The Hydra of Government Medicine

We value physicians for their ability to optimize the length and quality of our lives. They value treating and preventing illness, relieving pain and curing disease.

Yet the relationship between doctors and patients is increasingly under attack by a relentless government. A hydra-headed monster of multiple agencies at all levels is poisoning the practice of medicine. While Obamacare diverts our attention, another head rears toward our medical care.

For example, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has, for years, subjected senior citizens (because they are more susceptible) to concentrated air pollutants, including diesel exhaust, ozone, soot and other particulate matter. This is in violation of, among other things, the Nuremberg Code, designed to protect us from Nazi-like experimentation on human subjects. When the American Tradition Institute challenged this in federal district court in Alexandria, Virginia, the EPA maintained that its practice of studying the health effects of toxic materials, using “controlled human exposure,” was immune from judicial or other review under the Administrative Procedures Act.

The Antitrust Division of the Justice Department successfully prosecuted orthopedic physicians in Idaho for establishing fees for services. If a physician rejects government price control efforts–or worse yet, discusses fees with another physician–the Antitrust Division infers the existence of a conspiracy, because the Justice Department said “government prices are market prices,” while prices determined by individual physicians are not. (Of course, it has been many years since there was a true free market for medical care.)

Simultaneously, government is destroying medicine on the state level, including cases of financial draining. Several years ago, a group of executives from medical research firms in California got together to create a stem cell agency via a ballot initiative funded by three billion dollars in government bonds.

They put themselves on the board and proceeded to hand out grants to each other in a frenzy of mutual back-scratching. They all understood that, unlike stockholder-funded research, government research never has to get results.

California requires anyone buying insurance to buy coverage for at least forty mandated services–thanks to contributions from the those who provide them–and forbids purchase of more affordable policies from firms in other states.

(Obamacare will soon add more coverage requirements to all state requirements.) It also forces unnecessary staffing and higher costs on otherwise inexpensive, walk-in health clinics in pharmacies.

Further, physicians may not take stem cells from a patient to treat the same patient without being prosecuted in court by the Food and Drug Administration  (FDA), which claims power to regulate your use of the chemicals produced by your body.

Meanwhile, the FDA prevents terminally ill patients from obtaining new drugs that have been judged safe but not yet deemed effective. Thousands die every year without drugs that are eventually approved and found to be useful in prolonging or saving lives.

Physicians may not accept payment from any patient over the age of 65 for treatment not covered by Medicare without being thrown out of the Medicare system. That means that any treatment not covered by Medicare is essentially forbidden, even if patients can afford it, or the doctor is constrained to provide treatment for free–in defiance of some bureaucrats’ judgment of what the patient needs.

The sword of Hercules is not going to slay this hydra. Only the right principles can save us: moral self-defense, individualism, our doctors’ freedom to practice medicine, and our own freedom to pursue our own happiness and health.

  • betsyanne

    The person who wrote this article, Richard Ralston, has no concept of medicine – at all.

    Please do some research on how many “cures” there have been in modern allopathic medicine. Not a one. How many people die at the hands of physicians each year? Over 100,000 – mostly from prescribed medications and hospital errors (otherwise known as iatrogenic death).

    Please go to your nearest search engine, type in Death By Medicine, and read. Hopefully you’ll learn something about our lovely medical industry.

    Also, if you’re interested in knowing, the psychiatric industry is even worse at “helping” people. Go to youtube and type in Marketing of Madness. 3 hours you won’t be able to stop watching.

    After reading and viewing those things, I was literally sick to my stomach. Everyone should be. Stop praising the bastardized medical industry. They are corporate phRMa whores.

  • DC555

    You really need to read this article again so you can figure out the root cause of all the ills in medicine you just described.

  • betsyanne

    Like he said in the article, when we have a free market for medical care, we’ll be in the clear. But talking about specialists and drugs for this and that is not going to help the general public. Only nutrition and some self-education in medicine outside the current box will help that. What do you suppose people did before there was a doc-in-the-box on every corner? Learn alternatives. There are many of them out there.

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