Why We’re Losing the War on Terrorism

Let the remembrances begin; in the time since the worst attack in American history, it is proper to remember what happened, to celebrate heroic acts and to mourn the staggering loss of life. There is sadness, yes, but the root of the sadness must be examined, too: America is at war — and, two years […]

The Cornerstone of America’s Freedom

This month, America will celebrate the 216th anniversary of its famed Constitution. That is long enough ago that most of us take for granted the rights protected by this governing document. But if given a chance to reflect, what constitutionally protected rights do Americans think are the most fundamental to our freedom? I conducted an […]

The “New New” Madonna for Mother of the Year?

The open-mouthed kisses between aging pop star Madonna and 15th-minute celebrity clingers Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, broadcast on MTV last week, received widespread media attention. The Sapphic spectacle was rightly condemned as vulgar, cynical, and desperately pathetic. But the commentariat missed the real horror. Up on stage for the raunchy performance of Madonna’s “Like […]

The ‘Sweatshop’ Scam: So-Called ‘Sweatshops’ Are Economic Opportunities for the Third World Poor — So Why Are American ‘Progressives’ Opposed to Them?

Well-off American college students and $25 per hour union workers have banded together in a growing movement for what they describe as a “progressive” cause and a battle against “exploitation.” Their goal: to take away economic opportunities from desperately poor people in the Third World. This is the vicious contradiction behind the recent campaign against […]

Bill Janklow Should Step Down From Office

It’s all a big joke to Rep. Bill Janklow, the Republican congressman from South Dakota with a lead foot, a hollow heart, and an ego the size of his Cadillac death-mobile. Conservatives with a conscience should be appalled that the powerful GOP representative, charged over the weekend with felony manslaughter in a fatal accident that […]

‘Buy American’ is UN-American

According to a recent poll, 80% of Americans think it their patriotic duty to give preference to American-made products. But “Buy American” is wholly un-American in both its economics and its philosophy. America’s distinction among all the nations of the world is that it enshrined political and economic freedom. Although we have departed greatly from […]

Politics & Ideas: The Battle Over Ideas (Lecture 6, Part 4 of 4)

In contrast, however, the interventionist ideas, the socialist ideas, the inflationist ideas of our time, have been concocted and formalized by writers and professors. And they are taught at colleges and universities. You may say: “Today’s situation is much worse.” I will answer: “No, it is not worse.” It is better, in my opinion, because […]

Foreign Trade Angst: Facts and Fictions

I’ve written a nationally syndicated column for nearly 25 years. Columns critical of Social Security and handouts to farmers used to bring the angry self-serving mail. Now it’s international trade. Let me address some of the issues raised. First, it’s misleading to say that the United States trades with Japan, China or England. Does one […]

Compassion for Criminals, But Not Their Victims

For more than two centuries, the political left has crusaded against the punishment of criminals. Anyone familiar with history can find 18th century writers saying the same things that today’s critics, politicians, judges and the ACLU are saying about how terrible it is to lock people up or to execute them. The latest ploy is […]

Bustamante’s Bad Policies: Gasoline Price Controls Would Be a Disaster

Like many Americans, I never heard of California Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante until recently. But because the California recall election has dominated national political coverage for the last month, I have been getting a crash course on Mr. Bustamante–the leading Democrat to replace Gov. Gray Davis should the recall be successful on Oct. 7. Unfortunately, […]