Self Defense is Job One

“Well, I just think that you’re painting a horrible picture of what we’re about,” said Senator Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., in response to the question I asked last week. My question that provoked such an indignant response? “Senator,” I said, “I heard one of the news anchors ask a politician the following question, ‘Do we have […]

Why Won't Valuations Come Down? They Will!

Why Won’t Valuations Come Down? They Will!

A report Tuesday from Steve Galbraith, strategist at Morgan Stanley, slashed his 2001 earnings forecast for the S&P 500 from $51 to $46 — about a 10% cut. But from the 1092 S&P close the day before the September 11 terrorist attack through the 1003 close last Monday, when Galbraith presumably wrote his report, is […]

Mandatory National ID Cards….for our politicians

Crisis is good for statist-leaning governments such as ours because it affords them the opportunity to package new oppressions under the guise of needed security. Lately, we’ve been treated to the idea of a national ID card so our police can tell good guys from bad ones. Such a system will never, of course, be […]

The “Trickle Down” Economics Straw Man

Among the suggestions being made for getting the American economy moving up again is a reduction in the capital gains tax. But any such suggestion makes people on the left go ballistic. It is “trickle down” economics, they cry. Liberals claim that those who favor tax cuts and a free market want to help the […]

Superfluous Airport Safety Regulations

Secretary of Transportation Norman Y. Mineta, Czar Norman, has ordered new, ill-thought out, oppressive airline regulations in the wake of recent terrorist attacks. Among them: a ban on knives — plastic or steel — anywhere in the airport and on airplanes, even in kitchens, no curbside check-in, restricted carry-on luggage, no visitors beyond security checkpoints […]

Justice and Self-Defense: On a Military Response to Terrorist Attacks

The case for large-scale, decisive US military action in response to the Sept. 11th massacres is two-fold: justice and self-defense. Justice consists of treating people as they deserve. It is exercised by rewarding and encouraging the good in others and by punishing and discouraging the bad. The murder and maiming of innocent people–thousands, on Sept. […]

The Lessons of War

Now that we have officially more or less committed ourselves to war, many will now object that this mission poses too many strategic pitfalls — that the Middle East is a vast quagmire, that the enemy is too elusive, that this will be “another Vietnam.” As always, many raise these objections, not as problems to […]

Is Your Personal Computer Protected From Terrorists?

Remember the movie Die Hard? At one point in the movie, Takagi (James Shigeta) says to Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman), “You want money? What kind of terrorists are you?” To which Gruber replies in one of the more memorable quotes from the movie, “Who said we were terrorists?” I remind you of this because there […]

Nihilism and the War Against Western Civilization

The attack of September 11, 2001 was only one incident in a concerted war on western civilization. The attackers are united not by any organized conspiracy, but by a common hatred, and a common desire. Their hatred is of life and their desire is death. The attack takes many forms. Islamic fundamentalists proclaim the superiority […]

Pacifism on Principle is Suicide

Although most Americans seem to understand the gravity of the situation that terrorism has put us in — and the need for some serious military response, even if that means dangers to the lives of us all — there are still those who insist on posturing, while on the edge of a volcano. In the […]

The Spirit of the Twin Towers Still Stands

When I lived in New York, I could look up at any hour of the day or night and see the World Trade Center. I took comfort in its presence and the knowledge that American freedom and the ideals of capitalism were hard at work. Especially at night, to look up and see the windows […]

Berkeley vs. America

President Bush urged citizens this week to go back to work and try to restore normalcy to their everyday lives. Accordingly, the People’s Republic of Berkeley, Calif., wasted no time in returning to its business as usual: stifling political dissent under the guise of “tolerance,” stamping out every last ember of patriotism for the cause […]

The Immorality of a Self-Defense Consensus

The enemy of September 11, 2001 is not a military foe boastful of his power. It is a tiny rat that hides under a rug in the free country it wants to destroy. That America asked for the co-operation of the world to exterminate this rat is the consequence of a grave moral problem: America’s […]

A History Lesson for Bin Laden and His Arab Islamic Terrorist-Victimcrats

We “need to understand the mind of a terrorist,” goes the refrain. No, we do not need to understand the mind of a terrorist so much as we need to understand the mind of an Arab Islamic “terrorist-victimcrat.” Following the bombings of two American embassies in Africa, Time magazine interviewed Osama bin Laden. Time asked, […]

How the New “Tolerance” Helps Sanction Terrorism

On the eleventh of September, terrorists killed thousands of civilians and leveled the most prominent structure in New York’s majestic skyline, but they did not declare war on the United States that day. They’d done that decades ago. In response, Americans have expressed outrage and the President has vowed to bring those responsible “to justice.” […]

An American Peace: How to Win the War Against Terrorism

After over twenty years of unpunished terrorist violence against American servicemen and civilians that culminated in a September 11th attack on the Pentagon and World Trade Center more destructive than Pearl Harbor, the Bush administration has declared a world war against terrorism. How can America and her allies possibly win such a war? America, here […]

Hatred of Western Civilization: Why Terrorists Attacked America

To the students of Ashland University: university teachers have wide latitude in their choice and presentation of subjects. In America university courses have been presented about Black Hair, Oprah Winfrey, and the Social Life of Snails. I see no reason why I should not offer a statement in this class, followed by discussion, about the […]

Understanding Terrorism

Statement of former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu before the Government Reform Committee, September 20, 2001: Chairman Burton, Distinguished Representatives, I want to thank you for inviting me to appear before you today. I feel a profound responsibility addressing you in this hour of peril in the capital of liberty. What is at stake today is […]