Wading Through the Gore Camp’s Shameless Lies

Florida has now given us the most famous dimples since Shirley Temple and the most famous long count since Tunney and Dempsey. Meanwhile, the Gore camp has given us the most shameless lies since Bill Clinton. Lie number one is that there are “uncounted votes” out there, which should be counted because “every vote should […]

Let the Sun Shine on the Supremes: Open up the Courts to America

When will the high and mighty hermits on the U.S. Supreme Court get over themselves and get with the 21st century? Unlike the judiciaries in 47 states, the highest court in the land still refuses to allow its hearings to be televised. Thanks to snooty traditions, unbridled egos, and specious fears, the Supreme Court’s nine […]

The Relation Between Political Freedom and Economic Prosperity

The seventh edition of the Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal’s Index of Economic Freedom was released this month and has confirmed, once again, that a positive relationship exists between economic freedom and living standards. The index, which is increasingly being used by professional money managers, has become one of the most efficient tools […]

Every Guess Must Count?

“Every vote must count!” has been the magic mantra of Florida judges who are trying to give Al Gore the electoral victory that the voters failed to give him. “Every guess must count!” is more like it, when courts start authorizing local Democratic officials in heavily Democratic counties to “interpret” dents in the ballots as […]

The Democrats “World of Non-A”

Two thousand years ago, the Greek philosopher Aristotle named one of the basic rules of reality: “A is A.” Reality is what it is. Contradictions cannot exist. This rule came to be known as the Law of Identity. Early in the 20th century, another philosopher tried to project what it would mean if the Law […]

Ploys ‘R Us: The Legal Store for Democrats Seeking To Steal Elections

The Florida Supreme Court has disgraced itself and undermined election laws, not just for this election in Florida but for future elections across the country. Any future losing candidate in a close election now knows that he need only create enough noise and confusion, and then shop around for sympathetic judges. On the eve of […]

In the Battle for the Presidency, Who Should Win: Man or Machine?

The only thing all Republicans and Democrats seem to agree with, is that the vote count should be “fair, accurate, and final.” But what do these concepts mean? Who should do the counting? And how should the counting be done? These concepts certainly seem to mean very different things for Republicans and Democrats, for they […]

How to Find Your Hero or Heroine

With persistence, people almost always find the romantic partner they want. This is one of the surprising things I’ve learned from years of being a therapist. I spend countless hours talking with lonely people who wonder if they will ever find the romantic partner they want. In the end, they usually do. Sometimes this happens […]

A Double Standard at CNN

Pardon me for taking this opportunity to vent my anger. Bob Dole gave a press conference in Broward County today, and there were a lot of shouting Bush supporters gathered for the event. Three times, the CNN interviewer (“Susan” somebody) announced to us that the crowd had been sent in from out of state, and […]

The Democratic Nazi Party

Two weeks after Americans chose a new president on Nov. 7, the Democratic Party is still trying to change the vote count. Responding to this unusual situation, The Wall Street Journal called on Republicans not to allow Democrats to steal the election and with it the Constitution. The editorial, “The Squeamish GOP,” indicates that the […]

A Politically Correct Nobel Peace Prize for Murder

Stanley “Tookie” Williams was nominated for the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize this week. His supporters call him “wise,” “compassionate,” “well-read,” and “wide-eyed like a child.” So just what are Tookie Williams’ qualifications for one of the most prestigious honors in the world — an award reserved for such eminent figures as Mother Teresa, the Dalai […]