Red Tiger Rising

Washington cocktail-party conversations about China typically go something like this: A person from the China-as-a-peer-competitor school of thought says “I think China, with its growing economy, growing military, and young, nationalistic population, will only naturally lock horns with the U.S. in future decades.” An advocate of the enmity-is-a-self-fulfilling-prophecy school responds “Maybe, but casting the Chinese […]

Beware Beijing: Stand up for the Republic of China (Taiwan)

Given the warmth that’s emanating from the North Pacific as George W. Bush visits Beijing this week, it’s hard to believe that the United States’ leading foreign-policy concerns before Sept. 11 were China’s downing of a U.S. military surveillance plane, its opposition to missile defense, and its opposition to the U.S. selling Taiwan a major […]

The Clinton Team’s Betrayal

Newspaper readers have been treated in recent days to an orgy of gut-spilling by Clinton administration officials rather painfully eager to show that when they were in office they, too, exerted themselves mightily to get rid of Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda network. The fact that they didn’t succeed is just the beginning […]