Immigration for Republicans

A response to common arguments against immigration.


Obama’s Phobia of Ayn Rand

In a speech at Georgetown University we learned two things about President Barack Obama. One, he loves the Catholic leader, Pope Francis. Two, he hates Ayn Rand.


In Defense of Selfishness

Why the Code of Self-Sacrifice Is Unjust and Destructive.


Random Thoughts: October 2005

Random thoughts on the passing scene: Neither the depth of despondency nor the height of euphoria tells you how long either will last. We are so easily deceived that many people think that the Senate Judiciary Committee is acting nicely if the Senators wear a genial...

A Nation of Sheeple

President Bush informed the nation, during a press conference, that he might seek to use the U.S. military to quarantine parts of the nation should there be a serious outbreak of the deadly avian flu that has killed millions of chickens and 60-some people in Southeast...

Spoiled Brat Politics, Part 2

The idea that what I want overrides what you want has increasingly become part of our thinking, our policies and even our laws. There is literally a federal case before the Supreme Court over the fact that many colleges and universities refuse to allow military...

On the U.S. Obligation in Iraq

Democrats and Republicans, liberal media as well as Fox News, all seem to take for granted the following position on Iraq, as (in this instance) reported today at “The constitution is a crucial step in Iraq’s transition to democracy after two...

Spoiled Brat Politics, Part 1

An editorial in a recent issue of the National Geographic’s “Traveler” magazine complained that kayakers in Maine found “residential development” near national parks and urged its readers to use their “influence” to prevent...
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