How to Find Your Hero or Heroine

With persistence, people almost always find the romantic partner they want. This is one of the surprising things I’ve learned from years of being a therapist. I spend countless hours talking with lonely people who wonder if they will ever find the romantic partner they want. In the end, they usually do. Sometimes this happens […]

A Double Standard at CNN

Pardon me for taking this opportunity to vent my anger. Bob Dole gave a press conference in Broward County today, and there were a lot of shouting Bush supporters gathered for the event. Three times, the CNN interviewer (“Susan” somebody) announced to us that the crowd had been sent in from out of state, and […]

The Democratic Nazi Party

Two weeks after Americans chose a new president on Nov. 7, the Democratic Party is still trying to change the vote count. Responding to this unusual situation, The Wall Street Journal called on Republicans not to allow Democrats to steal the election and with it the Constitution. The editorial, “The Squeamish GOP,” indicates that the […]

A Politically Correct Nobel Peace Prize for Murder

Stanley “Tookie” Williams was nominated for the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize this week. His supporters call him “wise,” “compassionate,” “well-read,” and “wide-eyed like a child.” So just what are Tookie Williams’ qualifications for one of the most prestigious honors in the world — an award reserved for such eminent figures as Mother Teresa, the Dalai […]

Majority Rule Equal Tyranny

The controversy surrounding this year’s presidential election has led to calls to abandon the Constitution’s Article II provisions for the Electoral College to select presidents. Despite the fact the system has served us well for over 200 years, many Americans now call for its abandonment in favor of electing presidents by popular vote. Before we […]

It Depends On What The Meaning Of The Word “Vote” Is

There used to be a half-joking, half-cynical saying on Capitol Hill: “reality is negotiable.” It stood for the idea that there is no fact that can’t be spun out of existence, and no number so absolute that you can’t doctor it off the books. That phrase has since become obsolete, because Bill Clinton has provided […]

Teach Your Child How To Think

Parents often fail to listen to their children. It’s not that they don’t care, in most cases. It’s just that they are afraid of sending the wrong message. They are afraid, for example, of seeming like they condone something when simply talking with their child about a subject does not mean they condone anything in […]

The Cult of Anti-Intellectualism Amongst Blacks

Here are just a few of the facts: One study asked middle-class black, white and Asian high school students what was the lowest grade their parents would tolerate their bringing home? Asian students replied A-minus. Blacks said their parents would accept grades lower than both white and Asian students. Nationally, 74 percent of black students […]

The Seven Essential Questions of Bond Investing

As with any investment, successful investing in bonds requires following a simple routine or discipline. While experienced bond investors will follow this routine automatically, those who are newer to bonds should follow a checklist before committing themselves in this area. This checklist is arguably even more important for bonds than it is for equities, since […]