Social Security Reform: It’s Alive

Opponents of Social Security reform must feel like they’re stuck in a bad horror film. Every time they think they’ve killed off personal retirement accounts, the campaign to create the accounts comes back, stronger than ever. The 2002 election was no exception. Social Security reform survived Republicans who tried to avoid the subject, Democrats who […]

The Legitimacy of Intellectual Property

Revolutionary technologies always disrupt society and one of America’s biggest “digital age” disruptions is occurring in the area of intellectual property (IP). Indeed, the digital revolution has re-ignited a heated debate over whether intellectual property is even property at all. The issue gained prominence a few years ago when five major record labels sued Napster, […]

American Academics Who Hate America

Americans broadly agree on two facts about the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq: its brutality and the danger it poses to themselves, especially the danger of nuclear attack. Disagreement arises primarily over what to do: Take out the regime now? Give Baghdad another chance? Follow the United Nations’ lead? Visit an American university, however, and […]

Government Mandated Benevolence

Q: I agree with you that there’s too much emphasis on self-sacrifice in today’s world. At the same time, people are often harsh and cruel to each other in everyday life. I don’t just mean terrorists and snipers; I also refer to people who don’t even do simple things for each other, such as give […]

Ordeal by Slander

Wall Street Journal reporter John Gasparino has been on a rampage this week to be the first with every new bit of gossip leaked from NY attorney general Eliot Spitzer’s office trying to connect Salomon Smith Barney telecom analyst Jack Grubman’s upgrade of AT&T with improper influencing from Citigroup chairman Sandy Weill. The story has […]

Stock Picking Systems: Price to Sales and Discipline

A stock-picking system that can consistently beat the market has always been the Holy Grail of investors – desirable, tempting, but unobtainable. Investing just couldn’t be that easy. But a few years ago, James P. O’Shaughnessy, a financial adviser and quantitative analyst in Greenwich, Conn., came up with a fairly simple system that turned out […]


Many normal people — not to mention politicians looking to exploit the latest headline — talk about corporate bankruptcy as if it’s some sort of financial scam, a gimmick perpetrated by malevolent corporations to avoid paying their bills. So it’s not surprising to see some politicians on the campaign trail using high-profile bankruptcies as an […]

Nancy Pelosi? The Dems Just Don’t Get It

Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., a 15-year member of the House of Representatives, appears poised to succeed Dick Gephardt, D-Mo., as the House minority leader. If one reads the recent Republican off-year victories as an endorsement of Bush’s policies (or at least a rejection of the Bush’s-policies-killed-the-economy position) and support for Bush’s war on terrorism, Pelosi’s ascension […]

Race and Cant

Cant has become the norm in discussions of any issue involving race or ethnicity. However, a new book by Linda Chavez — a memoir of her own remarkable life — should make it inescapably clear what counterproductive and even vile things have been going on in the name of racial betterment. The book is titled […]

Whither Democrats?

Democrats have now lost two consecutive elections that, by all the usual standards, they should have won easily. Al Gore lost the 2000 election despite a usually unbeatable combination of peace, prosperity, a declining crime rate and the first budget surplus in decades. Now the congressional Democrats have lost despite the Bush administration’s budget deficit, […]

Whither Republicans?

Even in defeat, Democrats can console themselves that they still have a lock on minority votes in general and black votes in particular. Moreover, given the demographic realities, minority voters are going to be a growing percentage of all voters in the years ahead. The passage of time alone will rescue the Democrats — if […]

Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein’s Shop of Horrors

As a boy, writes Kenneth Pollack in his masterful new book on Iraq, “The Threatening Storm,” Saddam Hussein would heat an iron poker until it was white-hot, then use it to impale cats and dogs. Years later, when he had boys of his own, he would take them into prisons so they could watch — […]