Comedy Central's Editing of the South Park Mohammed Episode is NOT Censorship

Throughout the debate over South Park, various commentators have been extremely sloppy in their use of the term “censorship.” That’s a real problem, because censorship is a horrible evil, but it’s hard to fight if people don’t even know what it is. While in other contexts “censorship” can carry a broader meaning (as with the […]

Why James Taranto is Clueless on Mohammed Drawings

James Taranto just doesn’t get it with respect to “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day,” which I have endorsed and promoted. Here are the essential lines of Taranto’s April 26 column entitled, “Everybody Burn the Flag: If we don’t act like inconsiderate jerks, the terrorists will have won!” [H]olding an “Everybody Burn the Flag Day” would be […]

Draw Mohammed America!

Americans do not cower over death threats made against those practicing their First Amendment rights. Americans do do stand idly by while terrorist thugs treat our Bill of Rights like toilet paper. As an American, I may hate what you say, and I may loudly condemn you for saying it, but I will fight — […]

The Market Does Not Ration Health Care: Politically-Controlled Insurance and Rationing (Part 2)

The Harm of Conflating Price Distribution with Rationing Whether price distribution counts as a type of rationing is not merely some semantic dispute. Conflating price distribution with political rationing obliterates the crucial distinctions between the two. A system of property rights and voluntary association is nothing like a system of political control of goods and […]

The Market Does Not Ration Health Care: Voluntary Exchange Is Not Rationing (Part 1)

That the political health “reform” endorsed by Barack Obama and his supporters would entail rationing is indisputable. It is simply impossible to expand subsidized care and contain costs without rationing. For more on this point, see my article in the Colorado Springs Gazette, John Stossel’s article, or Martin Feldstein’s piece in the Wall Street Journal. […]

Judge Sotomayor’s Relativism

While I usually write about regional issues here, today’s national issues are so crucially important that I’ll devote substantial space to the views of Judge Sonia Sotomayor, nominated for the Supreme Court. Empathy First recall what President Obama offered in 2007 as a guideline for his nominee: “We need somebody who’s got the heart to […]

Faith-Based Politics Costs Colorado Republicans

Colorado is known for its Western values of independence and economic liberty. So why do Republicans, the supposed champions of those values, keep getting trounced? Republicans can blame wealthy Democratic donors, but in large part Republicans have beaten themselves by pushing a faith-based agenda of banning abortion and stem-cell research, discriminating against homosexuals, and directing […]

Amendment 48 Smoke Screen

Kristi Burton tries to hide Amendment 48 behind a cloud of smoke in her September 19 Post opinion article. The measure would define a fertilized egg as a person in Colorado’s constitution. Burton’s claim that Amendment 48 “doesn’t change the constitution in any way” is dishonest. It would add a new section to the state […]