Immoral Government: “Phasing Out” Fossil Fuels

Fonda’s attack on the oil sands is inconsequential; Trudeau’s is evil.

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David Ricardo on Wealth, Inflation, and Freedom (Economic Ideas)

David Ricardo (1772-1823) was one of the most influential economic theorists of the first half of the nineteenth century.

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Flourishing Business Needs Free Markets

iPhones would never have been created in a centrally planned economy where the government regulates the prices, from CEO pay to those of products.

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The Microsoft Saga

In a decision generally hailed as a victory for Microsoft, the Supreme Court rejected the government's plea to hear a direct appeal of the government's Antitrust case against Microsoft. In April, Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson ruled that Microsoft had violated...

The “Feel-Sorry-For-Me” Olympics

Throughout the Olympics, athletes from around the world who had worked their entire lives to reach the pinnacle of their abilities gave many great performances. Let us remember, celebrate, and reward them for their virtues and not for their suffering.

The Great (?) Debate

Too often the first presidential debate looked like an Al Gore monologue, with footnotes by George W. Bush, while moderator Jim Lehrer looked on like an innocent bystander.Perhaps Lehrer was too much of a gentleman to say, "Shut up, already, so the other guy can get a...

“Free” Drugs Courtesy of Al Gore

Al Gore promises cheap or free prescription drugs for everybody. Wow! What a deal! I'm going to vote for Gore. How nice of him! Where has he been all these years? Wait a minute. There must be a reason why some drugs are so expensive. Could it be that drug companies...

Pay For Your Own Day Care

In San Diego, they've turned the public schools into full-service baby sitters at a cost of more than $15 million per year. The program is called "6 to 6." Every elementary and middle school student is eligible for sun-up to sundown care. Well, why not? The kids...

Global Market Watch

It was another crazy week for global equity investors as symptoms of stock market fallout could be found almost everywhere in the major markets. In the US, the Dow fell nearly 175 points on Friday to cap off a week of blue chip volatility. G7 INTERVENTION TO PROP EURO...

China’s Gymnastic Gulag

I always enjoy watching the Olympic games. I enjoy the stories of the athletes' determination, the hard work and mental focus they devote to reaching their goals. But this year, that enjoyment has been marred by a disturbing note. During the first week of coverage...

The Olympic Mind

Here I stand at the first great climax of my life. I, Dicon of Athens, wait in this grand stadium beside the river Alpheus.I am the proud progeny of my city's dedication to the perfection of mind and body, and gathered around me are athletes from all the Greek world,...

One Solution for Education’s Woes: Home Schooling

When Glenn Woiceshyn saw that his 9-year-old son was rapidly losing his love of learning, he decided to do something about it: home-school him. In addition to his son, Woiceshyn, a senior writer for the Ayn Rand Institute, accepted two other grade five students....