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Taxing Your Life Away

“What the tax code is doing is trying to choose our values for us,” complains Yaron Brook from the Ayn Rand Institute.

Bullies Rule

Twenty-two million government workers delay the Keystone XL oil pipeline, raid poker games, force us to put ethanol in cars, prohibit drugs and medical devices that might make our lives better, take about half our money, and jail more citizens than even China and Russia do.

War on Women

It’s fine if dance and art groups are mostly women, but if athletic teams are too male, lawsuits follow.

Budget Baloney

When politicians “create” jobs, they take money from the private sector, the only group that creates real jobs?

Common Core Education Monopoly

Common Core, like public school, public housing, the U.S. Postal Service, the Transportation Security Administration, etc., are all one-size-fits-all government monopolies. For consumers, this is not a good thing.

The Wisconsin Experiment with Socialized Medicine

“On, Wisconsin … run the ball clear down the field!” It’s time to amend the Wisconsin football song so we can cheer on the Badger State’s politicians as they move toward health-care socialism. The Wall Street Journal editorial-page editors are upset that Wisconsin’s state Senate passed “Healthy Wisconsin“, which will give health insurance to every […]

Michael Moore and Me

Michael Moore loves government. OK, he doesn’t love a government headed by George W. Bush, but he believes that once the Democrats are in charge, government will do a better job providing health care. In his new movie, “Sicko,” he praises government-controlled health care systems in Canada and Europe. He suggests that Americans pay more […]

Freedom and Benevolence Go Together

I interviewed Michael Moore recently for an upcoming “20/20″ special on health care. It’s refreshing to interview a leftist who proudly admits he’s a leftist. He told me that government should provide “food care” as well as health care and that big government would work if only the right people were in charge. Moore added, […]

Live and Let Live

Last week, I bemoaned New York Times columnist David Brooks’s eagerness to have government impose force on others. He was promoting programs like “National Service.” Why are many conservatives so eager to wield force? Conservatives used to complain when so-called liberals did that. That same week I happened to interview filmmaker Michael Moore for “20/20.” […]

Bad Government Conservatives

“Reviving the Hamilton Agenda.” That’s the headline the New York Times gave David Brooks’s recent column honoring Alexander Hamilton, the Founding Father perhaps least interested in limiting political power. Unlike his rival Thomas Jefferson, Hamilton favored strong central government and weaker states. And he didn’t trust the free market. He was an old-fashioned mercantilist — […]

Bill Gates Needs an Economic Course on Free-Markets

Dropping out of college didn’t stop Bill Gates from making tons of money, but it kept him from classes where he might have learned about the beauty of spontaneous market processes. Never mind. I forgot that he attended Harvard. He might not have learned about markets after all. Gates spoke at Harvard recently, urging graduating […]

The Double “Thank-You” Moment

Some people hate me because I defend free markets. Once someone accosted me on a New York City street and said, “I hope you die soon.” Why the hostility to commerce? What could be more benign than the freedom to trade with whomever you wish? I suspect ignorance about economics leads many to believe that […]

The Tax-Cut Myth

The federal government keeps growing, as I pointed out last week, but the Bush administration has cut tax rates a few times since 2001. How can that be? The answer is simple: deficit spending. Some Republicans argue that deficits don’t matter; that if you cut taxes, everything else takes care of itself. But that’s a […]

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