Why You Shouldn’t Keep an “Open Mind”

“You should keep an ‘open mind.’” If you have ever expressed a definite opinion on anything, you’ve probably heard this popular catch-phrase in response. On college campuses, the “open” mind is considered an unlimited virtue. College administrators, teachers, and many students preach that we should keep our minds open to other philosophies, cultures, religions, ethical […]

GOP Revolutionaries Head For The Hills

The GOP Revolution of 1994 now seems as quaint and distant a historical event as the American Revolution of 1776. Congressional Republicans pledged “to bring to the House a new majority that will transform the way Congress works.” The Contract With America promised “the end of government that is too big, too intrusive, and too […]

How Democrats Harm the Working Class

Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore promises to fight for the working class. Does this mean that Gore intends to support the privatization of Social Security? Is he going to permit wage earners to acquire family nest eggs in place of retirement benefits paid by taxing employment? Will Gore allow a tax deduction for private medical […]

The Clinton-Gore Legacy: An Unseen Cancer on the Body Politic

The social chaos seen in other countries such as sabotage, guerilla bands and political assassinations has yet to emerge in our country. Because of that, we Americans have little appreciation and even indifference to the attack on the laws, customs and institutions that create the fabric for a free society. The Clinton/Gore administration has racheted […]

School Choice Wars

All politicians come out 200 percent in favor of education, especially when an election is coming up. What that usually means is that they are prepared to dump more billions of taxpayer dollars down the bottomless pit of our failing public schools, whether or not that makes any difference whatever in the educational outcome. During […]

Gore’s Disastrous Green Agenda

On Friday, Al Gore declared that “prosperity is on the ballot” and described himself as “the right … choice to keep it going.” But those who are watching his campaign more closely just got a reminder of who the real Al Gore is: an environmental zealot out to shut down our industrial economy. So far […]

Joseph Lieberman Takes Groveling 101

When Vice President Al Gore announced that Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., was his running mate, many people applauded. Lieberman, an honorable man, was seen as a refreshing choice that just might help voters forget the immorality and corruption emblematic of the Clinton-Gore administration. Having had the occasion to share a couple of dinners and conversations […]

USS Cole Torpedoed by Political Correctness

The USS Cole is a $1 billion high-tech missile warship. But it was no match for a rubber dinghy manned by two Arabs. The explosive-laden dinghy severely damaged the Cole and inflicted 56 casualties (17 dead, 39 injured) on a once proud U.S. Navy. The attack on the Cole showed a “great deal of sophistication,” […]

Al Gore’s Campaign: Desperate and Ugly

As election day approaches, look for Al Gore’s campaign to get both desperate and ugly. Desperate not only because Gore’s lead has vanished and Bush has edged ahead, but desperate also because this is the end of the line for Gore and everything he has worked for all his life, if he loses this election. […]

Greed And Exploitation: Why Tax Cuts Are Not More Popular

Suppose you and I go to a fancy restaurant. Under which scheme would it would be more likely for me to order a $150 bottle of Chateau LaFite Rothschild Bordeaux wine, chateaubriand and a $200 bottle of Chateau d’Yquem to go with our dessert — if you’re paying the bill, or if we each pay […]

Death, Wealth, and Taxes

Last [month], President Clinton carried through with his threat to veto bipartisan legislation that would have repealed the federal death tax over the next decade. The death tax makes a trivial contribution to total federal tax revenues of $2 trillion — about 1.5 percent or $30 billion — but it can spell disaster for many […]

The Party of Maxine Waters

She is one of the most self-serving, hate-filled, race-obsessed politicians in America. The Democratic Party doesn’t just embrace her. It kneels at her feet. Los Angeles Congresswoman Maxine Waters reigned supreme when Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Lieberman appeared before a black audience to “explain” himself [in August 2000]. The Connecticut senator’s sins? Opposing affirmative action […]