Dependence Day

Independence Day is our most endangered holiday. We should celebrate it while we still can. The entire concept of independence — of autonomous citizens making their own choices in the pursuit of their own happiness — is under attack. The American war for independence was not over in the 18th Century but wages on today. […]

Health By Government Permission

Government involvement in medical care does not ensure better care but leads to its degradation, while making it less available and more expensive. Like Obamacare, the FDA actually threatens our health.

Caduceus with First-aid Kit

Obamacare vs. Reality

We might take a moment to contemplate where the Affordable Care Act would now be if its major programs were to be held to actual financial sustainability before they could be implemented. In fact, one key program of Obamacare collapsed nearly two years ago. President Barack Obama approved an addition by Congress to the legislation […]

The Hydra of Government Medicine

Yet the relationship between doctors and patients is increasingly under attack by a relentless government. A hydra-headed monster of multiple agencies at all levels is poisoning the practice of medicine. While Obamacare diverts our attention, another head rears toward our medical care.