In Defense of Selfishness

Why the Code of Self-Sacrifice Is Unjust and Destructive.

Obama’s Phobia of Ayn Rand

In a speech at Georgetown University we learned two things about President Barack Obama. One, he loves the Catholic leader, Pope Francis. Two, he hates Ayn Rand.

Put the Independence Back in Independence Day

America’s cities and towns will soon fill with parades, fireworks and barbecues, in celebration of the Fourth of July, the 231st birthday of America. But one hopes that the speeches will contain fewer bromides and more attention to exactly what is being...

All Power to the Post Office

The U.S. government now pays for and controls half of the health care in America. That is up from less than 10 percent forty years ago. Government spending on health care has increased at a rapid rate as its share of health care has increased. Yet those who complain...
How to Stop Iran?

How to Stop Iran?

Bush’s disastrous foreign policy–especially the Iraq fiasco–has led many to conclude that diplomatic “engagement” is our best hope for stopping Iran’s nuclear program. But while Bush’s policy is a failure, engagement is not...

The Sad Case of the Spotted Owl

Environmentalists are quick to lecture the rest of us about the ways of nature. Don’t clean the dead trees off the forest floor, it’s natural. Cattle and horses on the range aren’t native, so let the grizzles and wolves devour them, it’s...

Bill Gates Needs an Economic Course on Free-Markets

Dropping out of college didn’t stop Bill Gates from making tons of money, but it kept him from classes where he might have learned about the beauty of spontaneous market processes. Never mind. I forgot that he attended Harvard. He might not have learned about...

Socialized Medicine Is Wrong For Colorado

The Colorado Blue Ribbon Commission on Health Care Reform recently selected four proposals for health care reform for eventual consideration by the state legislature. Although they differ in their details, these differences are dwarfed by their fundamental similarity...
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