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Ayn Rand in Chicago

The American city that comes to mind at the mention of Ayn Rand is probably not Chicago, a metropolis one might associate with other bestselling writers and authors, such as Studs Terkel, Carl Sandburg or even the current U.S. president, Barack Obama, whose philosophy is opposite of Rand’s integration of reason, individualism and egoism. One […]

Art, Business, and First-Handed Productiveness

I recently heard a panel discussion by some accomplished professional artists about a variety of topics, ranging from the motivation to paint to the creative process to commercial success. It made me think of parallels between art and business and the role of philosophy and morality in both. What struck me was the almost disdainful […]

Should Not The Government Support The Arts?

Ought the state to support the arts? There is certainly much to be said on both sides of this question. It may be said, in favor of the system of voting supplies for this purpose, that the arts enlarge, elevate, and harmonize the soul of a nation; that they divert it from too great an […]

Atlas Shrugged, Part I: A Cinematic Go-Cart

You are standing in a gallery with another critic before two paintings hung side by side, one by William-Adolphe Bouguereau and one by Pablo Picasso. Let us say they are Bouguereau’s Idylle (1851), and Picasso’s La Vie (1903). You both agree that the Bouguereau is a fine painting, depicting two lovers in a classical setting, […]

Art Against Jihad: An Interview with Bosch Fawstin Creator of The Infidel and Pigman

In this wide-ranging and exclusive Capitalism Magazine interview, ex-Muslim artist extraordinaire Bosch Fawstin discusses: his new graphic novel series The Infidel and its’ hero Pigman — the Jihadist’s Terrorist; the influence of Frank Miller, Alex Toth and Ayn Rand on his work; the errors of George W. Bush and his contemporaries; his appearance on the Daily Show […]

Interview with the Political Cartoonist Team of John Cox and Allen Forkum

I first noticed Cox & Forkum when I spotted a cartoon called “The Blogger’s Cycle.” I thought, “Wow. These guys nailed me! I could have written this myself, if only I were that clever and talented.” I immediately read the rest of the Cox & Forkum weblog, where I was astounded by the sharp, professional […]

The McWilliams Special, Part 3 of 3

Just how McWilliams felt we had no means of knowing; but we knew our hearts would not beat freely until his infernal Special should slide safely over the last of the 266 miles which still lay between the distressed man and his unfortunate child. From McCloud to Ogalalla there is a good bit of twisting […]

The McWilliams Special, Part 2 of 3

On the West End we had all night to prepare, and at five o’clock next morning every man in the operating department was on edge. At precisely 3.58 A.M. the McWilliams Special stuck its nose into our division, and Foley-pulled off No. 1 with the 466 — was heading her dizzy for McCloud. Already the […]

The McWilliams Special, Part 1 of 3

It belongs to the Stories That Never Were Told, this of the McWilliams Special. But it happened years ago, and for that matter McWilliams is dead. It wasn’t grief that killed him, either; though at one time his grief came uncommonly near killing us. It is an odd sort of a yarn, too; because one […]

Heart of a Pagan, Chapter 2: The Coming (Part 4)

Adapted from Andrew Bernstein’s Heart of a Pagan: The Story of Swoop. One hundred enthusiastic voices quickly spread the word through town–and a number of throats opened to reply with something less than enthusiasm. “He removed the cross from the chapel. Can you imagine?” said one minister appearing as a guest on Ron Zatechka’s show. […]

Heart of a Pagan, Chapter 2: The Coming (Part 3)

Adapted from Andrew Bernstein’s Heart of a Pagan: The Story of Swoop. We received a hero’s welcome when the school’s bus returned to Hoppo Valley. The small Hoppo Valley radio station had always broadcast the school’s games, but now virtually the entire population, not just a sizable segment, was listening. Close to one hundred met […]

Heart of a Pagan, Chapter 2: The Coming (Part 2)

Adapted from Andrew Bernstein’s Heart of a Pagan: The Story of Swoop. But though his sauntering gait took him out of sight in moments, it was not that easy to forget him. His departing glance had lingered on me. But why? I was not one of the players. I couldn’t work out with him and […]

Heart of a Pagan, Chapter 2: The Coming (Part 1)

Adapted from Andrew Bernstein’s Heart of a Pagan: The Story of Swoop. Chapter 2: The Coming“Hoppo to the heights now!” Swoop roared that afternoon when he walked into our locker room for the first time. He swaggered through the door and slung his purple gym bag to the floor. All eyes followed as it skidded […]

Politically Correct Art

Several columnists, most notably David Limbaugh and Kathleen Parker, commented on some of its lunacy. Shortly after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, photographer Tom Franklin of The Record newspaper in Bergen County, N.J., captured the images of New York City firefighters Dan McWilliams, George Johnson and Billy Eisengrein planting the American flag in the rubble […]

The Nerve of Foley, Part 2

When I walked into the round-house in the evening, with a pair of overalls on, Foley was in the cab getting ready for the run. Neighbor brought the Flyer in from the East. As soon as he had uncoupled and got out of the way we backed down with the 448. It was the best […]

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