Fire in the “Frankenforest”

A jihad against some of America’s best and brightest researchers continues unabated. Arsonists struck again in the Pacific Northwest this week, gutting a University of Washington horticultural lab in Seattle and burning down property at a poplar tree nursery in Clatskanie, Ore. The fires caused an estimated $3 million in damage. Will Bush-Cheney fare any […]

Jim Jeffords’ Defection and the High Cost of Politics

In the years ahead, more violent criminals may be walking the street, some taking the lives of law-abiding citizens, because someone in the White House couldn’t keep his big mouth shut about how they were going to retaliate against Republican Senator Jim Jeffords for not voting the way the administration wanted him to. According to […]

The California Energy Crisis: Once Again Capitalism Takes The Fall For Statism

Politicians and pundits claim that the free market has had its chance and failed, calling for a government takeover of the electric utilities and power plants as the solution. The tragic irony is that California’s energy nightmare would have been absolutely impossible in a properly functioning free market. Capitalism has historically served as the scapegoat […]

Moody Markets, or Manipulated Markets?

One of the things we often hear about the stock market is that it is an anticipatory animal, meaning that bear markets begin when the economy is good but people fear that things will get worse in the future, and that conversely, bull markets begin when the economy is bad but people expect things to […]

Patriotism and Pearl Harbor

The hallowed waters that surround the sunken U.S.S. Arizona murmur gently like eternal witnesses to history. There lie 1,102 American crewmen who lost their lives during the Dec. 7, 1941, air raid on Pearl Harbor. Above the ship, like a floating tombstone, rests a stark white memorial structure with the names of the dead carved […]

America’s Descent Into Servitude II

The Texas Legislature is currently considering a bill that will mandate “volunteer” work for all college and university students in the state. The result of this bill will be to introduce “volunteerism” as a component of college education. The grave implications of such a measure for education and freedom are as obvious as they are […]

Urgent Virus Threat – NOT!

For the third time in two days, I’ve received an e-mail from some well intentioned idiot warning me of an extremely destructive computer virus for which there is no cure. In each case, it took me about a minute to go to the Symantec web site and learn that the alleged viruses were hoaxes. In […]

Senator Jim Jeffords and the Power of the Turncoats

Suddenly we find ourselves back in the nightmare world of the pregnant chad. And everything was going so well, too. Whatever you may think of the policies of George W. Bush’s new administration, at least it was clanking along pretty well and the political railroads were running on time. It’s been a pleasant surprise after […]

W. Wimps Out on Guns

The “Million” Mom March fell about 999,800 bodies short this year. Rosie O’Donnell, a leading anti-gun loudmouth who emceed last year’s march and later sought armed security guards for her own children, was a no-show at the pathetically attended protest in Washington, D.C. Similar rallies across the country also fizzled, drawing sparse crowds of liberal […]

The Coming Telecom Capacity Crunch

In my past column, I explained why a telecom rebound is likely to occur faster than most people expect: the continued explosive demand for bandwidth, the reopening of capital markets courtesy of lower interest rates, increased telecom revenues resulting from price increases for broadband services, and the fact that companies near the top of the […]

The Third Rail of Gold

I have touched the third rail, and it is made of gold. For millennia gold has excited mankind’s passions, goading us to the heights of achievement and the depths of evil. Now, since I’ve been writing about gold’s role in the international monetary order over the last couple of months, and about gold mining stocks […]

The Right to Inhale

On May 14th, the US Supreme Court reached a verdict on the case of U.S. v. Oakland Cannabis Cooperative. By unanimous decision the Court ruled that manufacturers and distributors of marijuana cannot claim the medical needs of their customers as defense against federal prosecution for violating the Controlled Substances Act. Even though a small group […]

The Executor’s Song: Part 5, Life Insurance, IRA’s, and Real Estate

Author’s Note: This is the fifth in a six part series of personal finance columns on the subject of being the executor of an estate. These columns are based on my own personal experiences in this regard. Individuals should consult a professional advisor and take their own circumstances into account. While my primary objective is […]

T For Two

On Friday investors will have to decide whether to exchange their shares of AT&T for shares of the AT&T Wireless tracking stock. When the big index funds decide, it will move the market. In the exchange offer that expires Friday, AT&T will accept up to 427 million T shares, exchanging each one for 1.176 shares […]

Bush Energy Plan Caves In

President Bush’s newly released national energy plan offers us more of what already threatens this country. No, I am not talking about the president’s plans to allow oil drilling in Alaska, or to build more gas pipelines, or to license more nuclear power plants. All of these proposals are beneficial — and desperately needed. The […]

Know When to Gold ‘Em

It never ceases to amaze me the way financial markets all fit together, like perfectly meshing gears in some infinitely complex machine. The day of the bottom in the yield on the long bond was March 22 — the very day of the bottom in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. And then two weeks later […]

Why Should You Worry About Medical Privacy?

Last year a sophisticated Internet hacker took control of the University of Washington Medical Center’s network and downloaded the admissions records of 4,000 cardiology patients. Among the thousands of pieces of private information he downloaded were names, birthdates, Social Security numbers, and descriptions of the medical procedures undergone by the patients. The 25-year-old Dutch hacker, […]

Put Broadcast Spectrum Under New Management

Last October, then-President Bill Clinton tried to prod federal regulators to carve out space in the nation’s airwaves for the next generation of wireless technology — technology that promises high-speed Internet access with simple hand-held devices. For Clinton, the urgency was already apparent: “If the U.S. does not move quickly to allocate this spectrum,” Clinton […]