Socialized Medicine in 10 Easy Steps

Republicans have never been big fans of reforming the health insurance system, nor have many of them ever taken the time to learn much about it. Of course, that won’t be a surprise to anyone who has watched Republicans pass one bad piece of health care legislation after another over the past several years. Actually, […]

The Essence Of Inspiration

Every expression that appeals to man’s highest ideals is a source of inspiration. It is the quick route that bridges a man’s emotions to his thoughts and reveals his innermost soul through his responses. The importance of inspiration for human life is based on the nature, role, and needs of human consciousness. It is fuel […]

United Nations Climate Panel: “More Politics than Science”

[CAPITALISMMAGAZINE.COM NEWS REPORT] In an early March briefing before congressional staff, members of the press, and scientists, Professor Richard S. Lindzen of the Massachusetts Institute for Technology assailed the politically driven work of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), charging the panel misrepresents the work of its contributing scientists to fit a […]

Capitalism vs. Altruism and the “Achievements” of the Soviet Empire

The eminent philosopher Ayn Rand once observed that the really major battle in our time is not between capitalism and Communism. The really major battle is between capitalism and altruism. Altruism is the moral doctrine that one should sacrifice oneself for the sake of others as the highest moral principle. As long as westerners accept […]

“Buying Nothing” Helps No One

While most Americans celebrated their blessings, both material and spiritual, on Thanksgiving last year, the anti-consumer movement united to celebrate Buy Nothing Day. They called for a boycott of shopping, buying . . . indeed, consumption itself. Adbusters, an anti-consumption group famous for its “culture jammer” network, focused on “expos[ing] the environmental consequences of consumerism.” […]

Harry Potter and the Dragon of Health Care

A mature Harry Potter has traveled through the Outerland, to the banks of the Hogwash. From here he can see his final destination: the Ministry of the Village. The Villages’ inhabitants, known as Republocrats, are faceless mutations of an old two-party political system. Ever since Harry’s parents disappeared in the bureaucratic Medicare maze, his life-long […]

Cells Phones In Cars? There Ought To Be A Law!

New polls are showing increased support for banning the use of cell phones while driving. Here we go again. I have a better idea: why don’t we simply hold people accountable for bad driving? If you drive poorly, then you should be held accountable whether you are using a cell phone or not. If you […]

South Korea Slips “Back To The Future”

Reminiscent of the “crony capitalism” that contributed to the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the South Korean government has recently bailed out several financially strapped chaebols, violating its own bailout agreement with the International Monetary Fund. But the negative consequences are spreading beyond the IMF. The European Union is already up in arms. And members of […]

Psst! Liberals, the ABM Treaty is Dead

A funny thing is happening in the debate over a missile defense. The president is getting more cooperation from Russia than from liberals in Congress. Indeed, a number of nations that for years pleaded with the United States to retain the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty, which banned so much as testing a national missile defense, […]

Hyping America’s Monopolistic, Publicly Owned Transportation Systems

To hear the American Public Transportation Association folks tout their latest report on ridership, you half expect to see shells of abandoned cars rotting on every street corner. Americans have spurned their cars in favor of mass transit, the APTA tells us. Mass transit has reversed a 70-year trend of losing market share. Ridership climbed […]

How Microsoft Competes

Beside Bill Gates, what does Microsoft have that contributes to their success? The authors spent a couple of years trying to find out. Their conclusions: seven complementary strategies and a small set of basic principals of operation. First, find smart people who know the technology and the business (market). The firm, from the beginning, has […]

Broadband Bruise

The other day, I became a victim of a broadband crime that apparently is becoming more and more common. Allow me to explain. I have three static IP addresses on my home network. I am not without concern for security — I run a firewall on each of my computers, I password-protect important documents, etc.. […]

Green Bigots vs. Human Beings

The red-legged frog is only the latest of many supposedly endangered species whose habitats may be kept off-limits to human beings, even if that means stopping the building of much-needed housing. We have grown so used to having the interests of millions of human beings sacrificed for some allegedly endangered species that we no longer […]

Free Trade with a Slave State?

Q: Should a free country trade with people who live under a dictatorship (e.g. China, Cuba)? And, if not, should the government of the free country restrict such trade with dictatorships? A: If you enjoy living in a free country, then you benefit from that freedom whether you care about political ideology or not. Unfortunately, […]

More Dads, Less Crime

“America’s Greatest Problem: Not Crime, Racism or Bad Schools — It’s Illegitimacy,” reads Chapter 5 from my book, “The Ten Things You Can’t Say in America.” Absentee, non-involved fathers are the primary reason behind recent Department of Justice statistics showing that 32 percent of young blacks possess criminal records, versus 7 percent of their white […]

Black Students as Meal Tickets

THERE’S A STORY about a visitor to an Indian reservation who sees a Bureau of Indian Affairs officer uncontrollably crying. He asks, “Why are you crying?” The officer sobs, “My Indian died.” The officer didn’t give a hoot about the Indian, he was worried about his budget that was determined by the number of “his” […]

McVeigh: King of the Hippie Nazis

Q: You condemn Gore Vidal for claiming that Timothy McVeigh has a sense of justice. You’re wrong. However unfortunate his target due to his ignorance of the presence of the day care center, remember that the Department of Justice and the FBI’s HRT did know that there were children present at Waco when they launched […]

Fuel Cells: The Future of Energy?

Fuel Cells: The Future of Energy?

Part 2 of 2 By Tom Koppel Ph.D. and Jay Reynolds There are six major types of fuel cells with potential for a variety of commercial applications. The first to be fired into space was the proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell, which was developed by GE and performed successfully on the Gemini orbital missions […]