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Honesty and Trust

The fact that honesty and trust are so vital should make us rethink just how much tolerance we should have for criminals and dishonest people.

Profiling for Crime: Who Is Too Blame?

A law-abiding black person denied a taxi is rightfully angered, but to whom should his anger be directed, at the driver who’s trying to protect his life or at the people who’ve instilled fear by robbing and assaulting cabbies?

Why Illness Has Become a Crime

Recently, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer received a lot of media attention when she proposed fines and other financial punishment for overweight citizens and smokers on Medicaid. Others targeted by such programs include diabetics who fail to follow instructions from their physicians on treatment of their diseases. Other states are headed in the same direction. I […]

Court Endorses "Thought Crime"

Even though George Orwell was a “democratic socialist” – or even a communist – his accurate prescience regarding the growth of totalitarianism, what it required to acquire and maintain power, and what it would do to men makes him unique among all other leftist writers who also wrote dystopian novels. His writing style, which stressed […]

Alternatives to Incarceration and The Costs of Crime

For more than two centuries, the political left has been preoccupied with the fate of criminals, often while ignoring or downplaying the fate of the victims of those criminals. So it is hardly surprising that a recent New York Times editorial has returned to a familiar theme among those on the left, on both sides […]

Hiding Black Interracial Crimes

If you’re like I am, you’ve heard scores of media reports about the 2006 Duke University rape case, in which three white lacrosse players were falsely accused of raping a black stripper at a wild party at the home of one of the team members. These guys, convicted by the news media and Duke faculty, […]

Crime and Rhetoric

Oakland, California, continues to suffer the high crime rate, and especially the high murder rate, which has long afflicted that city. Judging by a recent speech by its current mayor, long-time leftist Ron Dellums, it can look forward to a future all too much like its past. Why is Oakland so crime-ridden? According to Mayor […]

Drug War Crimes: The Consequences of Prohibition

“In the United States, there are now more than 318,000 people behind bars for violations of drug prohibition, more than the number of persons incarcerated for all crimes in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain combined,” writes Jeffrey A. Miron, Professor of Economics at Boston University, in his new book Drug War Crimes: […]

Judicial Activism and Crime: Half a Century After Brown, Part 3

Although Brown v. Board of Education dealt with race and with schools, its judicial philosophy spread rapidly to issues having nothing to do with race or schools. In the half century since Brown, judges at all levels have become unelected legislators imposing the vision of the political left across a wide spectrum. For example, the […]

“Hate Crimes” Law Undermines Protection of Individual Rights

Leaders from both parties–Republican Senator Orrin Hatch and Democrat Ted Kennedy–have vowed to push through a new, wide-reaching federal “hate crimes” bill before the end of the current session. A “hate crimes” law would make crimes motivated by enmity toward blacks, gays or other protected groups into a special federal offense. The ostensible purpose of […]

Myth of the Muslim Hate Crime Epidemic

Do you believe that a “post-September 11 backlash” has resulted in a nationwide wave of violence and bigotry against Muslims in America? The hype artists and book-cookers at the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) want you to think so. The group’s report purports to document “a massive increase” of hate crimes targeting Arab-Americans. But in order […]

Foreign Policy and Self-Interest: Liberia Campaign Would Be a Moral Crime

Those who claim that the United States has a moral obligation to send troops on a “humanitarian” mission to Liberia have it exactly backward: our government has a moral obligation *not* to send its forces into areas that pose no threats to America’s well- being. It is America’s self-interest that should be the standard for […]

War Crimes Trials

Baghdad has fallen. The war is nearly over now and the time will soon come to assess the actions of Iraq’s former leaders. Coalition forces reportedly carry a “deck of cards” with the pictures of 55 Iraqi leaders of the regime and orders to pursue, capture, or kill them. Several of these leaders have already […]

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