Separating the Wheat From the Chad: Election 2000 Facts versus Myths

Elections are supposed to be decided by voters on election day, not by judges later on. But once state and local courts inject themselves into post-election controversies, without any legal justification, the only institution that can get rid of their interference is the Supreme Court of the United States. Yet the U.S. Supreme Court is […]

Men Are Not From Mars and Women Are Not From Venus

Q: I observe much “male-bashing” in today’s America, and I also observe that it has become widely acceptable. (The “Lifetime” channel on cable TV provides one poignant example of this). I don’t mean the usual, superficial “well-that’s-men-for-you” sort of criticism of males, which men also take up in regard to women. I’m talking about an […]

Law and Economics

Rather than my usual fall schedule of teaching in the Economics Department at George Mason University, I taught “The Economic Foundations of Legal Studies” at the university’s School of Law to first-year law students. Economics is no stranger at George Mason’s Law School. It’s home to the Law and Economics Center directed by Frank Buckley. […]

No Stinkin’ Badges: The Case Against Judicial Activism

In the old movie classic “The Treasure of Sierra Madre,” armed men confront Humphrey Bogart, claiming to be police. “If you’re policemen,” he asked, “where are your badges?” “We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!” is the reply. On December 1st, the Supreme Court of the United States asked the Florida Supreme Court to tell them […]

Is Microsoft a Hypocrite?

I was saddened to see the lead article in last Tuesday’s (12/5/00) Wall St. Journal “Microsoft Tries to Lob Monkey Wrench Into AOL-Time Warner Deal.” In the story, reporters alleged Microsoft might be cooperating with the Federal Trade Commission to provide evidence that an AOL-Time Warner merger plan should be killed or re-written by the […]

The Return of the Spotted Owl: Earth First, Means Humans Last

My friend Jack predicted this. When the first flurry of lawsuits was filed in Florida, he told me: keep an eye on the other news. Some government agency, he warned, will spring a new regulation on us — and they will get away with it, because everyone’s attention is distracted. And sure enough, Jack was […]

Crazy Double Standards

The Federal Trade Commission has released its year-long study showing how Hollywood’s film industry, the music industry and the video-game industry have been deliberately targeting and marketing all manner of filth and violence to America’s children. No less an expert on filth and violence, President Clinton ordered the FTC study after the deadly spate of […]

Tyranny is Creeping Up On Us

Tyranny is creeping up on us. If you don’t believe it, consider the most prominent hallmarks of the Nazi and Communist regimes, which sought to supplant democracy in the 20th century. In National Socialist Germany and the Soviet Union, there were no First Amendment rights. No one could voice an opinion contrary to the politically […]

Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else

Some books are good, some are bad, but very few are real gems. One of these few gems is the recently published book “The Mystery of Capital” by Hernando de Soto. The subtitle tells what it is really about: “Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else.” It is not really capitalism but […]