Off to a Bad START

The world is hardly becoming a safer place these days. Missile threats are proliferating at a disturbing rate in places such as North Korea the danger from the North’s nuclear program is now at an ‘alarming’ level,” The Washington Post recently noted. So now is hardly the right time to be tying our hands on […]

CEObama: The Car Czar

As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for — you just might get it. Just ask American car makers. In December, the CEOs of General Motors and Chrysler flew, hat in hand, to Washington. They needed billions of taxpayer dollars to stay out of bankruptcy court, company executives said. Unfortunately for all of […]

Maybe U.N. doesn’t have to stand for Utterly Negligent

In recent years, the United Nations has often gone out of its way to avoid getting involved in the world’s trouble spots. It ignored genocide in Darfur. Pulled out of Iraq in 2003. Done nothing to stem Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Can an organization this compromised do much to improve things? Well, the world body is […]

A Tour of Guantanamo Prison

GUANTANAMO BAY — At least two detainees at the holding facility here skipped lunch today because they’re on a hunger strike. Which is a pity for them — the food was delicious. By contrast, the steady stream of news about “Gitmo” tends to leave one with a bad taste. On the day I toured the […]

U.S. Shouldn’t Back New Plan for U.N. Human Rights Panel

Franklin D. Roosevelt coined the term “United Nations” in 1942, when an alliance of democracies (with the help of the Soviet Union) was fighting the totalitarian Axis powers. FDR dreamed of a post-war world in which free people would help promote peace and make everyone safer. So how has the actual United Nations measured up […]

How To Prevent Confiscatory Taxation: Cut Spending to Save Needed Tax Cuts

If you say, “I have good news and bad news,” people usually ask for the good news first. So here’s the good news: Our economy is growing, easily outpacing the tepid performance of other industrialized nations. Unemployment, according to the Labor Department payroll survey, holds low and steady near 5 percent. Even Hurricane Katrina, which […]

Senate Hearings on Energy Prices: Putting the Squeeze on Big Oil

Who can resist good theater? Certainly not American lawmakers. All the pieces were in place on Nov. 9, as the Senate held hearings about the soaring price of energy. The CEOs of the five largest oil companies were the guest stars, called in to endure lectures from a host of lawmakers. Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, […]

Keep the Death Tax Dead

In Washington, nothing’s certain except death, taxes and special-interest lobbying groups. So it makes sense that the death tax has its own lobbyists. That’s right. “Americans for a Fair Estate Tax” knows a Senate vote is coming soon, and they’re hard at work. Their Web site describes the group as “a coalition fighting to preserve […]

Congress Should Repeal the Byrd Amendment.

Have you heard? There’s a war on. No, not the war against terror. Everyone’s heard of that. But we’re also in the midst of a trade war — and chances are it’s affecting your wallet. Last month, Canada slapped a 15 percent tariff on several American exports, including farm products and cigarettes. The European Union […]

The Pros and Cons of Federalization

When the federal government was small, it thought big. Indeed, it focused exclusively on big issues. For example, when the Constitution was written, it listed only three federal crimes. Today there are more than 4,000. Where once our national government concerned itself with preventing only counterfeiting, piracy and treason, it’s now involved in measuring the […]

Protecting Your Property From Stupid “Smart Growth” Socialists

A man’s home is his castle. Or at least it used to be, before years of property rights started being eroded. But the tide finally may be turning back in the right direction. A little history is important here. Until about 90 years ago, there was no zoning in the United States. The Fifth Amendment, […]

Open and Accountable

On Capitol Hill next month it’ll be out with the old and in with the new, as the 109th Congress takes the oath of office. Of course, neither house will look much different. More than 95 percent of incumbents who ran this year were re-elected. Still, the beginning of a session is a time for […]

Wasting a Good Solution

Our country has a problem. And we have a solution. But politics is threatening to interfere. The problem: Tens of thousands of tons of dangerous nuclear waste are stored at more than 125 sites around the nation. The solution: Bury the waste at Yucca Mountain in Nevada. Yucca would become a giant underground repository. It’s […]

Make Tax Cuts Permanent

The roar of good economic news is getting louder. Our economy expanded 4.2 percent in the first quarter of the year. That follows 4.1 percent growth in the fourth quarter, and 8.2 percent growth in the quarter before that. Over the last three months alone, our economy created more than a half-million jobs. Business investment […]

Flunking the Jargon Test

“With words, we govern men.” — Benjamin Disraeli A teacher’s job is to educate. To enlighten. To inform. But that can’t happen if students–and their parents–don’t understand what the teacher is talking about. That’s the problem with “edu-speak,” a form of jargon that’s taking over in our nation’s schools. Teachers are called educators. They give […]

Repealing Tax Cuts Equals a Tax Increase

Every profession has its unofficial list-of-things-you-don’t-say, and politics is no exception. A leading entry: Never call for a tax hike. At least, not by name. Instead, do what the Democratic presidential candidates do: Cloak your hike in the reassuring moniker “tax reform.” All the Democratic contenders want to repeal at least some of the tax […]

The Government’s Accounting Shell Game

Americans shell out more than $2 trillion each year to keep our federal government running. The least we should expect in return is honesty. Alas, Washington officials aren’t telling the truth about how much they’ve spent, are currently spending or plan to spend. Consider the omnibus spending bill the Senate will consider later this month. […]

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