March to Irrelevance

Many leaders, including French President Jacques Chirac and U. N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, are still seething because the United States and Great Britain led a coalition into Iraq last March without explicit U.N. support. Of course, just a few months earlier, the Security Council had unanimously passed Resolution 1441. It found Iraq to be in […]

The Lure of Baseball

As half the nation eagerly awaits the next game of the World Series, the other half looks on in puzzlement at what could be so enthralling about grown men hitting a little ball and running around in circles. Baseball fans who cannot articulate why they love the game may retreat to their television sets feeling […]

Time Do Something About the Budget Deficit?

Despite improving economic and budgetary news, there is rising pressure to do something about the budget deficit. I expect this pressure to grow rapidly over the next year. By early 2005, I believe such pressure will be irresistible. It’s not too soon to start thinking about where this could lead. The main reason why I […]

Syria Is The Enemy

Immediately after September 11th, segments of the American foreign policy establishment hoped to include Syria, given its brutal suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood, in the anti-terror coalition against al-Qaeda. Indeed, for a time, it did appear that Damascus might have provided some useful information to American intelligence that prevented an al-Qaeda attack in the Persian […]

Exporting Jobs to China: California Dreamin vs. Protectionism

I live and work in California, and on Tuesday I witnessed two revolutions here. Both have very bullish long-term implications, and both present significant short-term risks. The first revolution I’m talking about, of course, is the recall of California’s sitting governor, and his replacement by someone with no political experience whatsoever. But let me start […]

Crossing the Line Over Health Care As a Right

Southern California’s largest grocery strike in 25 years offers a clear example of opposing ideas in action; the labor dispute is a fundamental conflict over whether health insurance should be financed by those who want insurance — or by those who hire those who want insurance. It’s plainly a strike for health care as a […]

Vouchers and Votes

During a recent visit to Washington, I was told by a high official there that he had posed this question to Democrats: “Why are you so opposed to vouchers?” The reply: “We aren’t going to give you guys a victory.” If you stop and think about it, if the Democrats allow the Republicans to pass […]

Racial Censorship and the Witch-Hunt Against Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh’s comment on ESPN regarding Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Donovan McNabb was: “I don’t think he’s been that good from the get go. I think what we’ve had here is a little of social concern from the NFL. The media has been desirous that a black quarterback do well.” Kweisi Mfume, NAACP’s president, criticized Limbaugh’s […]

The War Against Success

Name some of the things that make us so much better off than Americans of just a couple of generations ago. One of the most important things are new medicines that not only prolong life but leave us vigorous at ages when old folks used to sit around in rocking chairs. Airplanes have put the […]

The Remarkable Bobby Jindal vs. the Liberal Bigotry of the New York Times

The condescension of The New York Times toward minority conservatives is so thick, you need a Cuisinart electric carving knife to slice it. On Oct. 12, Times editorial writer Adam Cohen penned a hit piece masquerading as a profile of Bobby Jindal, the remarkable Republican gubernatorial candidate in Louisiana. Cohen began by noting that while […]

Will Israel Save Us Again?

The Iranians are on the verge of building nuclear bombs. If this is not stopped, mass death will result. The situation is not entirely without precedent, although the crisis today is immeasurably greater. By 1981 Iraq had a similar program. Had it succeeded, America would have faced nuclear blackmail in 1991, and would today be […]

The Case for Off-Shore Drilling

For a small State, New Jersey continues to send a large delegation of mental midgets to Washington, DC to represent it. In the last election, Sen. Robert Torricelli, the man famed for leaking the name of a CIA agent, was yanked off the ticket at the last minute as the result of some serious ethical […]