Martin Sheen: Victim of Hollywood Status

A sensitivity guidebook, used by schools nationwide, urges teachers to diligently watch for “differential treatment of an individual due to minority status; actual and perceived” in the classroom–that’s differential, not deferential. The University of Kansas, like countless other public and private institutions, offers a series of grants and cash handouts “based on minority status” and […]

As Saddam’s Statue Topples in Iraq The Swedes Retreat

A lifeless calm has descended over Sweden. The wide streets, parks and Scandinavian-style piazzas that, just a month before, were crammed with fair-weather socialists, 60’s leftovers and dreadlocked Aryans, all uncomfortably festooned in Palestinian scarves and “Nej Mot Krig” pins, have fallen conspicuously silent. The Friday night parties and local pubs too seem different. The […]