Calls for a “New Financial Architecture” are Redundant

In responding to a crisis, most of us feel more comfortable employing some sort of action rather than inaction. Their is a call to “Do Something” — even when nothing needs to be done. That is why politicians and sundry financial gurus from around the world have been calling for a complete overhaul of the […]

Paternal Government and the Abortion Pill

The abortion pill, the controversial RU-486, is now allowed by the FDA to be sold on the market. How nice of them. President Clinton insists the delay was purely scientific, and not political. Will this man’s capacity for lying never exhaust itself? Of course the years-long delay in allowing RU-486 on the market has been […]

Faith Over Freedom

It used to be that we could count on the conservatives to provide more freedom in the economic realm (e.g. tax cuts, deregulation), and liberals to respect freedom in the privacy of your home (e.g. separation of church and state, freedom of thought). Apparently, that’s all changed now — at least on the liberal side. […]

Moochers at Multiplex

Grab a bag of popcorn and get out your hankies. This one’s a real tear-jerker — for taxpayers, that is. Movie theaters are shutting down all across America. The stock prices of major multiplex chains are plummeting. Cinema companies are declaring bankruptcy, defaulting on loans, and failing to pay their rent. So what are city […]

The Peace Process War in Israel/Palestine

After seven years of tireless negotiations, we can finally see the hard-won result of the Middle Eastern “peace process”: war. Make no mistake about it. The current orgy of killing in Israel/Palestine is not due to a failure or breakdown in negotiations, or even a sabotage of the negotiations. This war is a product of […]

Teacher’s Union Lies

Many people hear only one side of the story of our public schools, because only the teachers’ unions have both the incentives and the millions of dollars required to produce sustained advertising campaigns about education. These campaigns intensify during an election year, so you can expect to hear more slick propaganda than usual from the […]

How The West Was Seized

Vice President Al Gore — Mr. Environmentalism, Mr. Encyclopedic Mind — went blank during the second presidential debate this week when challenged on one of the most alarming land issues facing the nation. Highlighting the difference in their approaches to environmental policy, Texas Gov. George W. Bush noted that the Clinton-Gore administration “took 40 million […]

The Censorship Smokescreen

For the past week, our politicians have been busy constructing the foundations of censorship in America. And worse: They have been doing so unanimously. Censorship is being promoted across the political and cultural spectrum, from Al Gore and Joe Lieberman to John McCain and Lynne Cheney, from Bible-thumping religious fundamentalists to jargon-spouting social scientists. Amazingly, […]

Freedom in Education: Pro Choice or Pro Monopoly

It is amazing how many people who are “pro-choice” when it comes to abortion are against choice when it comes to education. Indeed, that is the official position of the Democratic Party. Despite Al Gore’s rhetoric at the Democrats’ convention in July about being against “powerful special interests,” there is no more powerful special interest […]

A Season of Trivialities

What an exciting election season. Just think of the campaign issues everyone’s talking about. Al Gore gave his wife a long smooch at the Democratic convention; will this endear him to suburban women? George W. got in trouble when he called a reporter an unpleasant name — something you’re supposed to do only when the […]

Who Owns Your Genes?

Our genes are stretches of DNA that we got from mom and dad. They have been with us since our beginning. Genes built our bodies. They exist in each and every one of our cells. It seems reasonable that our genes shouldn’t be anybody else’s property. Yet, many researchers, companies and institutions, own patent rights […]