Why Conservatism Failed: The Anatomy of Compromise Revisited

It’s been argued that if Obama wins, the left will properly once again be blamed for the failures of collectivism. This is actually an example of a broader principle, one Miss Rand identified in her essay “The Anatomy of Compromise” [1]: “When opposite basic principles are clearly and openly defined, it works to the advantage […]

Stop Oil Speculation Now: The Airlines Disgraceful Political Agenda

Today I received a message from United Airlines pushing a particularly misguided political agenda. It is one of the most disgraceful public displays of incompetence and evasion by American business in recent memory. According to the airlines, speculators are to blame for high oil prices, and should be squelched. This ignores a number of obvious […]

The Survivial of American Liberty Demands a Foreign Policy of Self-Interest

The Survivial of American Liberty Demands a Foreign Policy of Self-Interest

While America should support the growth of freedom across the world, President Bush was dead wrong when he said, in his inaugural address, that “the survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands”. America’s security demands only the willingness to act against any threat to the United […]

“Academic Freedom” vs. Accountability

In The New York Sun’s editorial of December 10, 2004, you correctly note that universities like Columbia will take no action against professors whose outrageous positions are deemed a matter of “scholarly belief” [“The Bollinger Committee”]. But values besides academic freedom, you write, “are also important, even central. Like, say, truth.” Truth? Where did you […]

Anti-Kerryites Against Bush

I’ve finally decided to support John Kerry in this election. (And, in true Kerry fashion, I’m voting against him, but more on that later.) While I find Kerry repugnant, I believe George Bush threatens America’s freedom more. That’s why I’m an “anti-Kerryite against Bush.” To start with, I reject Bush’s “forward strategy of freedom.” War […]

Academics and Ideologies

It all started when Professor David M. O’Neill of Hunter College wrote in the NY Sun Oct. 4 maintaining that bias-free reporting is impossible because nobody can be free of ideology. Joseph Kellard had a letter in response. To which Professor O’Neill then replied. Here is my response (slightly edited): It is fashionable among today’s […]

Vouchers are Socialism

In a letter to the NY Sun, Edwin D. Schindler suggests that I am a shill for the teachers’ unions [“Blaine in Florida,” Letters, August 26, 2004]. Yet under a voucher system such as he favors, teachers’ unions would dominate private schools. Consider the parallel case of national health insurance, where the government picks up […]

Tax Credits–and Not Vouchers–for Education

The New York Sun has wisely opposed campaign finance regulations as violating the freedom of speech. The Sun has also argued that New York City’s public campaign financing system deserves to be scrapped. Wasn’t it Thomas Jefferson who wrote “that to compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which […]

Not in My Name, cont’d.

This came in from St. Andrews, Scotland: Dear Right Wing Reactionary, I hope that someday you, or your family, will have the oppurtunity to live in poverty without healthcare, social security or welfare. Then, possibly, you could experience the utter dispare and degredation of having to scrape a grabage can for scraps of food. But…oh… […]

Not in My Name: My Version of a “Statement of Conscience”

Thousands of Americans chose not to pay their federal income tax this year as a political statement, many because they don’t want their money supporting the U.S. military. [Associated Press, 4/16/03] I would gladly concede to war protesters the right to withhold their taxes from government action they oppose–if they would accord me the same […]

Objectivity in Journalism: Real and Imaginary

New York Sun television critic David Blum weighs in with this confused piece on Peter Arnett’s firing: This has been a dark week in the history of American television–and all because of a warp-speed rush to judgment by a network more concerned with supporting its country’s war effort than backing the constitutional principles our soldiers […]

Against the Moral Authority of the United Nations

Thomas Friedman writes to Andrew Sullivan: Why is it that liberals, such as myself, who were ready to support the war, so desperately wanted U.N. approval for it? It was for a couple of reasons–one that is already apparent and one that will become more apparent. First, because this is such a huge, unprecedented task, […]

Philosophical Detection: Dissecting Slate’s Michael Kinsley

The closer a con artist gets to being exposed definitively, the more desperate he becomes. If his con relies on moral intimidation, his threats and denunciations become more and more hysterical. This is the source of Saddam Hussein’s threatening bluster in the weeks before the war–and no doubt of Kim Jong Il’s as well. Among […]

Freedom–Not Democracy–for the Arabs in the Middle East

The Pentagon’s plans for a post-Saddam Hussein Iraq appear to be freezing out members of the Iraqi National Congress, the lead Iraqi opposition group. A senior Defense Department official yesterday said two or three free Iraqis with special expertise would be brought in to work as advisers in each of Iraq’s ministries–about 100 free Iraqis […]

The Bush Contradiction: U.N. Permission for America to Defend Itself?

France and Germany rejected Britain’s compromise proposal that listed six disarmament conditions for Iraq. Dominique de Villepin, the French foreign minister, said the proposals “do not respond to the questions the international community is asking.” Germany said the proposal still “basically gives an authorization for war.” [New York Sun, 3/14/03] It couldn’t be clearer that […]

An Open Letter to Richard Perle

Richard Perle is the chairman of the Defense Policy Board, a Department of Defense advisory panel made up of leading figures in national security and defense; he is also a resident fellow of the American Enterprise Institute. In the Reagan Administration he served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy. Perle is not […]

The Moral Cowardice of France and Germany

Now that it’s become clear that France and Germany are blocking military action against Saddam Hussein, pundits are offering all kinds of improbable speculations as to motive. “Both countries are more worried about maintaining their sweetheart business deals with Saddam than stopping weapons proliferation,” writes conservative Laura Ingraham. Where is the evidence? Even if the […]

From Time Immemorial – Evidence of Unrecorded Arab Immigration (Part 5 of 6)

The central thesis of Peters’ book is that a significant proportion of Arabs living in the area that became Israel were actually immigrants or migrants from other parts of Palestine, who made up a large proportion of the 590,000 Palestinian refugees in 1948. Peters’ population study claims to show that 170,000 Arabs had migrated inside […]

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