Businesses Makes the World a Better Place

Every day, businesses make the world a better place to live, profitably, by creating and trading material values, by mutual consent and for mutual benefit. It’s time we’d recognize it and appreciate business people for what they do. Such a cultural change would, in time, create business heroes also in Hollywood movies and spiritual fuel for all of us.

Video: John Allison on Principled Leadership

On July 21, 2011, Wake Forest University Schools of Business Distinguished Professor of Practice John Allison address the Master of Arts in Management Class of 2012. The retired chairman and CEO of BB&T discussed Principled Leadership with the incoming class of business students.

Self Interest and The “Common Good”

A common exhortation heard today is: Set self-interest aside and act for the “common good.” Businesspeople in particular are accused of selfishness and are told (by media commentators, NGOs, and ethicists, among others) to serve the “common good.” This exhortation...