Random Thoughts for September 2003

Random thoughts on the passing scene: If you have a right to respect, that means other people don’t have a right to their own opinions. My computer operating system is so out of date that people don’t even write viruses for it any more. If the debate among candidates for governor of California did nothing […]

Higher Productivity Creates Opportunity

The slow pace of job creation is clearly the most serious political and economic problem in the country today. Although Democrats and the press continue to focus on Iraq, President Bush and congressional Republicans know that the sluggish economy is a far greater threat to their re-election than anything going on in the Middle East. […]

The Tax-Exempt Destruction of our Forests

A friend of mine from Montana said to me recently, “the State’s on fire again”, referring to the catastrophic loss of vast areas of its forests this year. The same can be said of New Mexico, Colorado, and other States for whom these forest fires have become an annual event. Everyone knows that our national […]

Elia Kazan Should Be Honored Because of His Testimony

Almost without exception, the obituaries of Elia Kazan–while praising his enormous talent as a director–are critical of his testimony against Hollywood communists. According to some, Kazan, a former member of the Communist Party, should never be forgiven for naming names of fellow party-members before the House Un-American Activities Committee. But Kazan deserves to be honored, […]

School Performances

Many of the pronouncements coming from those who run our public schools range from fallacies to frauds. The new book “No Excuses” by Abigail and Stephan Thernstrom exposes a number of these self-serving lies. You may have heard how hard it is to find enough teachers — and therefore how necessary it is to raise […]

The Mounting Threat of Homegrown Terrorism

As we combat Islamic terrorism abroad, we must recognize the deadly threat posed by a homegrown source–one that since 1997 has been responsible for over 600 attacks and has inflicted more than $100 million in property damage. The attacks have become bolder, fiercer: in August a 206-unit apartment complex near San Diego was firebombed, resulting […]

Does Capitalism need Civilizing?

QUESTION: “Do you think socialism was able to ‘civilize’ or ‘tame’ capitalism by 1914? Or do you think that capitalism did not need to be ‘civilized’ or ‘tamed’.” ANSWER: First we must define our terms. Socialism is state ownership of the means of production. Capitalism is private ownership of the means of production. To be […]

High Taxes Are Fiscally Irresponsible

Now that Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean has fought his way from darkhorse insurgent to virtual front-runner, he must make the case that he is not just a far-left fringe favorite but a viable general-election candidate. One of the talking points in favor of his new “centrist” persona is that his tenure as governor of […]

In Defense of Supply-Side Economics

In a recent column, I defended supply-side economics from an attack by Princeton economist Paul Krugman in the New York Times Magazine. One of the rare civil criticisms I got came from my friends at TAPPED, the web log of the liberal American Prospect magazine. Their point is that Krugman was justified in his attack […]

Improving the Quality of Education

My son learned fractions and decimals when he was in the first grade. He learned them from me as I drove him to school on the Los Angeles freeways, where he became curious about the signs that said things like “Wilshire Boulevard 2 1/4 miles.” At the private school he attended, he never went near […]

Faith’s War Against Worldliness

“The Muslim loves death and martyrdom, just as you love life. There is a great difference between he who loves the Hereafter and he who loves this world. The Muslim loves death and seeks Martyrdom.” So declared an Islamic clergyman in Jerusalem just months before September 11. No one now doubts the sincerity of those […]

Ban on “Partial-Birth” Abortion Would Be a Blow to Individual Rights

Given last week’s Senate vote, Congress will soon ask President Bush to sign a bill banning “partial-birth” abortions. Such a ban would constitute a grave threat to women’s health and a serious blow to individual rights. When abortion was illegal in America, many women died or suffered serious medical problems from either self induced or […]