ayn rand

The Morality of Capitalism

Capitalism, in Ayn Rand’s definition, is “a social system based on the recognition of individual rights (including property rights) in which all property is privately owned.”


Envy vs. Achievement

Ayn Rand called envy “the hatred of the good for being the good.” Instead of hating and envying the good, let’s love and thank the good for being the good.

Is Egoism Obvious?

My book, How to Be Profitable and Moral: A Rational Egoist Approach to Business, has been translated into Finnish and was recently published in Finland. At the book launch in Helsinki, an appreciative reader (of the English-language original) and a business owner commented that what I write in my book is obviously the way a […]

It’s Good—But Hard—to Be Selfish

Most people think that it is unethical to be selfish. They have been taught that we should always put others’ interests ahead of our own and that pursuing self-interest is immoral. That is why they also think that business—which by definition pursues self-interest: long-term profitability—is immoral. But this rejection of selfishness as immoral is based […]

Income Inequality is Moral

I was listening to the radio on the weekend and heard a leading Canadian socialist, Stephen Lewis, lament about the big income gap between the rich and the poor as one of the worst ills in society today. Reflecting on that and on the exodus of millionaires from France in the wake of President Hollande’s […]

Envy is Bad For Us

I am writing this post in Finland where I am working for a month. Last week the Finns marked their annual unofficial “National Envy Day” when the Finnish Revenue Service publicized the income taxes and income of every tax-paying citizen. That in itself is a shocking violation of people’s right to privacy (although everyone here […]