On Earth Day, Remember

If Environmentalism Succeeds, It Will Make Human Life Impossible


Celebrate Industrial Civilization and Technological Progress

We are fortunate enough to live in the US at the beginning of the 21st century and enjoy all the benefits of modern science and technology.


Our Fragile Planet

Let’s examine a few statements reflecting a vision thought to be beyond question.


Why Do People Fear Capitalism?

We have nothing to fear from capitalism and much to gain: the win-win situation of free trade with others, with flourishing for all, according to ability, effort and productivity.

Video: The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

“Mankind’s use of fossil fuels is supremely virtuous—because human life is the standard of value and because using fossil fuels transforms our environment to make it wonderful for human life.”

Environment & Industrial Progress

The Urban Religion of Recycling

To not recycle would mean challenging the value of saving the planet. If you don’t recycle, then you don’t care about the earth. It’s not a matter of science, logic or facts; it’s a matter of faith.

Governed by Zealots

Propaganda is what the NRDC produces. It shouldn’t be the basis for EPA policy. These days, too often, it is — because activists and regulators collude.

Taxation & The Confiscation of Wealth

Death of a Patriot

Whether or not you agree with my father’s views on the Federal Income Tax, or the manner by which it is collected, it’s hard to condone the way he was treated by our government.

 Energy: Powers Human Life

No Business Should Cheer a Carbon Tax

Telus doesn’t get that its role is the creation of material values (cell phone service), not encouraging more taxation. On the contrary, it should oppose the carbon tax and any other taxes as they destroy human welfare.

Defending Oil Pipelines: The Invalid Concept of ‘Social License’

As appeasement and pursuit of ‘social license’ is futile, other oil and pipeline executives should follow Girling’s example and defend their companies on moral grounds for the great value they provide. Governments, for their part, should cease their welfare-destroying climate change policies and focus on protecting individual rights instead.

 Free Speech & Censorship




 Foreign Policy

Globalization Faces Challenges

Those countries that embrace free trade with new technologies stand to reap great rewards. Those who do not, and revert to trade protectionism, could experience economic recession and monetary adversity accompanied by serious social and financial upheaval.


How Copyright Drives Innovation in Scholarly Publishing

This basic economic fact—dynamic development of innovative distribution mechanisms require substantial investment in both people and resources—is what makes commercialization an essential feature of both copyright policy and law (and of all intellectual property doctrines).



Video: The War on Cops by Heather Mac Donald

Since summer 2014, America has been convulsed with a protest movement known as Black Lives Matter, which claims that police officers are among the greatest threats—if not the greatest threat—to young black males. Heather Mac Donald...



Open Season on the Police

Maybe the parents who are so bitter over the loss of a son in a wholly unnecessary confrontation with a policeman doing his job might ask themselves if they did their job, when they raised a child without teaching him either common sense or common decency.