The Extremities of Extremism

In Joel Brinkley’s July 20th SF Gate article, “Morsi’s silence on extremism speaks volumes,” the term extremists occurs five times, extremism once (in the title). Although he employs the term so many times, he does not know what it means. Aside from that paucity of understanding, his incredulity speaks volumes about his ignorance of the […]

Nationalization Is Theft

  For years, the Canadian operator of a huge Venezuelan gold project known as Las Cristinas has been seeking an environmental permit to start digging. Well, Crystallex International Corporation can stop waiting–the mine is being nationalized as part of dictator Hugo Chavez’s long-running program of socialist takeovers. “This mine will be seized and managed by […]

A Lesson From Venezuela

People on the left often use other countries as examples of things that we should do. If other countries have a government-run medical system, then we should have one too, they say. If other countries control prices, then we should control prices — or so the reasoning goes. Almost never is there any suggestion that […]

Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez: Castro’s Mini-Me

  ‘One darned thing after another': That’s how former Secretary of State Dean Acheson once defined foreign policy. The latest “darned thing” for the United States is Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez. For no apparent reason, the leftist strongman is arming Venezuela to the teeth. He’s also supporting local narcoterrorists and other Latin revolutionaries. Chavez idolizes […]

Dictatorship by the Numbers in Venezuela

The leaders of the Venezuelan opposition have demanded immediate new elections to replace would-be dictator Hugo Chavez, arguing that the referendum scheduled for this August will give Chavez time to establish a dictatorship and render elections meaningless. These fears were dismissed by the international press as paranoia. Now they are being thoroughly vindicated. How do […]

Venezuela’s Tyrant Hugo Chavez Must Go

As the general strike against the leftist regime of Hugo Chavez grinds Venezuela’s economy to a standstill, American policymakers worry about disruption of oil shipments from the fourth-largest U.S. supplier and further instability. For the Bush administration – and the rest of the Western hemisphere’s governments – the current crisis is the result of a […]

Is John Galt Venezuelan?

On January 1 Venezuela entered into its second month of a national work stoppage. Close to 90 percent of the working population refuses to participate as producers in an economy that supports the regime of Lieutenant Col. Hugo Chavez. In a disorganized and chaotic fashion, without any single leader or political party, the people (known […]

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