Little Caesars in the Senate

A “little Caesar,” before it referred to a pizza delivery mascot, used to refer to a petty official — or gangster — with delusions of grandeur, the type who seeks power for the pleasure of abusing it. The Enron investigation is making it clear that the Senate is full of these characters. At first, when […]

Patriots Taxed by Taxes

American companies are incorporating into Bermuda to lower their taxes. Some people suggest that this growing trend is unpatriotic. In reality, these companies are acting in the spirit of America’s original patriots. The New York Times reported1 that these companies usually keep their main offices in the states and thus retain the security, legal system […]

Should the Government Choose What Kind of Car You Should Drive?

Signs are increasing that the recession has bottomed. Home sales are surging, new unemployment claims are dropping, consumer confidence is rising. The typical recession lasts about a year, and the worst one since World War II lasted 16 months. So, if history is a guide, this recession — which officially started last March — should […]

Understanding “Skategate”

Skategate, international scandal! Frankly, some of us expected a few eyebrows to raise when, during a retrospective piece on the 1972 Munich Olympics, NBC referred to the terrorists who killed 11 Israeli athletes as “commandos.” But we digress. Try and follow the logic of the “resolution” of Skategate. In a controversial 5-4 decision, the pairs […]

Birth of Big Brother: How the Court deep-sixed the Tenth

Don’t make the fatal mistake of believing government can’t do anything right. No organization could expand to the point of commanding a budget in excess of two trillion dollars and be completely inept — not even the bumbling bureaucracy in Washington. Although the state relies on the threat of force to fund that budget, most […]

In Search of…the Right Motivation?

Many people assume that they can’t accomplish their goals until they have “the right motivation.” They will even seek psychological help in order to establish “the right motivation” before taking any steps towards a goal. This is a mistake — and an amazingly common one. Don’t fall for it. If you don’t feel sufficiently motivated […]

Sept 11th: Lest we Forget

Run to the grocery store this week and buy the Feb. 25, 2002, issue of People magazine. The cover photo is a special, double-paged layout that you must see. No, it’s not a Victoria’s Secret model shoot. No, it’s not the cast of “Friends” or “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” It’s a group picture of mothers […]

California Republican’s Choices

When California Republicans vote in next Tuesday’s primary, they will face a much less difficult choice for their party’s nomination for governor than they had just a few weeks ago. Until recently, liberal Republican Richard Riordan, former mayor of Los Angeles, was running ahead of Democratic Governor Gray Davis in the polls, while conservative Republican […]

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