The Bankrupt Reparations Movement

The reparations for slavery movement got an airing on a recent “60 Minutes.” America, argue several “black leaders,” owes reparations to blacks for the enslavement and forced labor of black ancestors. America’s “black plight,” they insist, stems from slavery — that whites benefited and continue to benefit from a slavery-induced unlevel playing field, and that […]

The Charter/HSA Connection….How Charter Boradband Went From Bad To Worse

Today, I’m going to share some information with my readers that I have known unofficially for some time regarding Charter Communications’ broadband services infrastructure. I’ve not shared it before because my previous conversations with Charter about this have been, by mutual agreement, off the record. But in as much as I had an official conversation […]

Learning from the Money Masters

Last week I noted in this space that while many Internet companies have crashed and burned, the Internet itself is soaring to new heights. Some 100 million new users worldwide are coming online each year, e-mail traffic continues to explode, and people and companies continue to find new ways to use this amazing medium. Therefore, […]

Warning, Congress! Look Before You Leap Into Internet Privacy Thicket

House Majority Leader Richard Armey this week provided some sound advice to his colleagues intent on passing privacy restrictions for the Internet — Let’s look at government privacy practices first. Armey noted a litany of abuses by federal agencies, from the Internal Revenue Service’s failure to secure tax records to the Federal Trade Commission itself […]

Putin’s Choice Over the Future of Russia

The expulsion of Russian intelligence officers and diplomats by the Bush administration did not kick off a new Cold War, but it is a symptom of deteriorating U.S.-Russian relations. Moscow stands to lose much more than Washington if the relationship goes sour. Senior Russian officials believe that the expulsions are intended either to provoke Russia […]

Truth vs. Words on China

It looks as though we’ve won. Officials inside and outside the Bush administration are hailing China’s positive response to our carefully crafted letter of regret as validation of the President’s “quiet diplomacy.” The truth, however, is quite different. The moral issue in the U.S.-China crisis is being widely ignored. There should be no mistake about […]

Not A Good IDEA: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Buried in President Bush’s liberal-spending, $44.5 billion education budget is a little-noticed proposal to increase funds for special education. The budget item intends to help states and school districts comply with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The law theoretically guarantees a “free and appropriate education” to disabled students. In practice, it provides neither. […]

How Arafat Killed The “Peace Process”

The election of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in February prompted much hysteria in the Arab world — and hand-wringing in Washington — over Sharon’s “commitment” to the “peace process.” Ever wonder why the same standards don’t seem to apply to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat? Although he rarely gets criticized for it, Arafat has violated […]

China Should Apologize To The U.S. Over the Aircraft Collision

China is so obsessed with making the United States apologize for the recent collision between a Chinese fighter jet and a U.S. Navy plane, one would think it was the Miss Manners of international diplomacy. But the situation involving 24 American servicemen held on China’s Hainan Island isn’t about diplomatic “pleases,” “thank yous” and when […]

Devaluation is Not the Answer

In the past few months, I’ve noticed a disturbing shift in attitude towards currency devaluation. An increasing number of economists and journalists are making comments approving currency devaluation as a way to boost economies and “gain competitiveness.” Some analysts, like The New York Times‘ Paul Krugman, have been recommending devaluation around the world for years, […]

Grade Padding at Harvard University

Our colleges are losing touch with reality. The padded grades they’re giving out don’t help our students. Harvey C. Mansfield teaches political philosophy at Harvard University. And if there were a class in “how to get yourself into trouble with your bosses and your peers,” he’d probably teach that, too. Because he’s very good at […]

The McCain-Feingold Indian Giving Loophole

deep-pocketed special interest group remains curiously silent amid the furor over campaign finance “reform”: Indian tribes. Why? You might think tribal leaders would be swarming Capitol Hill, joining other business groups and trade associations that are rightly worried about the McCain-Feingold bill’s deleterious effect on their ability to participate in the political process. Under McCain-Feingold, […]

Mandating Vaccines: Government Practicing Medicine Without a License?

The issue of mandatory vaccines is becoming increasingly important: Dozens of Americans have given testimony to Congressional committees about adverse effects (including death) of vaccines, particularly in children; military personnel are being court-martialed for refusing required anthrax vaccinations; etc. And yet, the public health establishment in this country has not only downplayed the adverse effects […]

American Hostages in China: The Next “Peace Process War”

For the past week, commentators have decried the return of “dangerous Cold War thinking.” But the crisis with China is just the opposite. It is not a return to the past, but rather the outcome of America’s eager courtship, over the last decade, of China’s communist leaders. Consider the pattern. For months, China has pursued […]

Who Cares For A Green Latte at Starbucks?

On March 20th, environmentalist activists besieged Starbucks cafes all over the country. Their goal? To impose on the company, and on us, coffee lovers, their own idea of which ingredients should go into our lattes and cappuccinos. This latest campaign, organized by the Organic Consumers Association, is representative of three recurring themes of environmentalists’ activism: […]

Tax Cut Triggers…for Bigger Government

The budget surpluses over the next 10 years are expected to reach $5.6 trillion, yet Washington insiders are screaming that President Bush’s modest $1.6 trillion tax cut is too big. But if anything, it’s too small. The Bush tax cut is only about half the size of the Kennedy tax cut in the early 1960s […]

Where’s The Profit In Biotech?

Larry Ellison, founder and chairman of software giant Oracle, says that he’d go into genetic engineering if he were starting out in business today. Silicon Valley venture capitalist John Doerr may have made a fortune investing in computer and Internet companies, but he tells his daughter to study medicine. Michael Milken, perhaps the shrewdest financial […]

Random Thoughts

Random thoughts on the passing scene: Ad for a ski resort: “If swimming is so healthful, why are whales so fat?” Talk about cloning human beings recalls Winston Churchill’s comment about the secrets of the atom, “hitherto mercifully withheld from man.” Why create human beings by cloning, which has produced abnormalities in animals, instead of […]