Islam’s New Strongholds

The recent bombing of a nightclub in Bali, Indonesia, killing at least 183 and injuring hundreds, fits into a larger pattern. Militant Islam used to be mostly confined to Middle Easterners, but in recent years it has spread to Muslims in other parts of the world. This can be seen especially in the cases of […]

The Foreign Policy of George Bush: A Grand Illusion

Somewhere, there is a warlike American administration obsessed with smashing an Axis of Evil, an administration itching to blow away any regime tainted by terrorism and willing to lash out preemptively and unilaterally, invading and occupying any country that resists. That administration is not, alas, the one in the White House. It is an administration […]

COPS Makes for Crooked Cops

Martin Chavez has a problem, and it carries a substantial price tag. Chavez, the mayor of Albuquerque, N.M., may have to find up to $7.6 million for his police department in the coming year. The city could wind up repaying the federal government $4.1 million it received through the Community-Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program — […]

Bombings in Bali, Indonesia: Self-Inflicted Wounds?

It seems an open-and-shut case to many Americans. Car bombs go off in an entertainment district, leaving 180 dead and many more missing or wounded. It occurs in Bali, Indonesia, a country that has allowed terror groups–some affiliated with al Qaeda–to take root, that has resisted President Bush’s requests to take a strong stand against […]

Paralyzing America’s Producers: The Government’s Crackdown on American Businessmen Is Devastating Our Economy

When it comes to what to do about our teetering economy, nearly everyone is out of ideas. Economic analysts and federal officials are mystified after repeatedly seeing their predictions of an economic recovery fall flat. Republicans ignore the economy and offer no solutions; Democrats bemoan its decline and offer “solutions” such as repealing Bush’s tax […]

The Irrationality of Treating Dictators as ‘Rational Actors’

This piece is occasioned by the “discovery” that North Korea has been violating the Agreed Framework and working on nuclear weapons. However, it could just as easily have been written after the collapse of the Oslo Accords, after the discovery of Saddam Hussein’s subversion of the oil-for-food program, or any other broken promise from a […]

Castigating America: How Jimmy Carter Won the Noble “Peace” Prize

As a patriot and a man of honor, Jimmy Carter should refuse the Nobel Peace Prize. Such an act of integrity would win him more respect and admiration from his countrymen than anything he has done since he left the White House in 1981. The Nobel Peace Prize committee has sometimes shown disturbingly bad judgment […]

Appeasement Never Works

By definition, every dictatorship’s hands are drenched in blood, yet some people still think they can be placated by simply appeasing them. Consider the revelation that the Stalinist dictatorship of North Korea now has nuclear weapons, despite promises to the contrary. In its 1994 deal with the US, North Korea promised it would not develop […]

The Beltway Sniper: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

[HUMOR] If I have learned anything from world leaders over the past several decades, it is that the war-mongering methods of people like Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose just don’t work. Police and government officials should stop their oppressive, mean-spirited hunt for the elusive “beltway sniper” and settle the sniper-victim conflict through peaceful negotiations, […]

Capitalism Key to Ending Poverty

At about the same time a hodgepodge of protesters descended on Washington, D.C. last month to protest capitalism, globalization and free trade, the United Nations and the Institute for International Studies released a triad of studies declaring that humanity is, for the most part, in the best condition it’s ever been. World poverty is down. […]

INS In Denial

The very first line of defense for the U.S. homeland consists of those who issue visas (the consular division of the State Department) and those who control the borders (the Immigration and Naturalization Service, or INS). Trouble is, neither of those agencies has understood its security role. Their disastrous mistakes became painfully evident with two […]

When will Africa Discover Capitalism?

Bono still hasn’t found what he’s looking for in Africa — a place free of poverty and the disease and famine that often accompany it. That’s why the lead singer of the rock group U2 has crisscrossed the continent with several key Western policy-makers, including Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill. While on these visits, Bono has […]

Big Plus Rich Equals Evil: How Hollywood Dug Its Own Grave

As executives from almost every studio chatter nervously about the need for better “content protection” technology, those responsible for piracy continue to hide somewhere Hollywood hasn’t bothered looking: the mirror. “Piracy is a huge issue,” warned John Mass, Senior Vice President at William Morris Consulting, as he addressed the audience at the Digital Hollywood conference […]

The Sniper and the Gun Controllers

It was perhaps inevitable that the recent sniper killings in the Washington area suburbs would be seized upon by advocates of gun control. Like so much in the agenda of the political left, gun control arguments would collapse like a house of cards if people just stopped to think through what is being said, instead […]

Where’s the Elusive Break Even Point for Telecoms?

In an episode of Cheers, a slot machine is accidentally shipped to the bar. Everyone starts playing and winning – everyone except Rebecca, that is. Finally, after investing a fortune in the machine, she puts in a quarter and wins a quarter. “I’m not a loser,” she cries. “I’m a break-evener.” I bet the CEO’s […]

Unfiltered Intelligence

Who knows more about the latest Hollywood blockbuster — the people who read the reviews or the people who see the movie? The second group, obviously. The others must depend on the reviewer, who decides what’s worth going to see and what isn’t. Second-hand information is never as good as first-hand information. Yet second-hand information […]

High tech tools to stop the Washington Sniper

I live in Northern Virginia and today I caught myself doing something I never have done before–actively scanning my surroundings for signs the DC sniper. Be it dumb luck or whatever, I have been a customer to four of the locations that the sniper has struck prior to his reign of terror, and I visited […]