Campaign Finance Limits Violate Free Speech

Earlier this year President Bush risked the lives of American military personnel to end Iraq’s tyrannical regime–a dictatorship that not only restricted the actions of Iraqis but also silenced them from speaking their mind. It is ironic that President Bush led America into that war only days before signing legislation–the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (B.C.R.A)–that […]

Truth vs. Words on China

It looks as though we’ve won. Officials inside and outside the Bush administration are hailing China’s positive response to our carefully crafted letter of regret as validation of the President’s “quiet diplomacy.” The truth, however, is quite different. The moral issue in the U.S.-China crisis is being widely ignored. There should be no mistake about […]

If You Pretend It’s Not a Dog, Will It Stop Barking?

A Libyan intelligence agent is convicted of murder in the bombing of Pan-Am Flight 103 that killed 270 people. On the same day, the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) reduced interest rates by 1/2 %–for the second time in a month–in order to stimulate the sagging economy. In both cases, those ultimately responsible have […]

Alan Greenspan: Puppet or Puppet Master?

Alan Greenspan’s about-face on interest rates and tax cuts might have you wondering if he is simply reacting to his new Commander-in-Chief, or if he is seeing how much he can manipulate the economy. Under Clinton, he was an outspoken opponent of tax cuts–which was what Clinton wanted him to be–and the architect of interest […]

President Bush’s Contradictory Stance on Abortion

President Bush’s stance on abortion is and will remain a concern to the advocates of individual rights. He holds a convoluted position that straddles the intellectual fence between the pro- and anti-abortion groups. He believes abortion is wrong–except when it isn’t: in the cases of rape, incest, and a threat to the life of the […]

Save Medical Savings Accounts From The Welfare State Firing Squad

Nearly four years ago, Congress established a trial period for Medical Savings Accounts (MSA)–a tax-free savings account from which you pay your medical expenses. On December 31, 2000, unless Congress acts, the MSA program will become extinct. It is now time, particularly with an election approaching, for you to express your support for one of […]

The Abortion Pill: Birth Control the Hard Way

While the FDA’s delayed approval of the “Abortion Pill” RU-486 (which will be sold in America as mifepristone), is generally a good sign for the recognition of abortion rights, the conditions that the FDA has placed on its use raise serious concerns about the government’s willingness to intervene in a woman’s pregnancy. These conditions on […]

The Microsoft Saga

In a decision generally hailed as a victory for Microsoft, the Supreme Court rejected the government’s plea to hear a direct appeal of the government’s Antitrust case against Microsoft. In April, Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson ruled that Microsoft had violated Antitrust law and ordered that the company should be broken up. The decision was stayed […]

The “Feel-Sorry-For-Me” Olympics

Altruism claimed millions of victims at the Sydney Olympics. Instead of focusing on the athlete’s achievements and the drama of live competition, NBC’s commentators sacrificed the minds of the American viewers as well as the athletes’ achievements to a nightly barrage of “feel-their-pain” emotionalism. The morality of altruism holds that need and suffering are the […]

Why Clinton’s Efforts to Bring Peace to the Middle East Must Fail

One crucial element of Clinton’s legacy is his desire to be remembered as the American President finally responsible for ensuring peace in the Middle East. To that end, he has pressured the Israelis and showered favors on a life-long, Palestinian terrorist in an effort to force agreements over land disputes. As efforts of this sort […]

Australia’s “Original Sin”: Why Prime Minister Howard Should Not Apologize to the Aborigines

The 2000 Olympics opened last Friday (15.Sept.00) in a “splendidly diverse and inclusive” (New York Times, editorial, 17.Sept.00) portrayal of Australia. The symbol of the aboriginal athlete Cathy Freeman carrying the Olympic flame in its final stage “shined a spotlight on aboriginal culture and its historical plight.” The treatment of the aborigines by the European […]

The United Nations Wrestling Federation

Professional wrestling is the soap opera farce of sports. From the official bouts to the backroom posturing, all disputes and relationships are staged and meaningless. One can say almost the same for the United Nations, and particularly its recent Millennial Meeting, described ambitiously by one delegate as “the mother of all summits.” The essential difference […]

Antitrust Morals and the Success of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods’ remarkable run of success continues. In winning the last three major tournaments, two by record margins, he set new standards of golfing excellence while his competitors fought over second place. Some media commentators have wondered whether his success is good for the game. “It’s too boring,” they say, “and there’s not enough interest […]

Ayn Rand, Smoking, & Atlas Shrugged

Smoking a cigarette was symbolic to Miss Rand. As one character in Atlas Shrugged said, “I like to think of fire held in a man’s hand. Fire, a dangerous force, tamed at his fingertips. I often wonder about the hours when a man sits alone, watching the smoke of a cigarette, thinking. I wonder what […]

A Moral Approach To Solving The “Social Security” Problem

Fixing the problems of a mixed economy requires “unmixed,” radical, fundamental solutions. After so many decades of government interference in the economy and our lives, those solutions must necessarily be gradual to allow individuals to restore what has been taken away from them. Nevertheless, the steps of those solutions must lead in a single direction–not […]

Immigration, Moochers, and the Welfare State

Q. How is an “open-borders” immigration policy compatible with the principle of self-interest? While we have a welfare state, isn’t it irrational to encourage immigration? Shouldn’t the openness of our borders be tied to phasing out the redistribution of our wealth? What type of principled argument is possible to allow Eli