Government Regulation of Business: Protection or Harm?

Government should get out of regulating business at all, including regulations on product safety, emissions, and dealing with industrial waste.

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The Ancient Romans: From Rule of Law to Price Controls

The area in which the Ancient Romans did leave a body of thought, and one that has had lasting influence and significance for future generations, especially in the West up until our own time was in the area of law and contract.

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Defending Fossil Fuel Companies Against Climate Catastrophists

Recognizing facts and assessing them by the standard of human flourishing inevitably leads to the conclusion that fossil fuel companies are not villains but producers of essential human value and deserve to be not attacked, but thanked.

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Jean-Paul Sartre: The Intellectual Henchman of Tyrants

Jean-Paul Sartre in particular is a case-study of the type of intellectual who is a life-long supporter of tyranny. He promoted the farce called existentialism. He was a communist and in bed with the Soviet regime. He even had a role to play in Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge nightmare.