California’s Recall Election: Dangerous Democracy at Work

Most people realize that there is something deeply wrong in California’s current political fiasco. Critics of the recall are right, this election is wrong, but not for the reasons they have given. Far from being anti-democratic, the recall is democracy in action, and that is precisely its danger. The Democrats who criticize Republican advocates of […]

No Excuses: Closing the Racial Gap in Learning

Everyone knows that black students in general do not perform as well in school as white students, much less Asian American students. But few realize how painfully large the gap is. Even fewer know that there are particular black schools, even in low-income neighborhoods, where students perform above the national average. Discussing racial gaps in […]

The Right to Deal

Suppose you want to deal with me but I don’t want to deal with you. Should I be forced to? You might ask, “What are you talking about?” Here’s a short list. Suppose you want to marry me, but I don’t want to marry you. Or, suppose you want to play tennis with me, but […]

Hollywood’s Favorite Child Molester

One of the most popular movies currently playing at the box office, “Jeepers Creepers 2,” is a teen horror flick directed by a stomach-turning registered sex offender who was convicted of molesting a 12-year-old-boy he targeted, groomed, seduced, and filmed in pornographic home videos. Hollyweird strikes again. The celebrity pervert’s name is Victor Salva. The […]

Bring in the Legal Goons: First Tobacco, Now Fat

In Seattle, there is a popular restaurant called the 5 Spot. Its signature dish is a huge, calorie-laden dessert called The Bulge. Access to it, however, is restricted to those patrons willing to sign a waiver agreeing not to sue the restaurant for making them fat. Although obviously a marketing gimmick, the underlying issue is […]

US Postal Service: A Government Protected Monopoly

If I tell you, “The check’s in the mail” you probably won’t look for it any time soon–if at all. But if I tell you I’ve sent the check via FedEx, you’ll probably plan a trip to the bank. We know we can count on private services such as FedEx and United Parcel Service to […]

Budget Deficits Mean It’s Time to Cut Government Spending

The Congressional Budget Office’s latest budget projections should serve as a wake-up call to fiscal conservatives in Congress and the White House. Unless they restrain spending, they’ll see budget deficits jeopardize the tax-relief agenda and imperil much of the hard-fought progress achieved over the past three years. The CBO projects deficits of $401 billion in […]

The Poverty of Nations: International Monetary Fund Socialism Run Amok

On Sept. 23, the World Bank Group and the board of governors of the International Monetary Fund will meet in Dubai to try — yet again — to determine “how current international monetary issues should be addressed.” Let’s hope they bring some fresh ideas because — despite a $1.5 billion annual budget, 100-plus offices and […]

The IRS Versus The Bill Of Rights

To get an idea of what it’s like to tangle with the IRS, imagine having to fight Mike Tyson — with both hands tied behind your back. The IRS is the most feared government agency, and with good reason. Americans who run afoul of this bureaucratic behemoth have little chance of surviving unscathed. In large […]

Oslo Equals Mud: A Historic Failure for Peace

Ten years later, it is embarrassing to recall the elation and soaring expectations. President Bill Clinton lauded it as a “great occasion of history.” Secretary of State Warren Christopher ruminated on how “the impossible is within our reach.” Yasser Arafat called it an “historic event, inaugurating a new epoch.” Foreign Minister Shimon Peres of Israel […]

Trading Insults: The WTO’s Cancun Free For All

Don’t give a starving man a fish, give him a fishing rod. That used to be the mantra in foreign aid circles. The message that came out of the collapsed World Trade Organization negotiations in Cancun, Mexico, last week took the metaphor one step further; Don’t let him export that fish once you have taught […]

The Voucher Debate

In Washington D.C. right now, there’s a huge debate going on about school vouchers. Here’s the debate boiled down to its bare — and honest — essentials. The opponents of school vouchers resent the fact that some kids will end up in superior schools and some will end up in mediocre schools, which they believe […]