The True Story Behind Thanksgiving

In the wilderness of the New World, the Plymouth Pilgrims had progressed from the false dream of communism to the sound realism of capitalism.


How To Prevent The Next Paris Tragedy

“Thoughts and prayers won’t stop the next attack. This war against civilization must be fought or lost.”


The Moral Meaning Behind Thanksgiving

What should we really be celebrating on Thanksgiving?


Why The Insanity Defense Is Insane, Part II

A reader writes in: I respectfully disagree with your “shooting-from-the-hip” and “un-objective-like” quick analysis of the Yates killings (see Daily Dose column 2/28/02–“Why the Insanity Defense is Insane” ). I haven’t...

It’s Time for Congress to Re-evaluate Antitrust

The following written testimony was submitted to the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary for its hearings on the proposed Microsoft antitrust settlement. On behalf of the Center for the Moral Defense of Capitalism, I respectfully submit my testimony to the US Senate...

A Broadband Customer Service Update

My readers know that customer service (or customer no-service) is a running theme throughout my articles. I am constantly aghast at the number of companies who don’t understand that their real business is to provide customer service. You may gain a few customers...

Memo: Spit on the U.S. Diplomats and Sue the Saudis

To: 9/11 victims and their families From: Daniel Pipes Subject: Compensation You have been engaged in an unfortunate spat with the U.S. government over the money you deserve for your losses on 9/11, prompting anger all around. Here’s a solution: Forget...

Blame It On Rio

It was ten years ago this spring that President George H.W. Bush took a step that began a slide down the long path toward energy rationing. It was barely ten days ago that his son, President George W. Bush, took an equally large stride in that unfortunate direction....

Why The Insanity Defense Is Insane

Andrea Yates, charged with killing her five young children, is attempting to prove that she was insane at the time and is therefore not responsible. “Insane” in this context is defined by our legal theorists simply as “not knowing right from...

Israel’s Suicide

With unremitting ferocity, Arab terrorists this weekend again attacked Israelis through suicide bombing and sniper fire–brutally killing 22. Despite such carnage, despite Yasser Arafat’s hollow promises to quell such violence, despite his record of...
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