Environmentalists are now taking their “case” to the streets. They are burning down buildings on Long Island because they feel suburban sprawl has gone too far.

It’s time that we stop calling such people “environmentalists.” This is too benign a term, and they clearly do not deserve it. It’s time that we start calling them what they are: vandals. They should be punished the same way all arsonists and criminals are punished, under the law. Because of the politically correct nature of their offense, they probably will not be.

Many people say they agree that there is too much suburban sprawl in many parts of the country. However, they reject the means of these arsonists.

But why? The arsonists are consistent. They feel that their desire to not have “too many” buildings is more important than private property rights. They are now acting on that feeling. Why are there no calls for “hate crime” legislation when the hatred is directed against private property rights?

It’s time to accept the fact that today’s politically oriented environmentalists are not merely trying to save some attractive land for human enjoyment. Instead, they are declaring outright war on human happiness. They are the modern day Puritans. It’s not smog and poison they are fighting; it’s human enjoyment and survival on earth they want to snuff out.