Capitalism Magazine Interview with Edward Cline

Capitalism Magazine Interview with Edward Cline

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After graduating from high school (in which he says he learned nothing of value) and after a stint in the Air Force, he pursued his ambition to become a novelist. His second detective novel, First Prize, was published in 1988 by Mysterious Press/Warner Books, and his first suspense novel, Whisper the […]


Art Against Jihad: An Interview with Bosch Fawstin Creator of The Infidel and Pigman

In this wide-ranging and exclusive Capitalism Magazine interview, ex-Muslim artist extraordinaire Bosch Fawstin discusses: his new graphic novel series The Infidel and its’ hero Pigman — the Jihadist’s Terrorist; the influence of Frank Miller, Alex Toth and Ayn Rand on his work; the errors of George W. Bush and his contemporaries; his appearance on the Daily Show […]

Objectivism, the Journal, and the Future: An Interview with Craig Biddle

Capitalism Magazine: Who is Craig Biddle? Craig Biddle: I’m a guy who is fortunate to have discovered “Who is John Galt?” I’m a writer and editor specializing in books and articles from an Objectivist perspective, and I’m a husband and father who can best be described as extremely lucky. Capitalism Magazine: How did you discover […]

Olympic Gold All Around Gymnast Paul Hamm: Only Human

After three out of six rotations in the Men’s All-around Olympic Gymnastics, American gymnast Paul Hamm was ranked first place in the standings. His next event was the vault. Hamm‘s vault was to be a Tsukahara–named after Japanese gymnast Mitsuo Tsukahara. It was ranked a 9.9 out of 10 for difficulty, in part because of […]

A Leftist "Indictment" of Communist Cuba

A Leftist "Indictment" of Communist Cuba

In the opening few lines of Marc Cooper’s editorial piece in the LA Weekly, he writes: “Have you ever imagined what it would be like living in a society where, say, a John Ashcroft would be unrestrained by the niceties of constitutional law? Where draconian enforcement of a Patriot Act includes long prison terms for […]

New State Regulations During “Deregulation” are the Cause of California’s Energy Crisis

The attacks against deregulation of the California power industry by the enemies of capitalism are attacks against a straw man. Deregulation means that government removes onerous regulations that violate the rights of producers and consumers to trade freely (markets do not need nonobjective regulations to control traders, but objective laws to protect rights). California never […]

Isn’t the U.S. embargo of Cuba the cause of Cuba’s economic woes?

Question: Isn’t the U.S. embargo of Cuba the cause of Cuba’s economic woes? Answer: This question ignores the fact that every country in the world (other than United States and Israel–which may explain why the Left hates Israel) has normal trade relations with Cuba. As wealthy as Americans are, is the United States the only […]

Gold and The Economy: An Interview with Richard Salsman

Richard M. Salsman is president and chief market strategist of InterMarket Forecasting, which provides quantitative research and forecasts to guide the asset allocation decisions of pension sponsors, mutual funds, banks, hedge funds and investment managers. He received is B.A. in law and economics from Bowdoin College (1981), his M.A. in economics from New York University […]

The Department of Justice’s Assault on Microsoft: Who is the Predator and Who is the Victim?

Last night, I turned on my television to witness the frightening spectacle of one of Janet Reno’s henchman giggling like a terrorist who had just blown up an American embassy. The source of his pleasure–and my displeasure–was his apparent “victory” against a giant “predator” that had “hurt” competitors and “exploited” consumers. Who was this “predator”? […]

‘Consumer Rights': Who decides What Goes into Windows?

Q: Don’t consumers have a right to Microsoft Windows without Internet Explorer? Does not Microsoft’s bundling of their products (i.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Windows) into one package disrupt a person’s right to only have to pay for products he wishes to buy? A: No one has a right to buy whatever they wish, […]

A Petition To Stop The Persecution of Microsoft

A Petition To Stop The Persecution of MicrosoftBy Mark Da Cunha with Robert Tracinski To: US District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Janet Reno, and President Bill Clinton. Fellow Americans, The Declaration of Independence proclaims that the government’s fundamental purpose is to protect the rights of the individual, […]