A Superior Vision

The immorality associated with violation of the principle of self-ownership lies at the root of problems that could lead to our doom as a great nation.

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Rules of Rational Communication

Do not interrupt. Allow your partner to finish what he is saying. When there is a pause, politely ask, “Are you finished?” Actively listen. In other words, think about what she is saying. Look for evidence of honest misunderstandings. They are almost...

They Call them “Warning Labels,” Don’t They?

“They wanted to shut down ‘Big Tobacco.'” Thus explained a juror who agreed to award $20 million in punitive damages against Philip Morris and R. J. Reynolds. Now, get this. The plaintiff, now dying of cancer, began smoking at 13 — several...

Bill Gates Failed to Make a Moral Self-Defense

Locke said that the only way Gates can fight government prosecutors is for the Microsoft founder to “assert proudly his right to his own existence — which means: the right to do business not as a public servant but as an individual with inalienable rights.”

Ayn Rand Heir Asserts Elian’s Right to Remain in U.S.

Ayn Rand heir Leonard Peikoff, Founder of the Ayn Rand Institute, today declared his agreement with the Cuban-Americans in Miami who demand that Elián Gonzalez remain in the United States. Dr. Peikoff said, in part: “Ayn Rand herself fled communism in Soviet...

Tinseltown Crowns a ‘Hero’

“A local hero.” That’s how a spokesperson for Los Angeles police described the “heroics” of Willie Fulgear. Who is Willie Fulgear? Shortly before the recent Academy Awards ceremony, Roadway Express shipped 55 gold-plated Oscar statuettes....

Hasta La Vista, Anthony Burns

Anthony Burns lives again today in Florida, in the person of Elián Gonzalez, the six-year-old whose mother fled with him from Cuba last November in an attempt (during which she tragically died) to gain liberty.

A Useless Law

TODAY, CONGRESS APPROVED the $300 billion Universal Support Enablement Law for Evaders of Suitable Skills, known as the USELESS bill. USELESS supporters call the measure’s passage a statement to people with no work skills, bad attitudes, poor personal hygiene,...