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Hatred of Mohammad … Or Love of Liberty?

Freedom of speech; separation of church and state. These are principles to cherish, not to denigrate. The true “haters” out there are the ones who shout the label of “hater” at anyone who dares to take a moment to stand up for them.

What Creates a Terrorist?

Faith over reason; group membership over individual identity; and blind obedience to authority. No matter what form these qualities take—and no matter what the specifics—they are always destructive. Those are the real root causes of terrorism, in Boston and elsewhere.

The Metaphysical Temper Tantrum of Islamic Terrorism

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., says it is time for the U.S. to stop being politically correct and focus its search on radical Islamists in Muslim communities. King tells Politico.com that while most Muslims are not terrorists, the international base for terrorism against the United States happens to be radical Islam. “There have been 16 terror […]

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Hillary Clinton’s Hissy Fit

From forcing Americans into the enslavement of the medical profession, which is being accomplished by the man who defeated her and conferred her current diplomatic status, to leading what may be the worst foreign policy in American history, with major progression toward nuclear weapons by our arch-enemies, Hillary Clinton, despite her facade of competence, is […]

Americans Should Stop Being Surprised by Terrorism

Criminals and killers are not morally or psychologically strong. They only act when they see evidence that their intended victims are weak. As with purse-snatchers and serial killers, so too with Islamic fundamentalists who kill American diplomats. For years, especially since the Obama Administration but also before Obama came to office, America has done nothing […]

What Can One Do About The Latest Islamic Attack on Western Values

Several friends have asked me what they can do in response to the latest Islamic attack on free speech and Western values. I have a few thoughts, but would very much welcome additional suggestions from readers. To begin, I note that the West already has all the physical means required to defend itself. What it […]

For Self and Country: A Soldier’s Tale

I’m sitting in a C-130 Hercules—80 pounds of gear strapped to my back, 1500 feet above the ground. I can hear the Herc’s engines – a deep, unceasing, monotonous drone. I can feel their vibration – a pervasive trembling that begins outside, on the wings of the aircraft, and ends inside, in the pit of […]

Innocence Discovered

Americans, we’ve been told by postmodern academe and a neutrally biased media, lost their innocence on September 11. Before that, we’d been told we’d lost our innocence during the Vietnam War; before that, after the Kennedy assassination; before that, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor; before that, after World War I; and before that, during […]

The Moral Thing to Do

The motive behind the attack by Mideast terrorist nations and their hired gun assassins—who flew planes they could not build into skyscrapers they could never erect to kill people whose virtue they could never equal—is quite simple and quite viciously evil. They believe that brutish tyranny, fetid poverty and premature death are the means to […]

End States That Sponsor Terrorism

Fifty years of increasing American appeasement in the Mideast have led to fifty years of increasing contempt in the Muslim world for the U.S. The climax was September 11, 2001.

Black Tuesday: Act of Crime or Act of War?

Some university professors have stated that Black Tuesday (911) “does not constitute an act of war against the United States.” What that attack constitutes, instead, is aggression by terrorist criminals, not terrorist governments. These professors are not alone in their thinking. Many believe the U.S. now faces an enemy “unlike” any the U.S. has confronted […]

What to Do about Terrorism

Imagine the following situation: A roving homicidal maniac runs amok in your neighborhood, spraying bullets in all directions, killing your wife and wounding you. Frantically, you call the police. “This is terrible,” they say. “We will take drastic new steps to increase your security. We are going to distribute flak jackets and bullet-proof helmets to […]

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