The True Story Behind Thanksgiving

In the wilderness of the New World, the Plymouth Pilgrims had progressed from the false dream of communism to the sound realism of capitalism.


How To Prevent The Next Paris Tragedy

“Thoughts and prayers won’t stop the next attack. This war against civilization must be fought or lost.”


The Moral Meaning Behind Thanksgiving

What should we really be celebrating on Thanksgiving?


Conservation or Confiscation?

In April, the New Jersey Builders Association finally managed to muster an attack on legislation whose purpose it is said is to “conserve” a wide swath of northern New Jersey called the Highlands. In Congress, there’s also a Highlands Conservation...

Bush’s Religiosity Wounds the War Effort

The religious foundations of the new governments in Afghanistan and Iraq threaten to undercut the Bush administration’s war on terrorism. Being a champion of religion, however, Bush sanctions these developments that aid and abet America’s would-be...

Big Times, Small Men

Q: I agree with you that President Bush is a conservative who embodies yesterday’s liberals, as exemplified by his massive domestic spending, expansion of Medicare, campaign finance reform, etc. But don’t you think this is just his political opportunism at...

Fixing a Broken Tax System with a Flat Tax

America’s complicated tax system needs a complete overhaul, not minor fixes. The large role that system plays in many of the political dramas dominating the daily headlines shows why. Republicans and Democrats, for instance, are fighting over the...

Criminalizing Business, Part 2

Can you imagine being charged with murder for the death of someone you didn’t even know was dead, when you were not even around when it happened? Only in California — and only if you are in business. In a state where hardened criminals are coddled, and...

Has the Bush Administration Trashed the Environment?

On the eve of “Earth Day,” the Bush administration stands accused of trashing the nation’s environment. The New York Times similarly indicted the administration in its recent Sunday magazine cover story: “Changing the Rules — How the Bush...

Criminalizing Business

The recent conviction of Martha Stewart for lying to federal investigators looking into “insider trading” is one of the sad signs of our times. If you create enough laws, everyone will be a criminal. Perjury should of course be a crime, even when it is...
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