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Gay Marriage Exposes the Hypocrisy of Both “Right” and “Left”

When it comes to gay marriage, the leftists are right—for the wrong reasons, as usual. And the conservatives are just plain wrong—as usual. Let’s try applying reason and rationality to this issue, just once. May we, please? The purpose of a proper government is to protect individual rights. Individual rights refer to upholding voluntary contracts […]

Santorum for Ayatollah 2012

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has reportedly said that every child has a “God-given” right to a heterosexual set of parents — meaning man and woman, not two men or two women. He argues this in defense of a Constitutional amendment to ban gay/lesbian partnerships or marriages. Think about the implications of this assertion. They […]

Why The Republicans Lost My Vote

  After a resounding electoral defeat, in which voters in this once-red state rejected Republicans McCain, Schaffer, and Musgrave, the Colorado Republican Party will undoubtedly be asking themselves, “Why did we lose?” I want to let them know that they lost the vote of many former supporters (including myself) because they have chosen to embrace […]

The Saga of Ted Haggard’s Anti-Gay Bigotry

In watching evangelical preacher Ted Haggard’s life implode amid his admission that he popped methamphetamines and had repeated homosexual sex with a prostitute, it suddenly dawned on me how the twisted logic in his mind must have worked. Prior to his public humiliation, Haggard was a key advocate for a Colorado constitutional amendment that seeks […]

Freedom of Religion?

There is no “freedom of religion” to do what it pleases. The only type of freedom relevant to religion is the right to practice religion privately, without imposing force on other people.

The Institution of Marriage

If a group of people lined up to board the Titanic as it were sinking, you would say they were irrational. If these people were denied admission to the sinking Titanic because of race, creed, or sexual orientation, and then became angry over this discrimination, you would not even know what to say. “Of course,” […]

Cheney vs. the Religious Right

Vice President Dick Cheney’s recent comments backing away from President Bush’s constitutional amendment banning gay marriage drew criticism from the conservative Family Research Council, with President Tony Perkins saying: “I find it hard to believe the vice president would stray from the administration’s position on defense policy or tax policy. For many pro-family voters, protecting […]

The Marriage Affirmation Act: The Integration of Church and State

A new law in the State of Virginia illustrates the growing Constitutional crisis in our country, a crisis brought about by the failure of both liberals and conservatives to grasp the concept of individual rights. Virginia has passed into law something called the Marriage Affirmation Act. It went into effect this month. The law explicitly […]

The State Should Get Out of the Marriage Business

Consider government-sanctioned or court-mandated same-sex marriage — somewhere, at some point — a virtual certainty. For the Massachusetts State Supreme Court recently advised its legislature that anything short of same-sex marriage constitutes a violation of the equal protection clause of its constitution. In San Francisco, the newly elected mayor, Gavin Newsom, advised local authorities to […]

Constitutional Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage

“The family enjoys the protection of the state. Marriage is based on the free consent of the woman and the man; the spouses are completely equal in their family relations.” This sounds much like an initial draft of a constitutional amendment for the United States constitution to “protect” heterosexual marriage. Conservatives and liberals both get […]

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