Let Iraqis Run Iraq

What to do in Iraq? The question is made urgent by the steady attrition of coalition forces, punctuated by seven large car-bomb explosions. The latest of them, on Sunday, killed six and wounded dozens at the Baghdad Hotel. More broadly, the briefly held gratitude to the coalition for being relieved of Saddam Hussein’s hideous rule […]

Bush’s Real Failure

“If George Bush rebuilds Iraq the way he rebuilds the United States, they’re going to lose 3 million jobs over the course of the next three years,” said Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, who’s hoping to run against President Bush next year. Clever statement — but there are major flaws in it. Kerry’s premise is wrong, […]

Answer to Bush’s Question

President Bush, while being heckled by anti-war protesters in Australia, asked his audience how anyone can believe the world is not a better place with Saddam Hussein out of power. Good question. He asked it rhetorically, not expecting an answer. But there are answers. Here are a few: Because they hate the U.S. more than […]

Research on Labor Supply Supports Supply-Side View of Tax Policy

In a recent column, I discussed some of the support for supply-side economics at the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and in academia. Today, I would like to extend my discussion to some emerging research on labor supply that further supports the supply-side view of tax policy. For decades, most economists took the view that […]

Christopher Columbus, We Salute You

Most Columbus Days are marked by rabid condemnations of the explorer as a genocidal maniac bent on destroying the peaceful and innocent native peoples who populated the Caribbean islands which Columbus discovered. These condemnations are not only unwarranted but indicative of the hatred those delivering them have for all that Columbus stood for and brought […]

Why Democrats–and Conservatives–Fear Arnold

A Nazi groper, running the fifth-largest economy on the planet? I mean this time you gotta see why liberals are mad! Nixon was one thing, with the hiring of burglars and all to lift McGovern’s secrets, and the bombing of Cambodia on the sly — and goofy, like when he’d shoot his arms straight up […]

Is The “War on Terror” Really World War IV?

Excerpted from the epilogue of the paperback edition of Militant Islam Reaches America. Is the “war on terror” really World War IV? That’s what the American strategist Eliot Cohen argues[1] and the term is apt.[2] It captures two points: that the cold war was in fact World War III and that the war on terror […]

A Lynch Mob Gathers Around Justice Janice Rogers Brown: Part 3

Senator Charles Schumer went on television on October 22nd to announce that he was prepared to urge his fellow Democrats to filibuster, in order to prevent a Senate vote on the nomination of California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown to become a federal judge on the Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington. In other […]

The NYSE: Use It, Then Lose It!

I hate the New York Stock Exchange. I admit it — I hate the place. I always have and I always will. So even though I have no objection to executives earning huge salaries and bonuses, I’ve been positively tickled to see the NYSE dragged through the mud over ex-Chief Executive Dick Grasso’s mammoth pay […]

Lean, Mean, and Dean

From the Howard Dean for President website: “Repeal the Bush tax cuts, and use those funds to pay for universal health care, homeland security, and investments in job creation that benefit all Americans.” In other words: Raise taxes, nationalize medical care — turning doctors into slaves and patients into wards of the state — and […]

The “Bloviator’s” New Best Friend

Alec “the Bloviator” Baldwin has a new bosom buddy: Beltway Republican strategist Grover Norquist. The Bush-bashing actor-turned-activist and the Muslim vote-courting political organizer joined together at a Washington, D.C.-area conference last weekend to perpetuate bald lies about the Patriot Act and to oppose the “repressive” War on Terror (repressing terrorist suspects apparently being a bad […]

A Lynch Mob Gathers Around Justice Janice Rogers Brown: Part 2

“The preservation of a viable constitutional government is not a task for wimps.” So said California’s state Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown. If there is any doubt about that, those doubts are sure to be erased during Justice Brown’s confirmation hearings to become a member of the federal Court of Appeals in Washington. The […]