Iran Has ICBM Power

Iran Has ICBM Power

Iran marked the 30th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution with a successful launch of its first indigenous satellite on Feb. 2. The Omid — “Hope” in Farsi — satellite was launched via the Iranian-produced satellite carrier Safir-2 — translated as Ambassador-2. According to the Iranian Space Agency, the Safir-2 weighs 26 tons, is 22 meters […]

Dealing with Russia

On Aug. 8, Russia decided to rewrite the rules of post-World War II European security. It repudiated the Helsinki Pact of 1975, which recognized the sanctity of borders in Europe, and violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of NATO aspirant Georgia, whose troops had attacked South Ossetia the day before. In the process, Russia also […]

Russia: Kremlin Takeover of the Russian Oil Industry?

In Russia these days, a lot of old is new again. In fact, the Russian oil and gas sector’s new paradigm can be summarized in two words: “state domination.” The free market has been abandoned. For example, last December the tax authorities bankrupted YUKOS, a major oil company, for allegedly failing to pay taxes. The […]

U.S.-Russian Relations Threatened By Iraq Arms Sales

The Bush Administration has accused Moscow of selling sensitive military equipment to Saddam Hussein in violation of U.N. Security Council sanctions. During a March 24th telephone conversation, President George W. Bush discussed the sales of night vision goggles, anti-tank Kornet missiles, and Global Positioning System (GPS) jamming equipment with Russian President Vladimir Putin. All information […]

Jenin: The Big Lie

As the Israelis were busy hosing pools of blood off the streets after the latest murder-suicide bombing at Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda market, the Palestinian propaganda machine was busy churning out yet another Big Lie: the “massacre of Jenin.” Palestinian mouthpieces claim that the Israeli military killed as many as 500 civilians in Jenin, a stronghold […]

Putin’s Choice Over the Future of Russia

The expulsion of Russian intelligence officers and diplomats by the Bush administration did not kick off a new Cold War, but it is a symptom of deteriorating U.S.-Russian relations. Moscow stands to lose much more than Washington if the relationship goes sour. Senior Russian officials believe that the expulsions are intended either to provoke Russia […]

Beware of the Many Masks of Russia’s Putnin

Russia is in the news: a crackdown on the media and the oligarchs; the Kursk submarine disaster; restructuring of the Federation, including the creation of seven federal superdistricts headed mostly by generals; and a change in the way members of the upper house of the Federal Assembly are appointed. President Vladimir Putin has visited London, […]

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