Aristotle and Economics

Political-Economic Ideas of The Greeks, Part 3

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The Investment Bankers Contribution: Directing Capital To Productive Uses

Productive companies and investment bankers who help them obtain capital are making an important contribution to human flourishing for which they should be proud.

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Plato: Father of the Totalitarian State

Political-Economic Ideas of The Greeks, Part 2

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Free Banking and the Federal Reserve

The record of past “free banking” systems, in which paper currency consisted of competitively supplied banknotes, contradicts the widespread belief that central banks play an essential part in promoting financial stability. Instead, both that record and...

Video: The War on Cops by Heather Mac Donald

Since summer 2014, America has been convulsed with a protest movement known as Black Lives Matter, which claims that police officers are among the greatest threats—if not the greatest threat—to young black males. Heather Mac Donald challenges that narrative,...