Islam and the West

Terrorist organizations in the Middle East are trying to bill the current crisis as a confrontation between Islam and the West — as in the Jihads and Crusades of centuries past. But there is no need for the rest of us to go along with that. Six years ago, Professor Daniel Pipes of Harvard pointed […]

End States That Sponsor Terrorism

Fifty years of increasing American appeasement in the Mideast have led to fifty years of increasing contempt in the Muslim world for the U.S. The climax was September 11, 2001.

Is Islam at Fault?

There is a lot of confusion about the nature of Islam, and the extent to which it is the religion itself, as opposed to an “extremist” wing of it, that breeds terrorism. President Bush believes that Islam has been “hijacked” by the terrorists for their own use, and that Islam itself is a peace-loving religion. […]

A Kindler, Gentler…Less-Fit Military

Walk, don’t run. That’s an order for the service men and women of U.S. Southern Command headquarters in Miami. Their weekly fitness runs were terminated this past August when a female officer claimed they were “demeaning.” According to media reports, the officer objected that the Friday jogs “subjected slow runners to ridicule from faster runners.” […]

Why Do They Hate Us?

They condemn us for the “arrogant imperialism” of our foreign policy. They claim America is motivated by a predatory greed to plunder the world’s natural resources. They say that we are the real terrorists and that we deserved Black Tuesday’s attacks. Why do these people hate us? No, I am not referring to militant Islamic […]

Barry Bond’s Great Baseball Season

There was a certain painful irony when Barry Bonds passed Mickey Mantle in lifetime home runs. Mantle hit 536 home runs in his great career, but he was washed up when he was at the same age at which Bonds is now having his greatest season. Mickey himself blamed alcohol. Mantle began his career with […]

Is Your Personal Computer Protected From Terrorists? Part 2

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: “Just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.” I urge all of you to be paranoid to the nth degree with respect to taking precautions to protect your computer against viruses and hackers. Because, believe me, they are out to get […]

More Hypocrisy from the UN

The UN Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance in Durban, South Africa recently adjourned. If you heard or read any of the Press coverage of this event, you know that the organizers and participants regretted that the conference became politicized. Disputes over Israel’s responsibility for the violence in the Middle East and […]

Self Defense is Job One

“Well, I just think that you’re painting a horrible picture of what we’re about,” said Senator Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., in response to the question I asked last week. My question that provoked such an indignant response? “Senator,” I said, “I heard one of the news anchors ask a politician the following question, ‘Do we have […]

Why Won’t Valuations Come Down? They Will!

A report Tuesday from Steve Galbraith, strategist at Morgan Stanley, slashed his 2001 earnings forecast for the S&P 500 from $51 to $46 — about a 10% cut. But from the 1092 S&P close the day before the September 11 terrorist attack through the 1003 close last Monday, when Galbraith presumably wrote his report, is […]

Why and How to Conquer the Savages

Our American leaders find our current war with terrorism to be a complicated and confounding affair. That is because they don’t understand the principles that have made America the most moral nation in history. America is based implicitly on the morality of rational selfishness. America recognizes the right of the individual to his life, liberty […]

Mandatory National ID Cards….for our politicians

Crisis is good for statist-leaning governments such as ours because it affords them the opportunity to package new oppressions under the guise of needed security. Lately, we’ve been treated to the idea of a national ID card so our police can tell good guys from bad ones. Such a system will never, of course, be […]