If You Want Growth You Need Technology

Stocks are first and foremost growth instruments — a bet on the potential upside. But the best thing I can say for the stock market right now is that it’s deeply undervalued. That has been reason enough for me to tell clients over the past several months to cautiously build up stock positions on dips. […]

Senator Paul Wellstone: A Soul in Need of Overhaul

“He represented the regular people. He didn’t represent the high and the mighty.” So says a Minnesota resident while mourning the death of Senator Paul Wellstone. It’s an interesting distinction: regular versus mighty. “Regular” implies honest, forthright and good. “High and mighty” implies accomplished but also arrogant, and somehow bad. Yet why must integrity and […]

John Allen Muhammad: Convert to Violence?

It came as no surprise to learn that the lead suspect as the Washington, D.C.,–area sniper is John Allen Muhammad, a Black-American who converted to Islam about 17 years ago. Nor that seven years ago he provided security for Louis Farrakhan’s “Million Man March.” Even less does it amaze that he reportedly sympathized with the […]

If State Government Doesn’t Do It, Who Will?

Question 1 on the Massachusetts ballot would abolish the state income tax. If enacted it will eliminate as much as $9 billion in government revenue and force a radical downsizing of the state’s budget and operations. That is exactly the purpose for which its authors designed it: to make state government small. Libertarian Party candidate […]

Playing UN “Survivor”

If surviving in the world most fundamentally involves producing the values from nature that are needed to sustain human life, then the hit CBS series, Survivor, hardly lives up to its name. In the current season debut, one exceptional team member, John, found the water source, taught the others to row as a team, and […]

End the Massachusetts State Income Tax

This month, American voters will head to the polls for midterm elections. Though the names on the ballots have changed since the last election, proponents of limited, accountable government will again be forced to choose between the same contenders: Candidate No Way and Candidate Even Worse. In Massachusetts, both the Republican and Democrat nominees for […]

Disgruntled Conservatives

“A Record Year for Academic Pork,” said the headline on the front page of The Chronicle of Higher Education, the leading trade publication of the academic world. Whether representatives of farmers, corporate welfare recipients, and other beneficiaries of politicians’ generosity with the taxpayers’ money are equally candid is another story. Runaway spending on social programs […]

Are the Media Giving You the Whole Story on Global Warming?

Reports on global warming fill our screens and newspapers. Time magazine’s April issue, for example, carried a sixteen-page special report on global warming, featuring a frying earth on its cover. “Global Warming Is Real and Not Going Away,” declared a recent front page of USA Today. “Global Warming Is Getting Worse,” announced a recent headline […]

John Allen Muhammad: Hating America

When a Ukrainian immigrant murdered Ennis Cosby, the son of Bill and Camille Cosby, Ms. Cosby blamed America. She wrote, “I believe America taught our son’s killer to hate African-Americans.” Reeling from the pain of her loss, Cosby’s lashing-out deserves understanding and empathy, but this does not make what she wrote any less wrong. The […]

Random Thoughts October 2002

Random thoughts on the passing scene: People who cannot be bothered to learn both sides of the issues should not bother to vote. Considering that we all enter the world the same way and leave in the same condition, we spend an awful lot of time in between trying to show that we are so […]

Halloween is Harmless

It happens every October. A handful of particularly uptight Christians prohibit their children from participating in Halloween, because they consider it “satanic.” While a parent has every right to control his child’s activities, I think the claim is just plain silly. The implication that the Prince of Darkness, if you believe in such, would count […]