Gold and a Free Market: The Solutions to Our Financial Crisis

Many blame capitalism for the current financial crisis. Even Alan Greenspan, who at one time was an advocate of the free market, blames capitalism. He recently testified in front of a congressional committee that “A critical pillar to . . . free markets did break down. I still do not fully understand why it happened.” […]

The Real Culprit of Our Gasoline Woes: Environmentalists

Every year the price of gasoline rises as refiners switch over to producing “summer” blends of gasoline and every year virtually everyone blames oil companies for the sky rocketing price. However, virtually everyone is dead wrong. Environmentalists are responsible. What do oil companies do? They spend hundreds-of-billions of dollars each year exploring for, drilling for, […]

Who’s Really to Blame for High Gasoline Prices?

Gas prices are on the rise again. While no one has begun to complain yet (at least not too loudly), gas prices are still higher than they need to be. Many think oil companies are to blame for high gas prices. In fact, in May 2004 a poll showed that 77% of Californians believed this […]

The Real Debate in Healthcare: Bush and Kerry versus Free Market Medicine

To many it appears the Bush and Kerry healthcare plans are as different as an antibiotic and a placebo. However, in fundamental terms, both are prescribing the same “cure” to our healthcare system that has been offered for decades: greater doses of socialized medicine. Kerry’s plan represents a significant step toward socialized medicine. He plans […]