The True Story Behind Thanksgiving

In the wilderness of the New World, the Plymouth Pilgrims had progressed from the false dream of communism to the sound realism of capitalism.


How To Prevent The Next Paris Tragedy

“Thoughts and prayers won’t stop the next attack. This war against civilization must be fought or lost.”


The Moral Meaning Behind Thanksgiving

What should we really be celebrating on Thanksgiving?


A Golden Opportunity?

Once again we’re faced with a market that doesn’t want to go up, but doesn’t want to go down either. Since last Wednesday’s high on the NASDAQ — which I said was the closing bookend on the NASDAQ’s spring rally — the markets...

Why Fiber To The Home (FTTH) Is Inevitable

For the past few years, telecom companies have been working diligently to provide us with pseudo-broadband internet connections over copper (DSL) and cable (cable modem). I use the term “pseudo-broadband” because the existing telecom infrastructure can...

Olympic 2008: Say No To Beijing

Normal human beings would blanch at the thought of staging an athletic event at the site of an infamous massacre. But China’s Communist rulers, who are bidding hard to host the Summer Olympics in 2008, are not normal human beings. So it comes as no surprise that...

What Goes Around Comes Around

Just like old times. Cisco beat by a penny. It was easy, too. All they had to do was lower expectations far below anything you would have dared to imagine in your worst nightmares a year ago. And according to CEO John Chambers, it’ll be a snap to grow revenues...

The Executor’s Song: Part 2, Getting Help

Author’s Note: This is the second in a series of personal finance columns on the subject of being the executor of an estate. These columns are based on my own personal experiences in this regard. Individuals should consult a professional advisor and take their...

Class Warfare Obscures the Tax Cut Debate

When the Berlin Wall collapsed, one would have expected the poisonous Marxist ideology of class warfare to disappear along with it. But this year’s tax debate has shown the politics-of-envy is alive and well. Demagogues are vilifying President Bush’s plan...

You Gotta Disbelieve

Just a quick note this morning, to try to illuminate the nature of the cusp at which the markets find themselves. On Thursday the markets made it clear they didn’t want to go higher. And on Friday they made it just as clear they didn’t want to go lower....
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