Reducing Expenses in a Down Economy

Most of the people I know are looking for ways to reduce expenses, either because they have lost most of their net worth, lost Wheir job, or feel they are about to lose their job. Not a very happy way to begin this column on personal finance,?but those are the cold hard facts. And things […]

Grave Matters for America’s Vets

Arlington National Cemetery, Va. — On a cold gray day, the fierce colors of the American flag cloaked Johnny “Mike” Spann’s coffin and warmed the air with patriotic incandescence. Nearby, the clip-clop of a riderless horse’s hooves and the rat-a-tat-tat of a solo snare drum pierced winter’s stillness. Amid the frozen hallowed ground here, row […]

Investing Lessons from the Collapse of Enron

Leafing through a recent edition of the Value Line Investor Survey, an excellent research service with a track record for prudence and accuracy, I ran across what looked like the perfect company. Its profits were rising strongly and consistently. It had a solid balance sheet. Its shares were owned by some of the smartest money […]

Will eBay Survive?

With the death of Napster, eBay is the closest thing we have today to a broadband killer internet application. Since its inception, eBay has grown rapidly to its position of domination in the on-line auction market. It has been so successful that it’s stock has been immune from the bear market and still sports a […]

Stop Throwing Money at CDC

Dr. David Satcher, the nation’s lame duck surgeon general, wants taxpayers to cough up more money for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This irrelevant bureaucrat’s last-ditch money grab is one of the more distasteful examples of exploiting the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks for institutional gain. At a medical conference on bioterrorism in San […]

The Ruthless Grip of Logic

Memo to the world: Reality cannot be cheated. Politicians and diplomats like to pretend that you can cheat the laws of logic, that there is no need to commit to absolutes, and that there is something to be achieved by “constructive ambiguity.” The past week has been a great demonstration that reality is not ambiguous […]

Cigarette Nazis on the March

Maryland’s Montgomery County Council passed a measure whereby smokers whose neighbors are offended by the odor of cigarette smoke wafting from their homes would be fined up to $750. After the measure passed, County Executive Douglas Duncan promised to sign the bill giving Montgomery County one of the most restrictive anti-smoking measures in the nation. […]

Stennis Families React to World Trade Center Flag

On Thanksgiving, the Aircraft Carrier USS John C. Stennis learned the story of how Sgt. Karl Hagstrom recovered the flag from the rubble of the World Trade Center and had shipped it to them to carry into battle. Karl has since learned the flag was received safely onboard and will be unfurled with ceremony when […]

Should Classes Be Smaller…or Simply More Orderly?

While there is much debate over the cost, wisdom, and effectiveness of different strategies for increasing the amount of learning time available in the average school year–such as increasing attendance rates, lengthening the school day, cutting out recess, and lengthening the school year–little attention has been paid to how much student learning time is reduced […]

In Defense of Missile Defense

“No progress on ABM Treaty,” blared the headlines as President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin departed the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas. Those of us who want America to build a missile-defense system as soon as possible missed out on what would have been a fantastic early Christmas present — withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic […]

Tolerance for Terrorists?

How many times in the last several weeks have you heard or read sentences that begin, “If we’ve learned nothing else since Sept. 11, we’ve learned

Thank You

Most are thankful to God. I am thankful to man — specifically, to those individuals who (over the centuries) have created the countless things I need for survival and enjoyment: automobiles, plumbing, mass produced food, medicine, electricity, computers, televisions

Defend the United States By Allowing Israel to Destroy the PLO

It is time that the United States recognize the true nature of Yasser Arafat and his regime. The PLO has been engaged in a terror campaign against Israel for decades, and today supports fanatical suicide bombers, who deliberately target and murder innocent civilians. The recent murder of the Israeli minister of tourism, Rehavam Zeevi, was […]

Banking on American Stupidity

Some American banks just don’t get it. Here we are, at war with deadly foreign terrorists who exploited our lax immigration policies, and what are these U.S. financial institutions doing? Making it easier for illegal immigrants to do business inside our borders. Earlier this month, California-based banking giant Wells Fargo proudly publicized its plan to […]

Shallow Hollywood Double Standard

So, here’s the movie pitch: There’s an average-looking guy seeking a lifelong female companion, who adamantly adheres to one rule — no cigarette smoking. He meets, however, an attractive, smart, witty, vibrant person of good character with one flaw: she smokes. What to do, what to do? But, voila. A friend hypnotizes him into ignoring […]

The Underminers, Part II

Why do they hate us so? And what can we do to understand their point of view? These seem to be the big questions for a large segment of the intelligentsia, whether in the media or academia, as well as various politicians and activists. Many of the very people who ask such questions are themselves […]

War Powers Without War

There has been much talk recently about using lawsuits or congressional hearings to challenge the expansion of presidential power since Sept. 11. Immediate congressional action on this issue is crucially important — not to revoke these powers, which are mostly justified, but to take the one action necessary to ensure that they will be limited […]

Profiling Needed

Standing in long lines to pass through airport security, I thought: Where’s racial and sexual profiling now when it can benefit most, if not all, passengers? You say: “What’s wrong with you, Williams? Everybody knows that profiling has been declared racist and sex profiling is no better?” Let’s look at profiling as a principle. Suppose […]