The Book Burners Against Mark Twain

Mark Twain once observed that “We all do no end of feeling, and we mistake it for thinking.” That’s precisely why the muddle-headed movement to ban Twain and his greatest work, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” persists like gangrene. The Left’s assault on Twain took a literal turn recently in New Jersey. Last month, the […]

Goodbye to the Greenspan Index

Earlier this year, I wrote a column in which I argued that the only index that mattered was the Greenspan Index , that is, Alan Greenspan’s personal unannounced targets for the Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq indexes. Today I’m here to tell you that the Greenspan Index doesn’t matter any more. And I’m going offer my […]

Peacnik-Enviro-Guru Finally Faces Justice for Murder

A beautiful young woman vanishes. For months, her family searches in vain. They suspect her boyfriend, a secretive and arrogant older man who is active in public life. But his friends, including many famous members of the political and cultural elite, refuse to believe that their charismatic chum could be a suspect in any criminal […]

“Handicapped” In The People’s Republic of Santa Monica

You own a busy restaurant. Agile waiters and waitresses carrying hot food and coffee deftly avoid colliding with each other as they scurry from table to table. Good hostesses, you find, don’t grow on trees, and dang gummit, your experienced one just quit. You place ads and use word of mouth. A woman applies. She […]

The U.S. Economy is in a “Recession”

My hopes that the markets had reached a secondary bottom last week were completely dashed Wednesday and yesterday, as the bad news came pouring out like blood from an open wound. The charts of all the broad indices have completely ruptured. Yesterday’s cavalcade of bad news completely overwhelmed the boost to the markets from Cisco […]

Bush Rightfully “Disses” the Collectivist NAACP

“I was surprised, President Clinton came every year but one, and then he sent Al Gore in his place,” says an official with the NAACP upon learning that President George W. Bush declined to speak at the organization’s annual meeting. Hold the phone. How dare he? Just because the NAACP spent nearly nine million dollars […]

A Recession-Proof Tech Stock?

My favorite stock in The Luskin Report’s model portfolios is Numerical Technologies. Now that I’m not running Other People’s Money in a mutual fund anymore, I’m free to buy individual stocks in my account for the first time in almost two years. Numerical Technologies was down sharply yesterday, and I took the opportunity to buy […]

The Upside- Down War

For 10 months, Yasser Arafat and his legions of rioters and terrorists have been waging a war against Israel. Now it looks as if Israel will finally choose to fight that war. Faced with a new wave of terror attacks, Israel is now weighing whether to invade the West Bank. The only extraordinary thing about […]

Say No to Federal Funding for Stem-Cell Research

President George W. Bush just approved funding for limited embryonic stem-cell research. And he recently praised the 11-year-old Americans with Disabilities Act. Bad calls. Bush banned federal funds for cloning or for embryonic stem cells created solely for the purposes of research. Bush intends to allow federal funding on research for 60 stem-cell lines already […]

The Autism Dragnet: Department of Education Rule 51

The U.S. Department of Education and the National Institutes of Health have launched a campaign to get a government program created to “identify” children with autism at age two and then subject them to “intensive” early intervention for 25 hours a week or more. It sounds good, but so have so many other government programs […]

Extend Tax-Free Holidays to the Rest of the Year

My daughter’s still in diapers, but I’m taking her “back-to-school” shopping this week. Here in Maryland, politicians have established a tax-free, retail holiday to pander to the soccer-mom crowd. The trend was started in New York and copied in Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and the District of Columbia. We should take back […]

Deflation In the Spotlight At Last

Comments and questions continue to flood in about deflation. After months of writing about it the subject is finally getting real traction. You read about it in the mainstream financial press and hear about it on CNBC almost every day now. So let’s get to some of the questions that have been pouring in by […]

Anti-Capitalist Politically Correct Journalism at The Wall Street Journal

Last month, a front-page story about minimum wages in The Wall Street Journal illustrates what is wrong with contemporary journalism as much as it illustrates anything about the minimum wage law. The first nine paragraphs deal with one individual who is wholly atypical of people earning the minimum wage. She is a 46-year-old single mother […]

The FED, Alan Greenspan, and Ayn Rand

I’ve written a lot about deflation over the last three or four months. But yesterday’s column on it, published here, got me an especially big flood of responses. One especially interesting one came by email, and I’m going to reproduce it here, and respond to it point by point. I thought you were on the […]

Cronyism 101: The Perks of Being “Disadvantaged”

The “Disadvantaged Business Enterprise” program, run by the U.S. Department of Transportation and adopted by states and cities across the country, is one of the most atrociously corrupt government endeavors in existence. Opportunists of all colors have used the racial set-aside law to win billions of dollars worth of federal contracts for themselves and their […]

Made in Japan

Remember all those books in the 1980s about “kaizen,” “kanban,” “keiretsu” and all the other secrets of Japanese management that were supposed to save American industry? Well, it must have worked — and perhaps too well. Because American industry is back on top of the world, while Japan has been mired in a decade-long recession. […]

The New Language

Language is never static because in the process of progress, new words emerge for new tools and concepts. Some of today’s new language, like cosmetics, conceal and confuse. Since I’ve been on earth a sufficient interval of time to see some of this, let’s look at it. Back in the ’40s, there were flophouses where […]