The Meaning of New Year's Resolutions

Every New Year’s Eve millions of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Whether the resolution is to get out of debt, to spend more time with loved ones, or to quit smoking, these resolutions have one thing in common: they are goals to make our lives better.   Unfortunately, this ritual commitment to self-improvement is widely […]

What We Owe Our Soldiers This Veteran's Day

Every Veterans Day we pay tribute to our fellow Americans who have served in the military. With speeches and ceremonies, we recognize their courage and valor. But justice demands that we also recognize that we should have far more living veterans than we do. All too many of our soldiers have died unnecessarily–because they were […]

Memorial Day: What We Owe Our Soldiers

Every Memorial Day, we pay tribute to the American men and women who have died in combat. With speeches and solemn ceremonies, we recognize their courage and valor. But one fact goes unacknowledged in our Memorial Day tributes: all too many of our soldiers have died unnecessarily–because they were sent to fight for a purpose […]

What to Resolve This New Year

Given the devastated state of many Americans’ finances, our New Year’s resolutions will take on greater significance this year. To “get out of debt” was often a casually stated goal to be set as midnight approached and forgotten soon after; today it is rightly recognized as a fundamental necessity of life. Unfortunately, the New Year’s […]

A 100% Private Option for Health Care: A Truly Progressive Idea

Everyone seems to have a different take on how to solve Americas health-care problem. But notice that every solution offered involves some elaborate new system of government controls. Different proposals include a public option, mandatory insurance for individuals, government-supported health-care exchanges, government-sponsored efficacy research, government-supported co-ops, and as many other ways of dictating consumer and […]

Net Neutrality vs. Internet Freedom

America’s leading Internet service providers (ISPs) have spent many years and billions upgrading their transcontinental networks, which constitute the backbone of the Internet. Now they are eager to profit by offering new, compelling services. One plan is to give certain websites high priority on their data, so as to guarantee “quality of service”–the speed, frequency, […]

Punishing Google for Its Success

The Obama administration’s Department of Justice recently announced that it will dramatically increase enforcement of antitrust laws against successful, dominant companies who allegedly harm competition by wielding too much “market power.” What sorts of companies? Experts agree that the first targets might include one of America’s most beloved. “This will be bad news for heavyweights […]

Government Bailout Crack

Every few days we hear that another leading financial institution has written down billions more on subprime investments gone bad. Nearly every major financial institution, it turns out, had a hand in loans to low-credit borrowers–borrowers whose ability to pay often hinged on endlessly low interest rates or a strong housing market. How could this […]

Retire Social Security: Social Security Is Morally Bankrupt

August 14 marks Social Security’s 73rd birthday–placing it eight years past standard retirement age. But, despite the program’s $10-trillion-plus dollar shortfall, no politician dares to suggest that this disastrous program be phased out and retired; all agree on one absolute: Social Security must be saved. While the program may have financial problems, virtually everyone believes […]