Lott’s Resignation: Now the Real Work Begins

According to the Associated Press, “A beleaguered Trent Lott stepped aside Friday as Senate Republican leader two weeks after igniting a political firestorm with racially charged remarks, and Tennessee’s Bill Frist prepared to inherit the job when the GOP takes over the chamber next month.” After insisting as recently as Thursday night that he would […]

PBS, Recruiting for Islam

What would be the best way to convert lots of Americans to Islam? Forget print, go to film. Put together a handsome documentary with an original musical score that presents Islam’s prophet Muhammad in the most glowing manner, indeed, as a model of perfection. Round up Muslim and non-Muslim enthusiasts to endorse the nobility and […]

William F. Buckley is all Liberal Inside

William F. Buckley Jr., in the 12/12/02 “Wall Street Journal” writes: “Conservatives (unlike anarchists, or Objectivists) know that sacrifices are necessary, even as diet is necessary for organic health.” Specifically, he refers to the example of a peace through strength policy against the Soviet Union as an example of “sacrifice.” It’s true that Objectivism (the […]

Ten Stock-ing Stuffers

In January 1995, I started offering readers a list of 10 stocks to consider for the year ahead, making my selections from the choices of market pros whose opinions I value. In five years of this exercise, my lists returned an annual average of 24 percent, compared with 28 percent for the benchmark Standard & […]

The New Segregation: Racism in America, Then and Now

Trent Lott has changed from a nostalgist for segregation to an open advocate of neo-segregation. Lott’s old doctrine was called “separate but equal,” and kept black people out of white establishments by law, maintaining two separate sets of institutions for white and black people. Lott’s new doctrine calls itself “affirmative action,” and keeps the old […]

“Hate Crime” Legislation is an Assault on Free Speech

If images of people being persecuted for “thought crimes” strike you as the stuff of science fiction — or, at worst, something that happened when communism was at its height and jackboots were storming Europe — get ready for a wake-up call. It comes from Britain. There, in a pre-dawn November raid, a task force […]

The Democrats’ Sorry Lot

The Republicans always find a way to do this: just when they have scored a sweeping victory, they find a way to turn it into defeat. And so it was that Trent Lott celebrated his party’s mid-term election win with a bizarre endorsement of Strom Thurmond’s 1948 pro-segregation campaign. However much this hurts the Republicans, […]

Trent Lott, Race, and Hypocrisy, Part 2

Behind the endless apologies of Senator Trent Lott is the implied threat, expressed obliquely by his ally Senator Mitch McConnell, that Lott might resign from the Senate if stripped of his role as majority leader. This is denied by Senator Lott, but Washington denials are not always all that they might seem. If Trent Lott […]

Trent Lott, Race, and Hypocrisy

Too many people have asked the wrong question about Trent Lott and have come up with the wrong answer. The real question is not so much about Senator Lott’s past statements but about the Republican Party’s future. What will Trent Lott’s continuance as majority leader mean to his party’s future in the political battles ahead, […]

Good Riddance, IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti

When Charles Rossotti became commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service five years ago, taxpayers hoped this marked a new beginning. Unlike all the tax lawyers who preceded him, Rossotti came from a business background. Presumably, he understood the need to end some of the abuses taxpayers had come to associate with the agency. But by […]

Unlimited Liability

Americans believe strongly in the principle that an individual is innocent until proven guilty–and thus consider it a moral outrage to hold someone responsible for an evil he did not commit. In response to reports of a handful of innocent Arab-Americans being mistreated since September 11, our politicians and intellectuals have reminded us repeatedly that […]

Thanks a Lott

Of course it was an idiotic thing to say. And of course Senator Lott’s remarks have been taken out of context. Neither of these opposing viewpoints refer to the real issue. The real issue is power. Democrats who now condemn Senator Lott for his apparent racism have known his history as a college fraternity member […]