U.S. Kids Speak on the War

Why did 19 Islamic extremist terrorists attack America on Sept. 11, 2001? Why do so many hate America? Here’s how some American children answered those questions. Josh, age 12: “I just think (Osama bin Laden) needs to find something a little bit like the Nazis did, and he thinks that because of the Iraqi War […]

Unfinished Civil Rights Agenda

When the NAACP, Urban League and black politicians talk about civil rights, they talk mostly about how many blacks are in college, the racial composition of schools and neighborhoods or the number of blacks employed in what positions. The Institute for Justice has taken up the challenge of economic liberty as one of the most […]

Paul Krugman: Another Ivy League Pseudo-Economist

Like one of those football mascots — a poor, sweaty guy dressed up in a giant fuzzy costume of a shark or an eagle (or whatever his team’s symbol is) — Paul Krugman is dancing and clowning around in the field and among the fans trying to whip up martial enthusiasm, during an intermission in […]

Disband the Coalition

They tell us not to bombard the Taliban too severely–because its “moderate” factions need to become part of any new Afghan government. They urge us to cease military action during the month of Ramadan–giving the killers further opportunity to plan their next attacks. They insist that we avoid Afghan civilians in our strikes–inviting the opposing […]

The Economics of War

National emergencies are notorious for giving free reign to bad economics. In the panic of a crisis, people grasp desperately for solutions. And thanks to generations of bad economics education, they are offered a wide range of economic errors to grasp at. The most ominous error masquerading as an economic truth is the proposition that […]

Elitist Contempt for American Values

College campuses are home to elitists who are out of touch with and have contempt for American values. Let’s look at some of their statements after the recent terrorist attacks. Hours after the terrorist attacks, University of New Mexico History Professor Richard Berthold told his students in his Western Civilization and Greek history classes, “Anyone […]

The Justice Department’s Unjust Monopoly

If nothing else, the Microsoft case showed how ferocious federal prosecutors can be in fighting “monopolistic predators.” Let a company try to stifle competition, let it be accused of obstructing the market or blocking other companies’ access to customers, and odds are the Justice Department will come after it hammer and tongs. Unless, of course, […]

No More Jury Trials for Terrorists

When American pacifists talk about seeking “justice” for terrorists, here is what they mean: More than $7 million in U.S. taxpayer funds went to lawyers who defended Mohamed Rashed Daoud Al-‘Owhali, Khalfan Khamis Mohamed, Mohamed Sadeek Odeh, and Wadih El-Hage. Translation services alone totaled $1.4 million, according to a New York Times report earlier this […]

The Moral Thing to Do

The motive behind the attack by Mideast terrorist nations and their hired gun assassins—who flew planes they could not build into skyscrapers they could never erect to kill people whose virtue they could never equal—is quite simple and quite viciously evil. They believe that brutish tyranny, fetid poverty and premature death are the means to […]

Fallen Veteran of an Undeclared War

This is the story of one young American who served and died during our war on terrorism – years before we officially declared it. Jesse Nathaniel Aliganga (“Nathan” to his loved ones) was a member of the elite Marine Security Guard detachment stationed in Nairobi, Kenya. He was 21 and a long way from home, […]

What’s Wrong with Education?

Here are some test questions. Question 1: Which of the following is equal to a quarter of a million? (a) 40,000 (b) 250,000 (c) 2,500,000 (d) 1/4,000,000 or (e) 4/1,000,000? Question 2: Martin Luther King Jr. (insert the correct choice) for the poor of all races. (a) spoke out passionately (b) spoke out passionate (c) […]

A Tribute to Rush Limbaugh

A lot of liberals hate Rush Limbaugh — or the caricature that they think of as Rush Limbaugh — but even the most doctrinaire Bolshevik had to feel at least a twinge of sympathy when the nation’s preeminent radio personality announced last month that he has gone almost completely deaf. Or maybe not. Limbaugh has […]