Some Patriotic Economic Advice: Save

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen financiers and economists give a lot of misguided advice about what people need to do to help the nation and themselves overcome the terrorist attacks on America. I’m a very patriotic person myself, I don’t just wave flags on Independence Day, I actually read and understand the […]

Stop Scapegoating Tax Havens

Thanks to President Bush’s strong leadership, America and its allies are preparing to wage a relentless war on terrorism. This means settling the score with the thugs who organized the Sept. 11 attacks and forcing changes to the rogue regimes that harbor terrorists and help them murder innocent civilians. It also means following the terrorist […]

A History Lesson: Leave Us Alone, Or We Will Destroy You

America now joins ancient Greece and Rome as civilized peoples threatened not by competitors over territory or trade, but by barbarians whose only goal is our destruction. But rather than compare our situation to their unfortunate outcomes, I would like to draw a lesson from an episode in our own history. In the late 1700′s […]

Social Security and the Budget

No news is good news, the saying goes. But for many politicians in Washington — especially those who oppose the Bush tax cut and the movement to create personal retirement accounts for Social Security — bad news is good news. Specifically, bad news about the economy. Liberals are trying to use the slowdown and the […]

The Boy who Cried “Muslim”

This is the story of the boy who cried “Muslim.” It’s a story about the obscene exploitation of tragedy, the abuse of public sympathy, and the trashing of truth and honor under the guise of promoting tolerance. But this is no fable. It’s a true-life, hoax-crime caper: Meet Ahmad Saad Nasim. This 23-year-old Muslim, originally […]

Pacifism Begets Violence from Terrorists

This was George Bush’s warning to the international terrorists and their sponsors: “The United States will be firm with terrorists. We will not make concessions…. If we find states supplying money, weapons, training, identification, documents, travel, or safe haven for terrorists, we will respond. Our aim is to demonstrate to these countries that supporting terrorism […]

Economy Demands a Bigger Tax Cut

Congressional liberals seem to have come down with a bad case of “buyer’s remorse.” They’re using the prospect of a smaller-than-expected budget surplus to say they wish they could take back a portion of President Bush’s tax cut. But if they understood how tax cuts work, they’d realize how absurd this is. If anything, Congress […]

Reverse Psychology 101: Pacifists, Take Up the Flag!

Dear Pacifists, I address you in the plural as protocol requires, since all humane action is collective. Listen carefully: you are being seriously deluded. The one who bids for your hero-worship is in fact your worst enemy. You say you love everyone, that the world needs an outpouring of compassion for the victims of September […]

Spitting on Friends, and Befriending Enemies

Of the five countries described below, can you identify the one(s) excluded from the US-led coalition in the war on terrorism? Country A is free and democratic, a steadfast ally of the United States. Its citizens know what it means to be victimized by terrorism, and they were deeply shaken by the Sept. 11 atrocities. […]

An American Response to Black Tuesday– from Denmark

America is at war, and so is its allies. After the initial shock on Black Tuesday, a consistent line emerged in the commentary from Danish media and politicians: an attack on the U.S. is an attack on all of us. This is Western civilization under attack. Government and opposition parties were quick to announce the […]

NAACP vs. Racist Hollywood

Two years ago, NAACP President Kweisi Mfume called the television networks — ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox — “the most segregated industry in America.” Mfume said, “There has to be an effective strategy. We have a clear timetable of events, and we would caution anyone who would suggest there is a decline in what we […]

America’s True “Religion”

True or false: America is a deeply religious country that owes all its greatness to Christianity? The answer is: false. Fact is, America is not a religious country, not a Christian country, at all. Americans do not understand this–but the terrorists who struck us on September 11th did understand it. They attacked America because of […]