A Slave State: Society in Sir Thomas More’s Utopia

Sir Thomas More’s Utopia lays out several important ideas that help us understand the political thought of both now and the Renaissance as well as providing us with a look into the conditions of sixteenth century Europe. The book primarily acts as a vehicle for More to explore several issues, ranging from the advising of […]

Egalitarianism: The New Torture Rack

Imagine the following Academy Award ceremony. There are no awards for best picture or best actor. Instead, every picture gets a certificate and every actor receives a prize. That is not an awards ceremony, you say? So it isn’t. But it is an egalitarian’s dream — and an achiever’s torment. An egalitarian wants equality, not […]

The Privilege of Driving

It is often said that driving is not a right, but a privilege. As such it can be extended and revoked at will, by those vested with the granting of the privilege, a government. The question that must immediately strike anyone is, “What gives the local governing authorities the right to designate driving or anything […]

Mugged By The State

Dan Peruchi, father of four, enjoyed fixing up old cars and reselling them. Because the dealers he worked with dealt mainly in cash, he usually had lots on hand. Peruchi was driving home to Ft. Worth, Texas when he noticed the flashing lights of a police car behind him. After pulling him over, the officer […]

The Terror of “Animal Rights”

The “animal rights” movement is celebrating its latest victory: an earlier, more painful death for future victims of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s disease. Thanks to intimidation by animal rights terrorists, Cambridge University has dropped plans to build a laboratory that would have conducted cutting-edge brain research on primates. According to The Times of London, animal-rights […]

Honesty During the Holiday Season

While recently driving and listening to National Public Radio, I heard a piece on holiday homelessness. During this time of the year, one frequently hears stories about the downtrodden and homeless. No one seems to agree exactly on the number of homeless, and the numbers cited often depend on the information provider’s agenda. Shortly before […]

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s Disengagement Plan

In a much-noted speech late last month, Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ostensibly made a dramatic reversal in course. But I am wondering whether to take his shift at face value. Mr. Sharon announced that the “road map,” a U.S. plan that envisions Israel and the Palestinians negotiating a settlement between them, has only a […]

The Liberty League: An Alternative to the United Nations

It is clear for a variety of reasons that the United Nations is not only ineffectual, i.e. it can’t enforce its own resolutions, but is operating against the interests of the United States and free people everywhere. One reason for this is simply that there are more backward and crummy countries in the world than […]

Merv Grazinski: An Urban Legend

Literally hundreds of readers informed me that in last week’s column, “Some Things I Wonder About,” my reference to a Merv Grazinski of Oklahoma City — who set his 32-foot Winnebago on cruise control, left the driver’s seat to brew a cup of coffee, crashed, then sued Winnebago for not having a warning against the […]

Media Confusion Between Objectivity and Neutrality

The British Broadcasting Corporation has made itself look ridiculous by issuing orders that its reporters are not to refer to Saddam Hussein as an ex-dictator. Apparently using the word “dictator” would compromise the BBC’s neutrality and call its objectivity into question. Unfortunately, the BBC is not alone. In much of the American mainstream media, terrorists […]

Ten Suprises for 2004

Byron Wien, the veteran Morgan Stanley strategist, is one of my favorite market seers. Annually since 1986 he has sent clients a list of “ten surprises” he expects for the year ahead. The list for 2004, released this morning, is wonderfully optimistic, and it includes a true shocker on the subject of pharmaceutical policy. The […]

Politics Is One of the Drivers of Good Investment Strategies

Many of my readers can’t understand why, as an investment strategist, I write so much about politics and government policy. Politics doesn’t have anything to do with investing! Well, unless you slept through 2003, now you know that they do. The year 2003 was a textbook case of how you can use analysis of monetary […]

Skeptical Environmentalist Vindicated

Last month, The Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation severely repudiated a board which, a year ago, had judged The Skeptical Environmentalist, the best-selling book by Bjorn Lomborg, “objectively dishonest” and “clearly contrary to the standards of good scientific practice.” Lomborg’s book — with 2,930 footnotes, 1,800 bibliographical references, 173 figures and nine tables […]

Making Resolutions Outlast January

I love the concept of New Year’s resolutions. They’re always positive and typically involve self-improvement. I mean, whoever heard of anyone resolving, “This will be the year when I finally get fat” or “I hereby decree to spend less time with my children”? Of course, New Year’s resolutions are fodder for late night comedians because […]

Libyan Dictator Moammar Gadhafi: Learning the Lessons of Stalin

The Bush Administration is declaring victory now that the dictator (or for the BBC, “Leader”) of Libya, Moammar Gadhafi, has agreed to let in United Nations Weapons Inspectors and to dismantle all Weapons of Mass Destruction programs. To “reward” Gadhafi for his “compliance” there is already talk of taking Libya off of the State Department’s […]

Mutual-Fund Industry’s Campaign Against Independent Analysts

Think the Mutual-Fund industry’s “late trading” and “market timing” abuses are scandalous? Well, I never quite saw what all the fuss was about. But now the mutual-fund industry is doing something that’s really scandalous. It’s engaged in a campaign to put America’s best securities analysts out of business. While I know it sounds incredible, I’ll […]

Communist Memorial Museum: A Monument to Murder

One of the most powerful museums in Washington, D.C., is the Holocaust Memorial Museum. It’s the one site I always recommend to people visiting the city, even though it takes a couple of days to shake off the malaise that settles in after you’ve seen it. It’s a fitting memorial that accurately documents and catalogues […]

Resolutions for a New Year

Victicrat (vik’ti krat) n. (victim + -crat) 1) a supporter of the mentality believing in perpetual victimhood, who blames his or her plight on other person(s), event(s), or circumstance(s); one who refuses to accept personal responsibility for one’s own actions. Victicrats blame “outside forces” for their “plight” while rejecting the proposition that nothing succeeds like […]

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