The Mythical “Right to Healthcare”

After fifty years of growing government programs, health care costs continue to rise. The U.S. government now controls nearly half of all health care dollars, and the crisis is becoming acute. The plans we are seeing from Washington are not innovations, but rather extensions of the government interventions we have embraced for three generations. But […]

What The "Affordable Health Care For America Act," HR3962, Actually Says

What does the bill recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, HR3962, short-titled the Affordable Health Care for America Act, actually say about major health-care issues? I here pose a few commonsense questions, cite some relevant passages, and offer a few brief comments.  (The bill is available here.) This bill is 1,990 pages of […]

Report from the 9/11 and 9/12/2009 Washington Protests

On Friday, September 11, 2009 the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights and the Competitive Enterprise Institute held a briefing at the National Press Club for Tea Party Organizers. Perhaps 300 people listened to four talks on the historical, economic, and moral bases of the tea party protests. My own talk

The Collapse of America? The Dire Message of Mr. David Walker

A person who is in the pay of the government is not always free to speak publicly about the most pressing issues he confronts. Administrators who are appointed to perform specific tasks are generally not free to contradict or even to challenge policies. They often cannot advocate for specific proposals, even if they think that […]

Suppose Car Insurance Was Considered to Be a ‘Right’

The major impetus behind the Democratic health care plans is not economic–it is moral. The claim that health care is a moral right has motivated enormous government coercions against the medical industry for nearly fifty years. But this moral claim has blinded people to the fact that huge price increases have necessarily followed the growth […]

Jewish Settlements and Israeli Law

We are hearing a lot now about Israel’s creation of “Jewish” settlements on “Palestinian land.” These settlements are created, we are often told, to extend the “apartheid state” of Israel by squeezing out the local populations and establishing a superior Jewish ruling class. Typical here is CBS News anchor Bob Simon, who in January of […]

What 'Right' to Health Care?

As the issue of health care reform builds to a legislative climax, it is important that we not merely parrot the same kinds of proposals we have seen for the past 50 years. A Point of View writer on [the Raleigh News-Observer] lamented that “after a half-century of attempted reform” we have not reached the […]

The Charlotte Tea Party Speech

The Charlotte Tea Party Speech by Dr. John David Lewis, Dept. of Political Science, Duke University was first first delivered on April 15, 2009, Charlotte, North Carolina. This is a slightly revised version by Dr. Lewis for printed publication. Permission is given to read this in full, wherever defenders of liberty may gather.     It […]

Reason or Faith: The Republican Alternative

The presidential election of 2008 was more significant than the mere defeat of John McCain; it was a resounding defeat of the Republican party. Conscientious Republicans are now faced with the question: Why? Why did so many Americans either not vote, or vote for third-party candidates who had no chance of winning, or vote for […]

Airstrikes Against Iran?

Why do I assume that air strikes against Iran will be ineffective, especially given the sad shape of the Iranian economy and its weak military capability? [1] My answer: because everything Bush has done for the past seven years indicates that the strikes will be limited. The Iranians have had years to dig in deeper. […]

The Conservative Package Deal

One of the worst mistakes that one can make in about this election is to see the two-parties as standing for a fundamental alternative. The symptom of this is when an opponent of Party A (“don’t vote for McCain”) is accused of advocating a vote for Party B. A critic of mine did this again […]

George W. Bush’s Empowerment of Iran

The recent surge in Iraq has gotten great press lately. Clearly Iraq is calmer than it has been in years. The surge itself, some have claimed, demonstrates how the Bush administration has learned to fight such an enemy. It provides, they say, a blueprint for defeating future enemies of this kind. The first part of […]

A Nation of Sacrificers: McCain’s Love of What is Not America

One thing that is often implied, if not made explicit, about this election is that John McCain–like George Bush–really loves his country. Of course he makes mistakes in particular areas, the apologists claim, but these are the forgivable errors of a true patriot. McCain’s values and principles are fundamentally sound, it follows, he just errs […]

An Open Letter to Members of Congress on the Financial Mess

Dear Members of Congress: On September 16 [2008] I sent a letter to my congressman, and to other senior US government officials, that consisted of three sentences: “I oppose all bailouts of financial institutions by the US government. Government regulation and meddling is solidly to blame for this crisis. We must reduce government involvement in the economy now.” […]

America Should Not Abandon Israel — The Front Line of Civilization

I just returned from a speaking engagement at Tel Aviv University (see pictures here). My honorarium was four days of sight-seeing in Tel Aviv, Abu Gosh, Jerusalem, En Gedi and Masada, and a series of meetings with writers, policy analysts, academics and writers. I came back with one overriding conclusion, which stands for me stronger […]

On The Rise of Islamic Rule in Turkey

According to a recent article in the Jerusalem Post (“Is Turkey’s Government Starting a Muslim Reformation?” Daniel Pipes, May 22, 2008), a government ministry in Turkey, the so-called “Presidency of Religious Affairs and the Religious Charitable Foundation,” has undertaken a three year project to study and condense thousands of pages of material associated with Islam. […]

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