America Needs a Leader Like George Washington

George Washington was a man of impenetrable and towering integrity. He did not just espouse a vision; he acted in order to achieve and defend it.


Developing A Sense of Community Among Objectivists

An Interview with Ayn Rand Institute CEO Jim Brown


No Robot Tax: Bill Gates and Justin Trudeau’s Misguided Inequality Crusade

It is one thing for Bill Gates to advocate the evil idea of sacrificing producers and all the rest of us who benefit from the products and wealth they create. For politicians like prime minister Trudeau, who have the power to actually sacrifice the producers through government force, such as bans, taxes and other wealth distribution schemes, it is doubly immoral.

Karl Marx on Capitalism

Marx’s flight from reality was the wish to have all that capitalism, division of labor, and competitive exchange can produce, but without the cost of work, discipline, specialization, and selecting among alternatives.

Who is Karl Marx? The Man Behind the Communist Revolution

Marx’s critique of capitalism and capitalist society has shaped much of the social thinking in Western countries that led to the welfare state and extensive government intervention into economic affairs. And it served as the ideological banner that inspired the socialist and communist revolutions of the twentieth century – beginning in Russia in 1917, and still retaining political power today in such countries as Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, and China.

The Right and Wrong of Compulsion by the State

We need not look for better words, than those used by Mr. Herbert Spencer, to describe the aim which we place before ourselves, as the party of individual liberty. That aim is to secure “the liberty of each, limited alone by the like liberty of all.”