On Phobias

Islamophobia is the legitimate fear of Islam and Muslims. How many unassuming, “average” Muslims have turned turned jihadist and committed horrific mass slaughter and expressed a desire to join ISIS in its crimes?


Not Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals II

Why do Western politicians and the news media refuse to acknowledge that Islam as it is practiced by ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, the Taliban and Boko Haram is Islam at its essence and all that it can be: brutal, destructive, nihilistic, and anti-life? Liberalism, multiculturalism, and pragmatism are some of the ingredients of Western suicide.


Tragic School Stories

The best that politicians can do is to give parents and children who are serious about education a mechanism to opt out of rotten schools. That option is something the education establishment fights tooth and nail against.


Obama Versus America

The biggest advantage that the children of low-income immigrants have over the children of native-born, low-income families is that low-income immigrants have not been saturated for generations with the rhetoric of victimhood and hopelessness, spread by people like Obama, Holder and their counterparts overseas.

Line Extrapolation Gold

Monetary Metals Brief 2015

Anyone in the world buys gold when they don’t like the interest rate offered on paper, and especially when they don’t like the rising risks.

Not Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals

The MSM treats any mention of Islam and its nihilistic record of destruction as foul language that should be avoided in the genteel company of liberalism. But liberals have their own language and bag of dirty tricks.