Home Loans for Illegal Aliens?!

The American dream of home ownership, complete with the white picket fence, is alive and well for those who break our laws and break down our fences to get in. Last week, The Washington Post published a rosy front-page tale headlined, “Illegal Immigrants Buy Into Homeowning Dream.” The article detailed how illegal aliens in the […]

Helping America Compete

It would be easy to resent the World Trade Organization right now. Here we are, trying to get our economy to grow, and the WTO comes along and says the European Union gets to impose a $4 billion annual tax hike on American companies. This is because of a WTO ruling that claims U.S. tax […]

Time to Celebrate Man’s Mind

It is fitting that the most productive nation on earth should have a holiday to honor its work. The high standard of living that Americans enjoy is hard-earned and well-deserved. But the term “Labor Day” is a misnomer. What we should celebrate is not sweat and toil, but the power of man’s mind to reason […]

Outsourcing The Service Sector?

For years, manufacturers have been outsourcing operations to foreign countries to obtain lower wage costs and escape from high taxes, burdensome government regulations and intransigent unions here at home. Now, it appears that the service sector is joining the trend. As manufacturing workers worry about their jobs moving to China, service workers see India as […]

The Terrorist Next Door

Howls of rage went up after the Joint Terrorism Task Force, guns drawn, arrested Maher Hawash in the parking lot of an Intel Corp. facility in March and placed him in solitary confinement. The protests intensified as prosecutors detained him without charges for more than a month in an Oregon jail while they pored over […]

Libya Gets Away With Terrorist Acts Against the United States

At a time when the United States of America are fighting a war against International Terrorism and Terrorist States, the last thing the country needs is the appearance of weakness or appeasement. But the settlement that is looking more and more likely between the families of those who perished in Pam Am flight 103 and […]

Privatize the US Postal Service

In July, sports fans were treated to the spectacle of Lance Armstrong racing to his fifth Tour de France victory. The event, improbably, brought widespread attention to the U.S. Postal Service, whose logo was plastered across Armstrong’s jersey. It remains to be seen whether Armstrong’s victory was worth the $40 million sponsorship fee USPS paid. […]

Whose Mailbox is it Anyway?

Recently, I fixed and painted my old and ailing mailbox. After sanding it, and applying two coats of primer and two coats of black paint, I affixed new numbers representing our street address. It would seem natural that I should maintain and take good care of my mailbox – after all it is mine, right? […]

Total Surveillance Equals Total Tyranny

In the name of fighting terrorism a new kind of government is being implemented in Washington, D.C. We are witnessing the birth of a powerful multi-billion dollar surveillance lobby consisting of an army of special interest groups, Washington lawyers, lobbyists, and high-tech firms with wares to sell. The personal rights of American citizens, protected until […]

America’s Military Must Focus on Vital Missions

Even as West African peacekeeping forces began landing in Liberia, the calls for American troops continued. “You Americans alone are the only people who can help us,” a fighter with the Liberian president’s anti-terrorism unit told The Washington Post. Yet the fact that our soldiers won’t be coming home from Iraq on time underscores the […]

The Refugee Curse

Here’s a puzzle: How do Palestinian refugees differ from the other 135 million 20th-century refugees? Answer: In every other instance, the pain of dispossession, statelessness, and poverty has diminished over time. Refugees eventually either resettled, returned home or died. Their children – whether living in South Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Israel, Turkey, Germany or the United […]

The Venona Secrets

My Father was a subscriber to I.F. Stone’s famed newsletter in the 1950s and 60s. Stone was a highly regarded “independent” journalist and his newsletter was always exposing things about Sen. Joseph McCarthy and others who warned against Communist spies and agents of influence. The problem was that I.F. Stone was a Soviet agent of […]