Roasting Walter Williams

At George Mason University, they are giving a “roast” — that peculiarly American combination of praise and ridicule — to Walter Williams, professor of economics and columnist extraordinaire. Although I cannot be there, let me participate vicariously with a few observations about Walter. I first met Walter Williams back in 1969, when I was teaching […]

The Jobs Glass Is More Than Half Full

You can’t open the financial pages without hearing about our “jobless recovery.” There’s no end to the hand-wringing about how gross domestic product, corporate profits and consumer spending are all moving up smartly — yet the economy seems steadily to have fewer and fewer jobs available. Oddly, at the same time we’re told the unemployment […]

“The Patriot Act” vs. Freedom

Ask a journalist about the Patriot Act, and the response may strike you as overly suspicious or even paranoid. But those who have submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to a federal agency know better. Consider FOIA requestor Robert Todd, who recently asked the Department of Defense and the General Services Administration for copies […]

Is It Worth It?

“Is securing Iraq worth $87 billion?” thunders the indignant liberal media establishment. How come nobody ever asks if the following (from the 2004 federal budget) is worth it? $174 billion for farm crop insurance; $3.9 billion for the Puerto Rican Nutrition Assistance Block Grant; $250 billion for Medicare (that is, people under 65 paying for […]

California’s Real Problem

Maybe it is just local pride on my part, but I think California is the purest example of liberal fundamentalism. New York and Massachusetts have their claims on that title, but California is not called the Left Coast for nothing. Some recent examples: After an initiative was put on the ballot to curb panhandling in […]

The Level Playing Field Act

Recent advocacy of free trade in this column has caused considerable reader apoplexy and anxiety, not to mention accusations of unconcern with worker plight. Readers have protested loss of good paying jobs to low-wage countries such as India, China and other Asian countries. I’d like to propose a way to completely eliminate this angst, and […]

The Moose is On Fire

I can’t change the TV channels without seeing the ubiquitous mug of former Montgomery County, Md., police chief-turned-author Charles A. Moose. First, it was “Dateline NBC” with Stone Phillips. The following morning, he chatted up the “Today” show’s Matt Lauer. Now, he’s hanging out on CNN. Next up on the publicity tour for Moose’s new […]

The Left Against Israel

“I have developed a habit,” writes Richard Ingrams, a columnist for The Guardian, a far-left British newspaper, “when confronted by letters to the editor in support of the Israeli government to look at the signature to see if the writer has a Jewish name. If so, I tend not to read it.” This shameful passage […]

America’s Academic Tyrants

Many of America’s colleges and universities have become the modern leaders of racism and intolerance. Recently, we were treated to information about racism at the University of Michigan, where its academic elite gave students 20 extra points toward admission based solely on race. The U.S. Supreme Court found this explicit racism unconstitutional but did allow […]

The Autism ‘Spectrum’

When Billy’s mother sees her 12-year-old son’s popularity with team mates on his baseball team, she thinks back to predictions made when he was a pre-schooler that he would have so much trouble making friends that, among other things, he would probably never be able to get married and have children. It is a little […]

Moral Treason from Jimmy Carter

On Saturdays, neither the NY Sun nor the WSJ is published, so I buy the NY Times. It keeps me from being overly optimistic. Today, on page 4 of the Times, there’s a story entitled “North Korean Standoff Poses

Click It or Ticket

Imagine you’re having a backyard barbeque. A cop walks in and announces, “This is a random health and safety check to see whether you’ve removed the skin from the chicken before you served it.” Though delicious in taste, we all know that chicken skin contains considerable unhealthy fat. If you’re caught serving chicken skin, the […]