Education of Blacks in America: Do Facts Matter?

Recently a young black man sent a thoughtful e-mail to me. Among his kind comments was an expression of sympathy for the racism that he thought blacks of my generation must have experienced in going through college. In reality, it is his generation of blacks who have encountered more racial hostility on campus than mine. […]

Heisting Cipro: Charles Schumer vs. American Innovation

Senator Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) rightly chastised House leaders last month (Oct. 19, 2001) for panicking in the face of anthrax attacks. But Schumer’s own behavior has been a shameful spectacle of political panty-bunching. Count him among the many Chicken Littles talking out of both sides of their mouths – telling Americans to go about business […]

With Allies Like These Who Needs Enemies?

Of the five countries described below, can you identify the one(s) excluded from the US-led coalition in the war on terrorism? Country A is free and democratic, a steadfast ally of the United States. Its citizens know what it means to be victimized by terrorism, and they were deeply shaken by the Sept. 11 atrocities. […]

Of Halloween Spoilsports and Spiders

This will be my 16-month-old daughter’s first Halloween on foot. Last year, she was a baby bunny who toured the neighborhood in Daddy’s arms. This year, she’ll be a kitten — clambering up porch steps, clutching her goody bag, and marveling at all the treats within her reach. I’ll be damned if I let our […]

Rush Limbaugh: Hearing the American Sound

I’m sure Rush Limbaugh would give anything to hear his critics taunt him now. The conservative icon recently announced that he’s almost totally deaf–perhaps the worst thing that could happen to a radio talk show host with 20 million listeners nationwide. Good for him. Then again, I would expect nothing less from such an American. […]

Social Security “Trust Fund”

According to the unanimous preliminary report of the special commission appointed to look into Social Security, the amount of money coming into the system will be insufficient to pay out what was promised by 2016. By 2030, the choice will be to reduce Social Security benefits by about one-fourth or raise payroll taxes by about […]

“Ignorance” Pays in a Mixed Economy

While people might be motivated by non-economic factors, from a strictly economic point of view it simply doesn’t pay individual voters to learn about and take action against the myriad assaults emanating from the political area. That’s what my colleagues at George Mason University’s Economics Department predict: “Rational ignorance” pays. Politicians know this and exploit […]

Privacy for Government, But Not For Private Citizens

It began three years ago in an ugly encounter between a motorist and the police. It ended earlier this summer in a dreadful opinion by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. And as the noted civil-liberties lawyer Harvey Silverglate observes in a characteristically lucid essay in the National Law Journal, the case offers one more example […]

Who Does the “Reparations for Slavery” Charade Really Benefit?

Blacks have already been the first victims of the campaign to get reparations for slavery. The longer this futile campaign goes on, the more additional blacks will be victimized. How have blacks been victimized thus far? Some have been asked to supply identifying information, so that they can get their individual shares of the reparations. […]

The Ultimate (Surprise) Broadband Killer Application

The other day, a colleague of mind was bemoaning the lack of killer internet applications to drive the demand for bandwidth. He noted that the only killer internet application was e-mail, and that it was a low bandwidth application. Well, I have a different perspective. I think e-mail will be the ultimate killer broadband application. […]

The UN’s International Kangaroo Court

America’s court system — the most fair, free and transparent in all the world — isn’t perfect. But that doesn’t mean its power should be usurped by jurists 8,000 miles away who are not elected, selected or directed by anyone responsible to American voters. Yet that’s exactly what the International Court of Justice (ICJ) tried […]

Social Security’s No Accounts

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, the saying goes. It’s exactly what we’re getting from opponents of Social Security reform, who have staged sign-wielding protests in more than 40 cities to convince Americans that the premier New Deal program is healthier than they’ve been told. The program’s looming financial problems are easily fixed, critics […]