The “Federal Health Board:” Another Scheme to Ration Healthcare

Tom Daschle, President-elect Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, has big plans for healthcare.  Mr. Daschle has proposed a new “Federal Health Board,” an agency that would have unprecedented powers over the healthcare industry.  This new federal board would essentially determine by government fiat what doctors can and cannot do to treat […]

Ted Kennedy vs. Universal Healthcare: A Double Irony

Senator Ted Kennedy recently underwent an operation to remove a brain tumor at Duke University. Besides Hillary Clinton, no other politician in America has devoted as much of his political career to the enslavement of physicians. The name Ted Kennedy (and Clinton) is nearly synonymous with the anti-concept “Universal Healthcare.” It was reported that Senator […]

A Physician Comments on Abortion and the Morning After Pill

I was recently confronted in the Emergency Department with a situation I rarely encounter: a woman requesting “the morning after pill.” Since I practice in a largely conservative state, for a few minutes I introspectively debated whether I should provide her with such a prescription. Anti-abortionists often claim that the fetus is a human being […]

Socialism: Clinton’s Health Care Legacy

Bill Clinton is not leaving quietly, certainly not when it comes to health care. In a Presidential and Congressional election year and in a cultural climate where the public has been “educated” to believe that health care is an entitlement, Clinton is again resurrecting the left’s insatiable desire to complete the destruction of medicine. To […]

Government Controlled Medicine: The Destruction of the Physician-Patient Relationship (Part 1)

Approximately 2500 years ago Hippocrates, a physician-philosopher and genius from Greek antiquity, put into motion one of man’s greatest and noblest achievements-Western Medicine. The inheritors of Hippocrates’ rational Art-the physicians of today-are routinely performing such heroic acts as heart and liver transplants, rapidly diagnosing and treating heart attacks and safely treating once lethal infections with […]

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