Environmentalism vs Creativity

For decades environmentalists have cried that man should adopt an “alternative” form of energy. But in this freest country on earth, exactly how have they exercised their liberty to try and make their dream come true? Well, they support like-minded politicians — who’ve invented nothing but obstacles to innovation. They march in protests — that have created […]

Advertising is Good Medicine

Imagine that you spent years of research and millions of investors’ dollars developing an idea that could save or prolong hundreds of thousands of lives. You put your product on the market and advertise. But a few weeks later, various columnists and “talking heads” begin deriding you for it. Advertising, they say, harms consumers by […]

Faith's War against Worldliness

  “The Muslim loves death and martyrdom, just as you love life. There is a great difference between he who loves the Hereafter and he who loves this world. The Muslim loves death and seeks Martyrdom.” So declared an Islamic clergyman in Jerusalem just months before September 11. No one now doubts the sincerity of […]

Potter’s Morals vs. Bible’s Magic

Christians have it backward. If you’re worried about your child obsessing over magic, it’s not Harry Potter you should guard against; it’s the Bible. Author J.K. Rowling doesn’t bill her writing as anything other than fiction. Youngsters are thrilled as the courageous and incorruptible Potter overcomes seemingly insurmountable obstacles and achieves his goals. The fantastical […]

An Open Letter to Businesspeople

Entrepreneurs, risk-takers, men and women of creative ability, of talent, of inventiveness, of productive achievement–for what you do, you are good! Yes, good–as in “moral,” “ethical,” “virtuous.” Throughout history, those of you who actually invent the things the rest of us use, who create the jobs the rest of us need, who produce the goods […]

The Good in Price Gouging

As the Sunshine State endures the worst hurricane season in a century, some Florida merchants are also weathering a manmade gale: charges of so-called “price gouging.” There are thousands of such accusations, and, egged on by media everywhere, Florida’s political leaders promise to punish anyone soaking consumers. But that idea’s all wet. It’s the criminalization […]

Why Is There No Car Insurance Crisis?

Is there something special about health insurance that makes it crisis-prone? I mean, we never hear about the horrible “house insurance crisis” or the “spiraling cost of auto insurance.” It wouldn’t be too hard to create such a crisis though. In fact, let’s try to map one out. Just imagine if politicians resolved that, since […]

Majority Rule: The Tyrants Next Door

There’s a funny little radio spot that’s been running locally. It’s a (fake) phone conversation between a man who wanted his car painted midnight blue and a guy at the paint shop who tells him they’ve gone with “a stunning shade of lilac” instead. “We just thought it’d look better that way,” the guy explains […]

“Progressive” Education and Taping Kids to Dumpsters

In an op-ed back in March, syndicated columnist Walter Williams slammed public schools for their absurd policies. One of the examples he cited was of Metro Nashville Public School administrators’ decision to stop posting honor rolls or displaying academic results on bulletin boards for fear that the high marks bright students earn might make the […]

Buddha Bad for Business

Recently 115 corporate executives paid $100 each for advice from that repository of business acumen, the Dalai Lama. The Nobel Peace Prize winning Buddhist spiritual leader addressed the execs in Irvine, CA. Granted, attendees were probably attracted more by his celebrity than his philosophy; I doubt anyone ran out afterward and joined a monastery. Nonetheless, […]

The Folly of Protectionism

Some say imports are bad for the economy. But consider one implication of that belief. It would mean that during war you’d want to ship your enemy as many goods as possible. After all, the imports would hurt his economy, right? Obviously the exact opposite is true. A nation at war wants to block its […]

Other People’s Wealth Benefits All of Us

The presidential hopefuls’ common promise to “repeal the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy” is the campaign trail one-liner garnering the most empty-headed applause. It’s simply false that only the rich benefit from the tax cuts, as any non-rich person who got money back can attest. Of course, critics will retort that while some “working […]