Sharon Should Have Said No To Powell

Earlier this year in April (2001), Secretary of State Colin Powell rebuked Israel for sending tanks and bulldozers into Gaza following Palestinian mortar attacks on the Israeli town of Sederot. “The Israeli response,” he said, “was excessive and disproportionate.” Of his own “Powell Doctrine,” which prescribes overwhelming force when there is a military objective to […]

Cisco Blows It

I’ve been saying for weeks that the markets would be waiting for Cisco’s earnings report — which was released yesterday after the bell — to set the tone for the post-earnings season world. That’s because Cisco was a winner of “the gorilla game” as it was played during the late great bull market. As a […]

Big Nanny Takes a Bath

Every night, I roll up my sleeves, take off my socks, and climb into the bathtub with my 11-month-old daughter, her two rubber duckies, a Mickey Mouse sponge, and a pile of floating toy debris. She splashes and squirms incessantly, but I have at least one hand on her at all times and never, ever […]

Questions & Answers On Privatizing Social Security

Aren’t most people too unsophisticated to manage their private account? This is a valid concern, but there are simple solutions that have worked well over twenty years with 401(k) plans, and they could easily be applied here. First, rudimentary investment education can easily be supplied — mastering a few cookie-cutter basics is enough to equip […]

An Unbiased Eye for Education

His nomination isn’t even official yet, but the knives are already out for Gerald Reynolds, the former president of the Center for New Black Leadership whom President Bush has tapped to run the Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights. His crime? He opposes racial double standards. Like Martin Luther King, he wants Americans to be […]

George Gilder Shouldn’t Blame His Bungle on the Government

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal ran an extraordinary op-ed piece by George Gilder, called Tumbling into the Telechasm. In it, the celebrated author of Telecosm and the publisher of the Gilder Technology Report lists all the federal government’s catastrophic policy blunders that led to today’s technology depression, a devastating bill of wrongs. Gilder indicts deflationary […]

The Green Party vs. American Capitalism

The Green Party has 362 candidates running in 39 States. If they can tap into the uncertainty and resentment of voters, they are likely to draw votes from Democrats in the mid-term elections. Political analysts believe Ralph Nader’s run for the presidency in 2000 took enough votes from Al Gore to give George W. Bush […]

Relief for America’s Health Care Titanic

Over the past few months, congress has been trying to make it easier for employees to sue their employers if they are not happy with their health insurance plans. Yes, you read that correctly. Liberal-socialist-statists want to hold employers responsible for the fact that HMOs are so unsatisfactory. As if employers have any control over […]

Intel Crushes AMD: Will Cisco Join Them?

As we continue through the slow and painful process of building a bottom after the great techwreck of 2000/2001, we have the opportunity to crash-test a great investment thesis from the irrationally exuberant era of the late great bull market — “gorilla investing.” And unlike so many of the discredited philosophies in which we all […]

The Death Toll of Environmentalism

Colorado congressman Scott McInnis revealed last week that four firefighters who burned to death in July while tackling a forest fire in Washington state died because bureaucrats took 10 hours to approve a water drop. Taking water from the local river, it seems, is prohibited by the Endangered Species Act because it might disturb the […]

Humans Keep Out! Environmentalists Excluding People from Parks

“Humans — KEEP OUT” is becoming the new motto of Parks Canada. A Fraser Institute report — Off Limits: How Radical Environmentalists are Shutting Down Canada’s National Parks — documents how Parks Canada got hijacked by environmentalists who are blocking future development, restricting our access to beautiful places, and trying to revert developed areas back […]

A Cost Benefit Analysis on Privatizing Social Security

In my commentaries this week, I’ve discussed the transcendent importance to the economy and the markets of the potential for restructuring Social Security, to include individually managed private accounts. I’ve talked about some of the myths about Social Security, and I’ve shown how private accounts have worked for public retirement systems in other countries. Today […]

Liberty’s Greatest Advocate: Frederic Bastiat

June 30 marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of Frederic Bastiat. If one were to list the top 10 advocates of liberty, French philosopher-economist Bastiat would rank high on that list. He’d easily outrank any one of the founders of our nation. I’m honored to have been invited by the New York-based Foundation for […]

Lessons from Chile on Social Security

This week I’m focusing on the myths that will keep investors from grasping the risks and opportunities on the road ahead as President George W. Bush pushes for restructuring Social Security — probably with the introduction of private accounts that could be invested in the stock market. Trust me on this — it’ll pay big […]

The Enemies of Nuclear Power

As Congress ponders how the country can avoid an energy crisis like the one that has affected California, many people believe that only science-fiction can offer a long-term solution–a solution in which discoveries in theoretical physics would lead to a new energy-producing technology. The fuel for this technology, as they imagine it, would be abundantly […]

Foundry Networks

Foundry Networks reported better than expected earnings and revenues for the second quarter (July 25, 2001). The company reported revenues of $88.6 million, up sequentially by 7.3%, and $16 million above consensus forecasts. Earnings per share were $.07, which was $.02 higher than estimates. Other financial results — I won’t bore you with the details […]

Apartheid for Native Hawaiians

Some people will do anything to get their hands on federal wampum. Across the country, scam artists claiming to be oppressed “indigenous peoples” have used dubious family histories, altered documents or shady land claims to win government recognition as Indian tribes. Now, there’s a new group that wants in on all the special rights, free […]

Privatizing Social Security is Good for the Economy

We may be on the brink of a once-in-a-decade investment opportunity, a rare chance to catch a huge environmental change in the economy and the markets. And it’s still early on this one — you can still catch this one before it becomes part of the conventional wisdom, while the profit opportunities are at their […]