Many people have wondered: Will the death of Mother Theresa be mourned as greatly as the death of Princess Diana? But personally, I have wondered how many people would mourn the loss of Bill Gates.

The philosopher Ayn Rand taught us that man’s highest moral ideal is selfishness – living your life for your own sake. Yet most people laud altruism and damn selfishness. Like Mother Theresa, they extol the virtue of service to others. As our leaders move us closer and closer towards that virtue – increasing welfare doles, providing “health care for all” – our society sinks ever deeper into socialist squalor.

Meanwhile, for well over a century, men like Gates have relied on nothing but their own minds and selfish desire for profit. Their “greed” has expanded human knowledge, raised life expectancy, and created jobs for those willing to follow their standards.

Isn’t it clear who is the true benefactor of humanity? And why?

I will not mourn the loss of a woman who sought to impale humanity on an inhuman moral standard. I will weep bitterly at the death of Gates. I hope, by that time, that I am not the only one who will.