Europe’s Antitrust Assault on Google

Since people can search through other sources besides Google, it is not at all clear why Google cannot run its own operation for its own benefit, while others run their operations for their own benefit.

A Solution to the Postal Crisis

Congress continues to fiddle while the United States Postal Service (USPS) burns. The union for postal employees is upset that the postmaster general wants to cut 35,000 jobs. Many Americans are upset that the USPS wants to close 3,700 post offices. The postmaster general warns that the USPS will lose up to $18 billion by […]

Billion Euro Antitrust Fine Against Intel

The European antitrust regulator has announced last month that it will fine Intel Corporation $1.44 billion (1.06 billion euros) because it “harmed millions of European consumers by deliberately acting to keep competitors out of the market for computer chips for many years.” It did this, essentially, by discounting the price it sold chips to stores that […]

The Case Against Antitrust

Antitrust punishes the best companies The list of antitrust targets reads like a Who’s Who of American business success stories. Standard Oil Company, Alcoa Aluminum Company, IBM, and Microsoft, are just a few. These companies were pioneers in developing new and beneficial products. Who doesn’t benefit from cheaper gasoline using methods pioneered by Rockefeller, the […]

Free Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! From Antitrust Fascism

Yahoo! has just released its first-quarter earnings numbers, and neither the market nor analysts are impressed. What will be the company’s next move? Multiple suitors claim that they can leverage Yahoo!’s online products and talented employees better than Yahoo!’s widely criticized management is doing. The leading bidder is Microsoft, whose $40 billion offer it is […]

More Microsoft Antitrust Suit Insanity

According to the Onalaska Life Newspaper, millions of dollars worth of vouchers that were part of Microsoft’s settlement of a Wisconsin class-action antitrust case remain unclaimed. The settlement requires Microsoft to make available to class members up to $223,896,000 in vouchers that may be used to purchase new desktop computers, laptops, tablet computers, pre-packaged software, […]

Laying the Foundation for an Antitrust Assault on Google

Below is a quote from Washington Post business columnist Steven Pearlstein excerpted a column he wrote on Google titled “How Much More Should It Be Allowed to Grab?” [P]recisely because of its success, it’s fair to ask if Google should be barred from furthering its dominance through acquisitions or collaborations. At issue are the recent […]

Microsoft’s Tacit Surrender to Antitrust

This week the European Commission issued a 280.5 million Euro fine against Microsoft for failing to fully respect their 2004 antitrust ruling. But first, a brief synopsis: In 2004, EC antitrust regulators ordered Microsoft to pay a massive 497 million Euro fine for its

Antitrust Incentives for Legalized Looting

Antirust law creates huge financial incentives-for the people who file antitrust suits. Consider the case of Lloyd Constantine’s recent award of $220 million dollars as lead plaintiffs counsel in the Visa International Service Association/MasterCard Inc. antitrust suit. Constantine sought $609 million plus expenses, but had to settle for the smaller figure after Judge John Gleeson […]

Take No Half-Measures in Protecting Doctors from Antitrust

The following text is the June 10th oral testimony of CAC Chairman Nicholas Provenzo before the District of Columbia Council Committee on Consumer and Regulatory Affairs regarding The Physicians Joint Negotiating Act of 2003. Madam chairman, members of the committee, good morning and thank your for your time. The Center for the Advancement of Capitalism […]

Antitrust, Politics and the Media

On June 2, the Federal Communications Commission plans to vote on a new set of rules for media ownership. These rules dictate how many television stations can own, as well as cross-ownership of newspapers and television stations in the same market. The FCC’s changes won’t repeal the restrictions outright, but they will increase the threshold […]

Death by Antitrust: Mountain Health Care, R.I.P.

Last Friday, Mountain Health Care of Asheville, North Carolina, will close its offices for good. The 11 year-old company died not from bankruptcy or poor business judgment, but of antitrust poisoning. More accurately, the United States Department of Justice executed Mountain, imposing the corporate death penalty without so much as a trial or even the […]

Educating the Monopolists: Antitrust Prosecutor Klein Works to Reduce Competition in Education

When New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg first named Joel Klein to head the city’s public school system, the irony was immediately apparent: an antitrust lawyer heading one of the nation’s most infamous (and ineffectual) monopolies. Last month, however, Klein’s tenure as schools chancellor took an ominous turn when he announced a highly centralized, educationally unproven […]

The Antitrust “Shakedown” Racket: Abolish the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act

This Monday President Bush proposed a $2.2 trillion federal budget to Congress. Momentarily setting aside the sheer outrage over the destruction of such vast wealth in the pursuit of unconstitutional government programs, two items are of particular interest to those of us concerned with antitrust matters. These are the respective budget proposals for the Federal […]

Price Check on Antitrust: WalMart’s Acquisition of Britain’s Safeway PLC

A battle is looming in London as three companies prepare to vie for control of Safeway PLC, a major British supermarket chain unrelated to the U.S. company of the same name. Last week, Safeway agreed to a $4.6 billion buyout from William Morrison Supermarkets. That news attracted two additional suitors, a $5.1 billion offer from […]

A Letter to the Department of Justice Concerning the Microsoft Antitrust Case

I’m writing to oppose the antitrust case against Microsoft. Antitrust contradicts the free enterprise system and is a violation of the rights of business owners, their stockholders and consumers. No one is or ever has been forced to buy Microsoft products. And no one at Microsoft has forcibly stopped anyone from buying non-Microsoft products. There […]

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