Senator John Edward’s “Special Interests”

This election year we are sure to hear a lot about “special interests.” Candidates of both major parties, as well as candidates of third or fourth parties, are sure to denounce special interests both hotly and repeatedly. The secret of these verbal fireworks from all parts of the political spectrum is that only the groups […]

Exploiters vs Victims in the Grocery Strike

The California grocery strike has entered its fourth month–and there is no end in sight. Workers are still picketing stores, the shelves are under-stocked, and profits are dwindling. Talks between the grocery chains and the United Food and Commercial Workers’ union have failed to resolve the mutually harmful conflict. Why? If the union’s demands are […]

T.S. Ashton on The Industrial Revolution

Despite more than a hundred years of condemnations and the harshest ridicule men like Friedrich Engels could hurl at the time period known in Great Britain as the Industrial Revolution (1760-1830) Dr. T.S. Ashton took up the task of restoring, or at least attempting to restore, the good reputation of those changing times. The degree […]

Love Thy Enemy

I quote from a bumpersticker I recently saw on a car covered (or I should say, littered) with anti-Iraq-war/pro-Howard Dean stickers: “When Jesus said love your enemies, he probably meant: don’t kill them.” This is undoubtedly true. Loving your enemies is a core principle of Christianity–and, many would argue, the general Judeo-Christian approach to morality […]

Judeo-Christian Philosophy and the Founding of America

A curious notion is mushrooming lately on programs such as “The O’Reilly Factor” and other current events shows. Certain commentators claim that the United States of America owes its existence to what is termed “Judeo-Christian” philosophy. Now I will not dispute that such a philosophy exists or that it has proved influential for the past […]

History Refutes Rubinomics

Robert Rubin, Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary, is back — and he’s everywhere. He’s written a book. He’s delivered a paper before the prestigious American Economic Association. He’s giving loads of TV interviews. Among Democratic candidates who realize the election will turn on the economy, he’s a popular guy. His endorsement is worth more than anyone […]

The Government’s Accounting Shell Game

Americans shell out more than $2 trillion each year to keep our federal government running. The least we should expect in return is honesty. Alas, Washington officials aren’t telling the truth about how much they’ve spent, are currently spending or plan to spend. Consider the omnibus spending bill the Senate will consider later this month. […]

Michael Jackson is Not Black

Sick and tired of hearing about Michael Jackson’s standing in the “black community?” First, the black individuals in America are not a homogenous group of automatons, and second, it used to be racist to refer to a whole group of people based on nothing other that superficial skin pigmentation. Plus there is one other problem, […]

Expensing Options Revisited

Paul Atkins this month became the first SEC commissioner to criticize openly a proposal to require companies to treat employee stock options as current expenses. Atkins began by questioning whether the Financial Accounting Standards Board, which has aggressively pushed the change, is truly seeking to address a serious accounting problem. “Is there a significant investor […]

When Did The Howard Dean Meltdown Really Begin?

Supporters of former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, aka “Deanie-boppers,” accuse the media of piling on by repeatedly playing his now infamous Iowa caucus “concession speech,” punctuated by his banshee-like “Yeeeaaaaaarggh!” Dean’s admittedly un-presidential behavior gave his opponents, say the Deanie-boppers, a cheap excuse to pound him, causing his sudden drop in the polls and his […]

Phony Democratic Debates

The so-called “debates” among the Democratic candidates in the primaries are not really debates — and that is a real shame. In a real debate, opponents could question each other’s statements — and there have been a lot of questionable statements made already in this young political season. Senator John Edwards, for example, has included […]

Third World Sweatshops: Multinational Opportunity vs. Nihilistic Indignation

Those who vent their moral indignation over low pay for Third World workers employed by multinational companies ignore the plain fact that these workers’ employers are usually supplying them with better opportunities than they had before, while those who are morally indignant on their behalf are providing them with nothing. Some of the more rational […]