King of Sluggers: Barry or The Babe?

This season, Barry Bonds has been a Giant in more than name. While baseball fans and the media have been focussed on his record-breaking home-run feats, far less attention has been paid to his other feats that have been even more spectacular — and, in fact, unique. Barry Bonds is the first batter in the […]

Violinist Isaac Stern’s Inspiration

Life goes on in the post-9-11 world. So, alas, does death. [Last month], world-renowned violinist Isaac Stern left us after 81 blessed years. He died of heart failure. What a huge, roaring heart it was. As we continue to mourn and tremble and rage in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on America, we can […]

Academic Freedom on Campus: A Contradiction in Terms?

Memo to certain college newspaper editors: David Horowitz soon will give you another chance to prove your devotion to free speech isn’t just lip service. Here’s hoping you don’t blow it the way you did last time. Yes, Horowitz, a former anti-Vietnam War activist-turned conservative commentator, plans to take another shot at the experiment he […]

Debunking the Clich

The philosophy of pacifism can be expressed in a single principle: “The use of force is morally wrong.” This means that ALL force – any kind of force – is out of the question and must be opposed. If you spend any amount of time thinking about the issue (which most pacifists do not), you’ll […]

Clearing the AirWaves

Somewhere, Lenny Bruce is laughing. The late comedian, arrested several times in the 1950s for saying words in his act government officials deemed “obscene,” probably would be delighted at what can be said on radio and television today — thanks in large measure to the inconsistency shown by the Federal Communications Commission. “Sweet merciful crap.” […]

A Return to Communism in Berlin?

In June 1948, President Truman initiated the Berlin Airlift, signaling that the free world would not abandon West Berlin to the Soviets, who had imposed a total land and water blockade. In June 1953, East German workers revolted against their communist oppressors, foreshadowing the later Hungarian, Czech and Polish uprisings. In August 1961, the communist […]

The Left’s Vision of Social Security

The August recess may give federal lawmakers a chance to avoid the heat of Washington’s typically unbearable summers. But thanks to the House Democratic Caucus, some of them have brought Capitol Hill’s most overheated rhetoric back home. The subject is Social Security, and it appears no claim is over-the-top. The Caucus sent its members home […]

No Internet Taxes

Q. Says here a lot of governors are upset about Internet scofflaws not paying the taxes they owe. Who are these bums? A. Well, there’s Governor Leavitt of Utah, Governor Engler of Mich– Q. No, not the governors! I meant who are the bums who aren’t paying their taxes? A. You, for one. Q. *Me?* […]

U.S. Intelligence is not to Blame

The next time you hear someone blame our intelligence community for the attacks, remember how many attacks they *did* stop. Then think about the fact that even given the best intelligence in the world, if you stop the terrorists time and time and time again and foil their plots, but never go out and eliminate […]

Will the United Nations Become the Next IRS?

A key United Nations panel has proposed a radical plan to give international bureaucrats sweeping powers over U.S. tax policy. This scheme, which will be part of the agenda at the International Conference on Financing for Development next March, would undermine America’s competitive advantage in the world economy. The president and Congress should reject this […]

Why Not Explore the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska?

In northeast Alaska, above the Arctic Circle, the snow seems to cover far more than the land. It’s so thick and deep and cold and hard that you smell next to nothing and you hear even less. Given that part of the state sees no daylight for two months of every year, you don’t see […]