a massive expansion of the welfare state by giving drug benefits to the elderly. They co-opted the AARP — long considered to be in the pocket of the Democrats — and left the Democrats with no real domestic issue to run on. Hence, Republicans believe they […]

“Preserving Farmland” and the High Cost of Busybodies

A reader wrote recently about his father, who has been a farmer, but is now ready to retire. His father figured on selling his land to get some money for his golden retirement years. But he found that he cannot get anywhere near the land’s market value because busybodies have passed laws that destroy most […]

Organ Donations, Egalitarian Envy, and the High Cost of Busybodies

It was gratifying news when fans around the country volunteered to donate their kidneys to basketball star Alonzo Mourning, who would otherwise have to cut short his career because of life-threatening medical problems with his own kidneys. However, the head of the New York Organ Donor Network said that it was a shame “that it […]

On Republicans and Democrats

Readers sometimes ask why I occasionally write columns advising Democrats on how they could gain some political advantage by adopting certain policies. After all, as a Republican, don’t I want my party to win? Why am I helping the enemy? The answer is that I’m a Republican only because, historically, it has more closely represented […]

America’s Failing War Effort (Part 12 of 12): Conclusion

Recent criticism of the Bush administration has focused on the limitations of American intelligence in failing to predict September 11th, and the shortcomings current plans for homeland defense. In truth, however, these problems are only superficial. If anything, the role of U.S. intelligence in preventing further terrorist attacks on American soil has been one of […]

The Case for ‘Iraqification’

Stay the course — but change the course. That was the meaning of the sudden, sharp, and understated change in Washington’s Iraq policy earlier this month. After the American civilian administrator of Iraq, L. Paul Bremer III, made a hurried visit to the White House, President George W. Bush said he wants “the Iraqis to […]