Lobbying and Political Power

Lobbyists are not a creation of the free market, but of a mixed economy–an economy with a mixture of freedoms and controls. When government has the power to arbitrarily dictate the actions of individuals, individuals will seek legislation that is favorable to them.

Supply and Demand in Education

In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to argue that government should be operated more like a business. As an example, a manifesto written by sixteen public school executives explains how to fix public schools: Let’s stop ignoring basic economic...
Omniscience and Defending Capitalism

Omniscience and Defending Capitalism

If you have ever attempted to explain capitalism, you have likely been confronted with a demand that you be omniscient. The demand is seldom, if ever, expressed that explicitly. Instead, it often takes the form of a question: how would some service, such as roads, be...
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