The True Story Behind Thanksgiving

In the wilderness of the New World, the Plymouth Pilgrims had progressed from the false dream of communism to the sound realism of capitalism.


How To Prevent The Next Paris Tragedy

“Thoughts and prayers won’t stop the next attack. This war against civilization must be fought or lost.”


The Moral Meaning Behind Thanksgiving

What should we really be celebrating on Thanksgiving?


No Way to Run A Superpower

I don’t feel safer because the United States government has issued a High Alert. I would feel safer if: The United States acted in its own interest and stopped apologizing for it. For example: if Iraq is a threat to us — then attack Iraq. Don’t...

A Rush Limbaugh For the Left?

Liberals have been throwing money at problems for so long that it should not be surprising that they are now ready to throw money at the problem they have with the predominance of conservative talk show hosts on radio. For a change, rich liberals will be throwing...

The Million Fool March to Prop Up Dictator Saddam Hussein

Something was missing from last weekend’s vast wave of demonstrations against war in Iraq: Iraqis. Across Europe and the United States, 2 million or more protesters took to the streets to denounce the Bush administration’s plans to disarm Saddam Hussein....

The Anti-Survival Protestors

In their ongoing war against America‘s foundation, the protestors who rallied last weekend against the United States-led war against Iraq enable our enemies seething to destroy us. Before staging the rally it organized in New York City, United for Peace and...

An Axis of Appeasement: Why the “Old Europe” Balks

Leading French politicians made some remarkably defeatist pronouncements last month. Rejecting any U.S. military action against Iraq, President Jacques Chirac said that “War is always the admission of defeat, and is always the worst of solutions. And hence...

The Ghost of Daniel Pearl

Memorial services will be held during the next few days to mark the anniversary of the execution of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who is believed to have been killed on Feb. 21, 2002. Remembering Pearl–seized while researching shoe bomber Richard...

Long Live the Death Penalty

Is the death penalty, by its very nature, “arbitrary and capricious” as the governor of Illinois and the Reverend Jesse Jackson have suddenly erupted into insisting? No. And they should be made to prove that it is. People cannot and should not be executed...

The New York Times Enron Cover-Up

I respectfully differ with my fellow New York Times-watchdog Andrew Sullivan, who says today “Good for the Times for correcting the record.” He’s giving them Good Journalism brownie points for a story reporting that former Enron CEO Kenneth Lay may...

Truth is a “World Opinion” Away

When Colin Powell demonstrated to the United Nations that Iraq conceals its weapons of mass destruction, deceives inspectors, and collaborates with Al Qaeda, I was reminded of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. After his military entered Palestinian territories...
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