Barack Obama, Historian Joseph J. Ellis and The Founding Fathers

Historian Joseph J. Ellis has recently published a piece in the Los Angeles Times (‘The better angels’ side with Obama, 19 January 2008) which seeks to defend Democratic candidate Barack Obama (Senator from Illinois) from critics of his message to independents and Republicans to unite behind his candidacy. According to Ellis, a very respected academic […]

Writers Guild of America on Strike

A peculiar spectacle in Hollywood and New York, and everywhere else TV shows and motion pictures are being made, is before us. The writers are on strike. At stake? Contracts with TV and motion picture producers over royalties from DVD and other “new” media, which has grown by leaps and bounds since their last contract. […]

Ron Paul, Abraham Lincoln and the Necessity of the Civil War

One of the more minor Presidential candidates, Ron Paul (Representative from Texas), appeared last month on Meet the Press with Tim Russert. Aside from enunciating a rather incoherent jumble of ideas about what he would do in the horribly unlikely calamity of his being elected President, Mr. Paul enunciated a political heresy (and a historical […]

Conspiracy Theories: Was 9/11 An "Inside Job" and Other Stories

Conspiracy Theories: Was 9/11 An “Inside Job” and Other Stories

I was recently forced to break off an amicable correspondence of several years because of 9/11 conspiracy theories and this person’s acceptance of them. Our conversations became nothing but this person trying to convince me that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were an “inside job” and that for me to contend otherwise was to show […]

Israel at War: Problems and Fallacies

Now that Hezbollah, Hamas, the Palestinian people (who elected Hamas), the people of southern Lebanon (who sit idly by as a group of armed thugs turn their country into a base of operations), Syria, and Iran have showed their hands and begun a shooting war with Israel (that Israel is finally recognizing with a sizeable […]

The Da Vinci Code

Dan Brown’s novel of Catholic Church intrique and Christian mystery has been turned into a major hollywood production starring Tom Hanks among others set for release this month. While the plot of the story, that the catholic church covered up the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and is attempting to prevent the discovery of […]

From Small to Big Forebodings

This morning I heard that President Bush should not fire Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld because when one member of the cabinet goes there is a “blood in the water” effect in Washington that will demand that more heads role. This is not a reason for keeping Rumsfeld in his position. You cannot base your […]

Hague Justice

Slobodan Milosevic expired sometime this morning in his prison cell at the “International Court of Justice” in The Hague, Netherlands, in the fourth year of his genocide and crimes against humanity trial, which could only have culminated in a life sentence, if he was found guilty. This farce makes one wish for the Nuremberg trials […]

The False Hope of Democracy

It has been the sincerely felt desire of President George W. Bush that “democracy” take root in the Middle East. The hope is that once the method of choosing their leaders/oppressors changes that liberty and freedom will somehow, inexorably and self-evidently, take over. Everyone has heard the President and others in the administration tout the […]

Meandering into Mediocrity

Now that my time in the Clark Country School District is coming to an end, both as a student when I graduated from Cimarron-Memorial High School in 2001 and as a Substitute Teacher as of June 9th, there are some alarming trends which I think someone must address. These trends are not restricted to only […]

Theatre of the Absurd: Koran Abuse

The story of Koran abuse at the prisoner camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is perhaps the most ridiculous example of media idiocy I have seen in some time. The critique is not that we have codes of conduct for a book some crackpots have some mystical affinity for, but that the codes aren’t good enough […]

Beating George Bush, Revisited

In an article was posted on Capitalism Magazine on November 15, 2003, I advised Democrats, and their nominee (not known at that time), on how to win the election. Below I have excerpted the relevant part of that essay on the particular weaknesses of George W. Bush, implying that the exploitation of these rather obvious […]

A Tale of Two 9/11s

On September 11, 1814, Thomas MacDonough looked out across Lake Champlaign to see the fruits of his work over the summer. Upon the lake were near twenty ships, ranging in size from small gun boat, no more than a large row boat with a small cannon inside, to small sloops and “frigates” with up to […]

Rather Courageous in the Face of Reality

CBS “journalist”/anchorman Dan Rather is an amusing figure to watch fall apart. He seems to believe, or else he is a pathological liar, that what he does at CBS is objective and reality based journalism about relevant issues of the day. Typifying this is his call on competing media outlets to ask President Bush the […]

Linda Rondstadt Booted

I’ve heard Linda Rondstadt was shown the boot at the Aladdin in my town of Las Vegas when she decided to dedicate the song “Desperado” to Michael Moore and encourage her audience to go see the notorious piece of propaganda Fahrenheit 9/11. It has also been reported that people in the crwod booed, heckled, threw […]

The “Inspirational” Dictator and the New York Yankee

Jose Contreras. Recognize the name? If the answer is no, then I’ll tell you. He is a starting pitcher for the New York Yankees who is currently working with a 5-3 record. But the purpose of this article is not to discuss his pitching, but to shed some light on his recent newsworthiness. Namely, his […]

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