If Murder of Americans is About a Video, Then It Is Indeed About U.S. Policy

On September 11, 2012, Islamists attacked Americans in a U.S. foreign embassy and consulate and murdered four of those Americans in Libya. Evidence indicates that our government failed to take common-sense security measures to protect these Americans. Then our government issued numerous official statements that were as much condemnations of a YouTube video denigrating Islamists […]

Granny and the Anti-Capitalist Cliff

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, caricatured in political ads last year and again this month as pushing Granny off the cliff of Medicare, is now the running mate of the maker of RomneyCare, who is running against the maker of ObamaCare. With the consequent renewed debate over proposed reforms of Medicare and other aspects of government-provided […]

Socialism and the Meaning of Investment by Government

Government makes ‘investments’ in us that we can’t refuse. Many, including me, have identified the socialist premises in President Obama’s remarks on July 13 in Roanoke, VA. But are Obama’s actual policies as socialist as his socialist rhetoric? The answer is yes, but there has also been plenty of socialism in the policies of Obama’s […]

Read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

I do not recommend the movie based—unfaithfully, in my judgment—on Atlas Shrugged (Rand 1957) that is opening this weekend. (See my analysis of one scene from the movie and novel.) Instead, I urge every thoughtful individual to read the novel, again and again, and to urge your thoughtful friends to do so too. There is […]

The Philosophical Absurdity Underlying Stimulus Spending

When the financial crisis hit the U.S. in late 2008, individuals realized that their savings—especially their stocks and their homes—were not as valuable as these individuals had thought. These individuals then acted rationally: they cut back on spending. They refrained from buying things that they did not need: things such as vacation trips, dinners in […]

Fettered Markets

In his remarks on Wall Street Reform Thursday, April 22, 2010 at Cooper Union in New York City, President Obama said this: I’m going to quote: “Through the great banking houses of Manhattan last week ran wild-eyed alarm. Big bankers stared at one another in anger and astonishment. A bill just passed… would rivet upon […]

BP Oil Spill: Private Property is the Solution

For this article, let me be brief about the following facts, which are oil and water under the bridge. BP’s off-shore oil leases, like all off-shore oil leases, are leases to use federal property. (Hat tip to this article in The Freeman.) The land and water are owned by the government. Federal bureaucrats—that is, mediocrities […]

Obama at the London G20 Summit

  In his news conference following the London G20 Summit on April 2, Obama said this: In terms of local politics, look, I’m the President of the United States. I’m not the President of China, I’m not the President of Japan, I’m not the President of the other participants here. And so I have a […]

AIG is Left Holding the Government’s Bag

On March 16, Obama said this about AIG:  I do want to comment on the news about executive bonuses at AIG. … This is a corporation that finds itself in financial distress due to recklessness and greed. Under these circumstances, it’s hard to understand how derivative traders at AIG warranted any bonuses, much less $165 […]

Bernard Madoff is Small Potatoes Compared to the Government

Bernard Madoff has confessed to a Ponzi scheme whereby he swindled investors of billions of dollars. “In court documents, prosecutors say Madoff reported he oversaw $64.8 billion.” Multiply that staggering amount of money by 3,000, and you get roughly the amount of money that Americans have lost over the past two generations to federal, state […]

Obama’s “Logic” on the Mortgage Crisis

In his “Remarks by the President on the mortgage crisis” on February 18, Obama stated: Our housing crisis was born of eroding home values, but it was also an erosion of our common values, and in some case, common sense. It was brought about by big banks that traded in risky mortgages in return for […]

The Antidote to Obama

In his Weekly Address yesterday, Obama said, “I didn’t come here to do the same things we’ve been doing … .” After all, Obama is for “change.” Before Obama took over the country, and even before Bush’s 2008 financial bailouts, federal, state, and local governments were spending the astronomical sum of roughly $5 trillion dollars […]

Obama Seeks ‘Cure for Cancer’ — By Stamping Out Freedom

  In his address before a joint session of Congress last night, Obama dictated his plan for America, to be financed and “serviced” by productive Americans. Obama will take from individuals the wealth that they created and needed for their own plans. The dictator’s plan comes first. Obama: “[T]he budget I submit will invest in […]

How To Defeat the Hollywood Unions

The article below was originally published on the website of The Intellectual Activist on April 17, 2001 shortly before an impending writers strike that was averted near the eleventh hour. Now, six years later, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) is again threatening to strike when its current labor contract with the Alliance of Motion […]

Value Created by First Martian Explorer

In my article “Mars: Who Should Own It,” I stated: Whoever implements the concept of getting to Mars and living there turns a virtually worthless ball of rock into something of substantial value. Let’s check my premises. First: Will Mars, after a successful mission, have substantial value? My answer is: If Mars is not valued, […]

A Government-Financed Mars Prize?

In The Case for Mars, Robert Zubrin’s book that describes his radical new way for man to reach Mars (a way that years later has been adopted by NASA), Dr. Zubrin mentions the idea of a Mars Prize, which he “came up with under the prodding of” Newt Gingrich in 1994. Under this plan, the […]

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