Heart of a Pagan, Chapter 1: The Spirit and the Flesh

Some say there are no gods; that all we have are fables and empty cant. Some say there was a god once but he perished, leaving true believers to wonder why the spirit of consecration had fled, emptying their lives. A few sneer at deity and celebrate its demise. Some desecrate their temple; some abandon […]

Deformed Reform of Wall Street

The proposed restructuring of stock research at big Wall Street investment banks — if “proposed” is the proper word when NY attorney general Eliot Spitzer is doing the proposing holding a rubber hose in his hand — is an even worse-than-usual regulatory solution to a problem that isn’t even a problem. The problem is securities […]

Do you want your child to die fighting in Iraq?

“Do you want your child to die fighting in Iraq?” This type of question is one of the subtle, insidious ways by which pacifists try to undercut the war against Islamic terrorists. To understand how this is done, we must first take an honest look at our enemies. Islamic fundamentalists have been threatening death on, […]

The Thirty Stocks That Returned the Most in the Last 30 Years

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Money magazine recently crunched the numbers and found the 30 stocks that had returned the most, in price and dividends, since the magazine’s founding in August 1972. The No.1 stock was, of all things, an airline – Southwest (LUV) – whose value had increased at an annual average rate of 26 […]

What Will the Republicans Do with Their Victory?

The oh-so-smug and oh-so-glib media “experts” have ended up with egg on their face for the second time in a few weeks. First their “profiles” of the Beltway sniper turned out to be completely wrong — wrong car and wrong race, among other things — and now their talk about the inevitable losses of the […]

Bill Gates and Michael Milken: The War on Capitalism, Then and Now

It’s interesting to compare Bill Gates’ and Microsoft’s victory last Friday in obtaining a favorable settlement of their antrust case with another battle in the war on capitalism from ten years ago — one that turned out very, very differently. In September, 1998, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed securities fraud charges against Drexel Burnham […]

The Meaning of Microsoft’s Victory

On May 16, 1998, Bill Gates walked away from negotiations with the US Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division and the attorneys general of 20 states to prevent the threatened filing of a sweeping antitrust suit against Microsoft. Gates had offered many concessions in the spirit of compromise, but he refused to accede to the demand […]

The Election We Deserve

As of the writing of this column, it is mid-day on Nov. 5, and the exit polls have not even begun to predict how today’s elections will end. It might seem like a bad time to make predictions, given that this is considered one of the tightest congressional contests in years, with control of both […]

The Stockholm Syndrome at the Wall Street Journal?

The markets, big business and Wall Street have been held hostage by politicians and regulators for so long that the hostages are starting to identify with their kidnappers. How else can you explain the October 30th Wall Street Journal front pager, breathlessly recounting the high drama of how New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer, SEC […]

Getting Things Wrong: Former Vice President Walter Mondale’s Experience

Former Vice President Walter Mondale made much of his “experience” during his televised debate with his rival for the Senate seat of the late Paul Wellstone, Republican Norm Coleman. The real question, however, is not just what quantity of experience each candidate has had but — far more important — what quality. Surely Mr. Mondale […]