Hillary Clinton’s Hissy Fit

Source: Donkey Hotey (cc/atrib)
Photo: Donkey Hotey (cc/atrib)

This week, the U.S. secretary of state tried to conceal her incompetence with an outburst of emotionalism. Time‘s headline: ‘Clinton on Benghazi: Tears and Anger’.

Stressing feelings over facts in another calculated evasion preceding her departure from office after four failed years, Clinton told Congress: “I do feel responsible” (emphasis added) for the deaths of four Americans in the September 11 attack and mass murder in Benghazi, Libya. At one point, the combative former first lady, senator and presidential candidate erupted with a total dismissal of anyone’s attempt to learn the cause of the 9/11 attack, bellowing: “What difference, at this point, does it make?!” By histrionically acting out an avoidance of acknowledging and accounting for the State Department’s and Obama administration’s failure to defend the U.S. from an act of war in a major new advancement of Islamic jihadism in north Africa, she showed that defensiveness, not the nation’s self-interest, is her aim.

It’s part of a pattern in the Obama administration to deflect, divert and conceal any real, honest investigation into what went wrong in Africa. First, she monstrously and wrongly described the murderous jihadists as a small band of rogues that don’t constitute a coordinated attack. Then, she and Obama’s administration blamed a movie for the Benghazi attack. Then she appeared in an advertisement aimed at Moslems in Pakistan explicitly attacking free speech, saying: “We absolutely reject [the film’s] content and message.” Since the truth about the Obama administration’s deceptive campaign to name a video as the cause of the attack came out, Secretary Clinton hasn’t been heard from in months on the subject, leaving it to a lower level Obama administration official to explicitly attack the video and dodge the war with Islamic jihadism.

The press fawns over Hillary Clinton, who is depicted as a woman of accomplishment. But the fact is that the radical feminist personifies both the rise and failure of feminism, a notion that one’s identity is based on one’s sex. As a politician, she has reached, which is not the same as achieved, the highest positions of power in the disintegrating United States of America, with not a single distinguished achievement for which she should feel – or deserve to be – proud. From forcing Americans into the enslavement of the medical profession, which is being accomplished by the man who defeated her and conferred her current diplomatic status, to leading what may be the worst foreign policy in American history, with major progression toward nuclear weapons by our arch-enemies, Hillary Clinton, despite her facade of competence, is a failure and a fraud in every respect. In America, women are still somewhat free to work hard and make outstanding achievements for themselves. The fact is that Mrs. Clinton has done everything in her career to stop them.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Edward-Cline/100001686901214 Edward Cline

    Right on, Scott. And, I don’t know where the host found the illustration, but it fits Clinton to a T, as “bared teeth.”

  • Brian Wright


    You forgot one of her major accomplishments: blowing the nomination for president which was hers for the taking. According to a Washington Post article after she lost, Hillary was during the campaign, often, arrogant and in bad humor, yelled at her underlings, and did little in the way of leading the way for her troops. Even more, her intelligence in regard to Obama was mediocre and she never fully accepted the power of his personality, and his ability to attract an audience.

    In accord with your article, I can’t think of one thing she has done to acquire her reputation on a professional level. On a personal level, she has gathered sympathy in media and feminist circles for being cheated on repeatedly by her husband, who probably knows more about her than anybody, and chooses to cheat on her.

    According to news reports and surveys, she is seen by the public as an articulate and competent person, a successful secretary of state. Perhaps, if one compares her to the other public figures, she stands out for, at least, having the appearance of competence. I think this is her hidden weapon. She has the appearance of competence.

    Even her “hissy fit” is made to look like a sign of power and competence by the MSM instead of another arrogant temper tantrum of a spoiled child. But the end is not in sight. With a supportive press and another braindead, clueless Republican as a challenger, she could become the most arrogant president of all.

  • ReadyToGO1

    Well done. To the amazement of many the press continues to look past the dangerously incompetent side of Hillary. She has created disasters and messes along every step of her career. Her arrogance, deceit and belligerence have been constatnt throughout. Hopefully we will soon be done with the Clinton’s and their influence forever.

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