Hillary Clinton's Trump Card

Thomas Sowell on why Donald Trump has virtually no chance of becoming even the Republican Party’s candidate in 2016, much less being elected President of the United States.


In Defense of Selfishness

Why the Code of Self-Sacrifice Is Unjust and Destructive.


Obama’s Phobia of Ayn Rand

In a speech at Georgetown University we learned two things about President Barack Obama. One, he loves the Catholic leader, Pope Francis. Two, he hates Ayn Rand.


The Tax-Cut Myth

The federal government keeps growing, as I pointed out last week, but the Bush administration has cut tax rates a few times since 2001. How can that be? The answer is simple: deficit spending. Some Republicans argue that deficits don’t matter; that if you cut...

The Public Trough Is Bigger Than Ever

Bill Clinton once declared, “The era of big government is over.” Both Republicans and Democrats applauded. What a joke. Government grew under Clinton, and grew even faster under his successor. Government is so big today that more than half the population...

The Temperamental Minimum Wage

The first fundamental law of demand postulates that the lower the price of something, the more will be demanded, and the higher the price, the less will be demanded. To my knowledge, there are no known exceptions to the law of demand. That was until last fall when 650...

Crass and Class at George Mason University

The lecture by Dr. John Lewis last month on Islamic totalitarianism at George Mason University was one of the most surreal public experiences I have witnessed in all my years as an activist and advocate. It evidenced in no uncertain terms that rationality and common...

The Global Warming Debate

With great fanfare, in March, Al Gore took Capitol Hill like a conquering hero as he testified on Global Warming before both houses of Congress. Fresh from conquests at the Academy Awards where his adoring Hollywood elites showered him with coveted golden statues for...

The HMS Cornwall and The Rules of Engagement

The March 23 Iranian capture of 15 British Royal Navy sailors should raise a number of questions. The sailors were part of the crew of HMS Cornwall, a state-of-the-art frigate bristling with high-tech surveillance devices and advanced weaponry. The sailors, dispatched...
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