New York Stock Exchange Chairman Richard Grasso vs. Karl Marx

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is a private business, even if heavily regulated; and what the owners pay their chairman, Richard Grasso, is no one’s business but theirs. Motivating the complaints about Grasso’s compensation is the Marxist notion that all property is collectively owned–as if those who own not a red cent of NYSE stock […]

A Contract with Black America?

A caller on the Rush Limbaugh show recently had an inspired suggestion for Republicans: Since the “Contract with America” was such a political success back in 1994, why not a Contract with Black America during next year’s election campaign? The original Contract with America promised that specific legislation on specific issues would be introduced and […]

Workers of the World, End Poverty: Unite for Global Capitalism!

Swarms of left-wing and environmentalist activists plan to demonstrate against free trade and “globalization” next week during the ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization in Cancun, Mexico. These activists will be united by a single emotion: a virulent hatred of capitalism, especially global capitalism. Why the hatred? The advantage of a global economy based […]

September 11th

On this day, the best way to honor the dead is to reassert — and expand — the values that made their lives in this country (and our own) possible. This means rebuilding the World Trade Center — with private dollars and within the capitalist framework. It means making the new World Trade Center bigger, […]

Britney Spears-Madonna Kiss

Many are up in arms about the Britney Spears-Madonna kiss seen at an awards show on national television recently. You’d think by now that people who don’t like such displays would realize that their indignant reaction is exactly what the attention-seekers want. So long as those who disapprove keep reacting the way they do, the […]

Facing Down North Korea

It is easy to dismiss evil as crazy. Who but a madman could threaten or harm others and be in command of their senses? Yet all but a few evil acts are the products of conscious, deliberate choices, choices that are made in adherence to the evildoer’s moral code. As the second anniversary of 9/11 […]

Spitting on Their Graves

Across the nation, public officials will strike somber poses and shed television-friendly tears and bow their blow-dried heads in memory of the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks. They’ll hold hands, light candles, and pass around a plateful of platitudes: “Never forget,” they’ll intone. “Let’s roll,” they’ll thunder. “God bless America,” they’ll warble in […]

Manufacturing Will Be Booming

With Congress having returned from its August recess last week, the rhetoric on employment has heated up. In particular, we are hearing more and more about the loss of manufacturing jobs. A Federal Reserve Bank of New York study warns that many have disappeared permanently and will not come back even after rapid growth returns. […]

Paul Krugman Unraveled

Paul Krugman’s book, The Great Unraveling, hits bookstores today. Are you surprised that Krugman’s publisher, W.W. Norton, has repeatedly refused my requests for a review copy of the book? Despite this inexplicable omission, America’s most dangerous liberal pundit is in full book-promo mode. He’s dropped his teaching duties at Princeton for the quarter. His personal […]

America’s Timid War on Terrorism

Although American forces impressively deposed the tyrannical regime of Saddam Hussein, the nearly two-year-long War on Terrorism is, in fact, going badly. The tragedy is that we lack not weapons, nor military prowess, nor bravery; our military is the most powerful in the history of the world. The problem lies not with our armed forces, […]

Mutually Assured Destruction

For all the outrage and indignation voiced by the media and our public servants, the market didn’t seem terribly concerned by last week’s scandalous revelation that a hedge-fund manager had illegally profited at the expense of mutual-fund shareholders. That’s powerful testimony to the fact that the great bear-market really is over. Just think about it: […]