Free Dr. Kevorkian

The Michigan Court of Appeals affirmed last week the murder conviction of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who was sentenced in 1999 to 10 to 25 years in prison. He was convicted on charges of second-degree murder in a clear-cut case of assisted suicide. Was justice done-or betrayed? Suppose you had a devastating terminal disease, such as […]

Mary Kay Ash: One of America’s Great Entrepreneurs

Mary Kay Ash, one of America’s great entrepreneurs, died Thanksgiving Day at 83 in Dallas. She was 45 when she started a company (with just $5,000) to sell cosmetics through home and office demonstrations by sales reps – the best of whom were awarded pink Cadillacs. Last year, her company had sales of $1.2 billion […]

An Afghanistan Thanksgiving

This year’s Thanksgiving was an unusual one. This uniquely American holiday was punctuated with a constant flow of news … at our house, most of it courtesy of my friend Jack, an inveterate news hound … about far-off Afghanistan. I had feared, after Sept. 11, that war news would cast a pall over the holidays. […]

The Truth and Mr. and Ms. Clinton

Oh, those Clintons! On September 17, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-New York) appeared on “Dateline NBC.” Where, Dateline asked, was Chelsea on that fateful day? Senator Clinton told NBC’s Jane Pauley: “She’d gone on what she thought would be a great jog. She was going down to the Battery Park, she was going to go […]

By the Word or by the Sword

“Islam is Peace.” So explained President Bush to the American public soon after the terrorist attacks of September 11. Since then, the President has gone out of his way to assure Americans that they have nothing to fear from the religion of Islam. “These acts of violence against innocents,” declared President Bush, “violate the fundamental […]

Tears and Toughness

The victims of American Airlines Flight 587 and their families deserve our deepest sympathy and prayers. But compassion must not override vigilance. Our resolve to enforce immigration laws in the wake of Sept. 11 must not be weakened. According to the Associated Press, several crash relatives who are in this country illegally want amnesty so […]

The Deflation Investor’s Checklist

Iconoclastic economists have been warning of deflation for almost five years, based on subtle signs that Alan Greenspan hasn’t been supplying enough liquidity to meet the needs of the U.S. economy. And now — finally — these warnings have come true in the form of declines in the consumer price index, the producer price index […]

Hypocrisy in Indonesia

If nothing else, give the president of Indonesia credit for impeccable timing. First, Megawati Sukarnoputri snubs Australian leader John Howard at the recent Asia-Pacific Economic Council (APEC) meeting in Shanghai, only to have her husband suffer a heart attack a few weeks later and have to go to Perth, Australia, for treatment because no adequate […]

Avoiding the Next Nightmare

The United States has buried its head in the sand for too long. Despite the continued talk of unity, some in Washington — for whatever reason — still want to tie up or slow down America’s missile defense program. Pretend for a moment it was Israel, rather than the United States, that was hit by […]

Microsoft Goes to School: You’re An Evil Predator; Now Teach My Kids

The settlement of the Microsoft anti-trust case got interesting this week — and developments revealed the laughably absurd nature of much of the suit against the company. Reports in the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times and elsewhere revealed that Mister Softee will “give $1 billion worth of software and related goods and […]

Post-September 11: Another Look at Guns and Racial Profiling

Care to revisit, post-Sept. 11, the issue of racial profiling? “Civil rights activist” Al Sharpton, during the Harlem presidential debate between Al Gore and Bill Bradley, asked the first question. “Many in our community have to live in fear of both the cops and the robbers,” said Sharpton. “We’re asking what concrete steps would you […]